Bytecoin Update Wallet v2.0.7

  • In the 21st century, speed of delivery is paramount for any kind of business, but especially for software development. Ever increasing user demand underpins this paradigm and moves the efficiency bar even higher. It is not sufficient to iterate fast when the times call for iteration to be even faster.

    Today the Bytecoin team rolled out two updates for Bytecoin Wallet and Bytecoin Reference Client. These releases are focused on improved performance and stability to make sure that you can use Bytecoin at its best, even on lower-performing machines. The following features are available in this version:

    • Bytecoin Wallet can now sync and refresh faster
    • Daemon stability was improved to avoid issues with freezing on slower computers
    • Graceful exit is ensured by reworked controllers
    • Corrupt DB restoration manager was introduced to make the process more transparent
    • A number of miscellaneous tweaks were implemented to help you get more out of your Bytecoin experience

    Bytecoin Reference Client v.2.0.6 and Bytecoin Wallet v.1.1.7 is available in theĀ downloads section.

    We would like to thank each and every Bytecoin community member who shares their experience with us. We are truly honored and wowed by your commitment and trust.

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