Steem Release Equality v0.19.0rc3

  • The hardfork has yet to be scheduled

    All witnesses should review 0.19.0rc3.


    0.19.0 requires reindexing from all previous versions.


    This Hardfork is about changing the rewards curve to be stake proportional. The original proposal can be read on

    Square Root Curation Rewards Curve

    This is to offset the changes in rewards due to the linear reward curve. Curation rewards should stay roughly where they are. #1052

    Increase Vote Impact

    Each vote's impact has been increased by 4x. #1053

    Witness Price Feeds Properly Expires

    Fixed a bug that prevented price feeds from expiring. #882

    Historical Posts Cannot Be Deleted

    Once a post has existed for 7 days, it can no longer be deleted. #876

    Cancelling a Steem Power Delegation Fixed

    Fixed a bug that prevented cancelling a delegation in some circumstances #971

    Deleting Post Condition Part of Consensus

    Previously, requiring a post had 0 rshares before deletion was enforced via a soft fork. Now it is part of consensus #977

    account_create_operation Fixed

    There was a bug in the account_create_operation. Our short term fix was to temporarily disable the operation. It has been fixed and is re-enabled. #987

    Fixed 0 Delegation Objects

    Previously, creating an account with 100% STEEM would create a 0 delegation object. This has been fixed. #997

    Optimized Full Node Reindex

    Addressed several changes to increase full node reindex speed. #1160 #1161 #1162

    New Follow Plugin Option

    When starting the follow plugin you can specify an epoch time to start calculating user feeds --follow-start-feeds. Default is 0 to always calculate feeds.

    Increased p2p Stability

    Fixed an issue that was causing instability in the p2p network when live and when syncing.

    Disable get_block at Runtime

    With --disable-get-block you can disabl


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