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  • CORION Vision

    We have created CORION Ecosystem as a multifunctional Platform for businesses and individuals to join and build a worldwide decentralised network, based on mutual benefits, simplicity, security, cost-effectiveness, speed and a stable means of payment.

    Imagine a world, where the name of the game is WIN-WIN
    Imagine a world based on confidence and trust
    Imagine a world, where anyone can enter and make profit
    Imagine a solid system controlled by the players

    — CORION Team

    CORION Platform

    The easiest way to enter the Crypto World

    Beneficiaries of CORION Platform

    The Platform provides unlimited opportunities to anyone who is involved the Crypto World in the upcoming years and who is ready to launch profitable businesses and services.

    The Platform encourages users to build businesses and services on it.

    The Platform represents everything related to Crypto; coins, exchanges, payments, earnings on coin supply growth, services and use cases.

    The 7 Most Important Features of CORION Platform

    CORION Platform boosts the mainstream adoption with unique built-in features. It is secured, as it is based on the blockchain and smart contracts.

    The Platform is especially suitable for beginners and is engineered for enterprises with these key offerings:


    Corion Marketplace

    Attracts customers, entrepreneurs and financial service providers in one place. Facilitates the connection between participants as a digital mirror of the real world trading platforms. Involves unbanked people worldwide as well. The system provides the tools and conditions to do business; either within a local community or around the globe, in developed or in emerging regions. As a Service Provider you can engage your partners, all your customers here, even find the majority of the unbanked people of the world.

    Stable price digital currency

    Corion Stability

    Special automated inflation-deflation control assures the stability of CORION Coin, the payment medium of the Platform.

    Due to the stable price of CORION, products and services can be widely distributed with no boundaries, and sustainable for the long term.

    Incentive-based daily reward system

    Corion Reward

    Coin supply growth engages the Service Providers and the users in being present and active on the platform on a daily basis.

    Users earn interest through Service Providers, without having to deposit or to pledge their coins. The coin supply reward is allocated by an appropriate, fair and transparent system. Instead of risky margin trading one can earn as much as 2.5% emission profit daily.

    Multifunctional Wallet

    Corion Wallet

    All the features are convenient and easy to use instantly from the wallet, the main interface of the platform.

    It ensures the tools and backup for the players to transact in the most used cryptocurrencies as a unique payment gateway, facilitating the massive mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency usage in the future. CORION Wallet will become the most beloved financial tool one has ever used, as your CORIONs multiply day by day.

    Built-In P2P Exchange

    Corion Exchange

    P2P built-in exchange is smart contract based and secure, so no fraud or
    theft is possible. It operates functions without intermediary 3rd

    Exchange starts with ETC/COR pair and carried on with the development of the decentralized exchange platform to be able to use CORION Platform with FIAT and the most widespread cryptocurrencies.

    Premium Token

    Corion Premium Token

    Premium Tokens entitle investors to become “shareholders” in the most promising ventures of CORION Ecosystem.

    Pre-ICO and ICO participants will receive their tokens on each 5000 CORION Coin investment as a BONUS. Premium Tokens will be listed and traded on the exchanges as well, and they have a great potential to become rare and highly valued portfolio investment tokens.

    CORION Gamification

    Corion Gamification

    ‘Earn and learn’ process enables users to win money as they learn how the platform works with entertaining activities and games

    In order to get the best mainstream adoption, it is essential to educate and inspire potential users to get involved. CORION Game is not only for fun, it is an integral part of the coin price stabilizing mechanism.

    Corion Roadmap

    Corion ICO Crowdsale (crypto and FIAT)

    ICO Start:10/06/2017  ICO End:26/07/2017

    50% Developments, investments managed by the Foundation 

    25% Stability Fund managed by the Foundation (2nd line stabilizing method) 

    16% To team members for their 1 year work (30 members) 

    4% To future developers, associates who will work on the Platform 5% Marketing, promotions, after sale activities (building user base)

    Chart: ICO Crowdsale (crypto and FIAT)

    Issued CORION Coins: 

    51% to ICO contributors 

    29% Stability Fund managed by the Foundation (2nd line stabilizing method) 

    16% To team members for their 1 year work (30 members) 

    4% To future developers, associates who will work on the Platform

    Corion ICO Crowdsale

    To have a working Platform and an Ecosystem is a great achievement; and we are proud
    of what we have created. Our commitment is to bring this system on a much higher
    level, and to further develop the Platform, we need a certain amount of money, we need
    investors. For this end, we announce a two- stage Initial Coin Offering Crowdsale. From
    May 2017, we start our Pre-ICO for early investors, and offer a bonus of 30% on each
    purchase. Pre-ICO will last only for 3 weeks, with a minimum amount of 0.5 BTC
    ($1000)! ICO will start from June, and CORION Wallet will be available to anyone who
    wants to participate in the ICO. Pre-ICO participants will get their CORIONs on the very
    first days of ICO. CORIONs purchased during ICO period will be sent to the participants

    wallet right away. Bonuses start from 20%, then they will gradually decrease to 3% over

    Period Bonus

    Pre-ICO 30%
    ICO 1st week 20%
    ICO 2nd week 15%
    ICO 3rd week 10%
    ICO 4th week 5%
    until ICO ends 3%


    We support each and every community member to invite new users into the Platform and grant
    them an affiliate bonus. During the ICO period, the affiliate reward is 1-4%
    The referrer is entitled to a commission, based on the payments of the person referred.
    It is automated in the official CORION Wallet, in 3rd party wallet it is self managed

    Bought CORIONs                                           Affiliate Bonus
    <1,000 COR                                                        1 %
    1,000 - 10,000 COR                                            2 %
    10,000 - 100,000 COR                                        3 %
    100,000 - 1,000,000 COR                                   4 %
    > 1,000,000 COR                                                 5 %

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