IOTA (IOT) Bug Bounty: Current List of Payouts

  • The IOTA Bug Bounty program was announced now more than a month ago. During this timeframe many of the existing, but also new community members participated in the bug hunting.

    In total, we have found more than 35 issues (mostly in the low category) which the dev team quickly resolved. 1 critical bug was found related to the updating of the ledger state (which posed no serious security threat though).

    These found bugs totalled some $5,215.00 — or in IOTA Terms, they are worth more than 72.476 Gi at a $200m market cap. The full list of bugs and the recipients can be found in the spreadsheet below:

    IOTA Bug Bounty: Results

    We will continue paying out the bug bounty until the 31st of June. Feel free to continue submitting issues on Github.

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