22% of the WINGS DAO evaluated Bancor with forecast exceeding $88 Million

  • 22% of the WINGS DAO evaluated Bancor with forecast exceeding $88 Million

    500+ evaluate Bancor in WINGS 1st DAO based due diligence and price discovery

    Several days ago the WINGS DAO was tasked with reviewing the Bancor project (https://bancor.network). Participating DAO members provide free form feedback as well as a forecast of the proceeds of the Bprotocol Foundation’s fundraiser which is to commence today, June 12, 2017 at 14:00 GMT.

    While we’ll present more detailed analysis in the week to follow we are pleased to share the following results:

    1. Over 22 Million WINGS (22% of total supply) participated
    2. There were 518 valid forecasts submitted
    3. The median forecast is 220,000 ETH (approximately $88 Million)
    4. Whale (100k+ WINGS) median forecast is 375,000 ETH (approximately $150 Million)
    5. 43 Whale accounts participated
    6. Largest forecaster: 3.77 Million WINGS
    7. Number of forecasts at exactly 1 Million ETH: 8
    WINGS Locked are the # of WINGS a forecaster “staked” for this particular forecast; y-axis is # of Eth that will be raised forecast

    WINGS forecasting will be turned off via smart contract 3 hours prior to the fundraiser starting on the Ethereum network. The WINGS DAO reward of a combination of ETH and BNT tokens will be made available via smart contract following the close of the fundraiser.

    In mean time head over to https://bancor.network/fundraiser and watch the results of the fundraiser.

    Good luck to all WINGS forecasters who took the time to review Bancor. Thank you everyone for your continued support.

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