Anoncoin (ANC) Release v1.0.13.0

  • Anoncoin Core & PurpleI2P present:

    ANCI2Pd - Anoncoin & I2Pd bundle - 13 june 2017

    The first stand-alone cryptocurrency and C++ I2Pd router bundle!

    Featuring the latest version of Anoncoin & i2pd 2.14.0

    Easy to install, easy to use, completely anonymous by IP obfuscation!

    Special thanks to Orignal, R4SAS, Omen and all contributors from i2pd team and irc2p ru channel


    To install, just execute the self-extracting file, go in the chose folder and then execute StartANCI2PdPortable.exe

    ANCI2PdPortable.exe 32 bit windows self-extracting archive MD5 5873A88F56565BD3B685D8168299BB5D SHA-1 01DB68D0AA9D484463F5FF8DBF0FEA4E56D1ACE


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