How to: Unlocking your WINGS after the Bancor fundraiser forecast

  • Rewards and forecast rating adjust contract will come in a couple weeks.

    If you need to unlock your WINGS go back to the forecasting page on and click on withdraw.

    Make sure you have enough Eth to pay for gas fees; make sure that your browser shows you as connected to your account. If not go to the!/home/user/recover and input your 12 word mnemonic and any email and password. This only used for encryption of local data there is no “account” on any central database- your account is only recognized by the nodes of the Ethereum network.

    When you “withdraw” you are taking your WINGS out of the forecast locking contract, later this month we will announce when the rewards & forecast rating adjust contract is available to make your claim.

    If you have problems accessing the site use incognito mode or do a hard refresh.

    Thanks for participating! More projects coming this summer so stay tuned!

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