district0x Community Advisor Program

  • Earn district0x Network Tokens for your feedback

    Since our initial announcement last week, our Slack community has grown to more than 170 members, with lots of great discussion taking place so far. We’d like to thank everyone who has joined so far and contributed their thoughts.

    After receiving many great suggestions and lots of valuable feedback on our white paper, we’ve decided that we will be setting aside any currently unallocated district0x Network Tokens from our advisor pool, to use for the purposes of rewarding thoughtful discussion and contributions to the district0x Project from members our Slack community.

    What is the district0x Network?

    The district0x Network is a collective of decentralized marketplaces and communities, known as districts. All districts are built upon a standard open-source framework modeled after the Ethlance stack, d0xINFRA, which provides districts with the core functionalities needed to operate a communal marketplace.

    Districts exist as decentralized autonomous organizations which all internet citizens are able to join and participate in the governance of. To facilitate such, when a district is created on the district0x Network a corresponding Aragon entity is deployed to the Aragon Network, where all of the district’s decision-making processes are executed. Voting rights in these entities are acquired by staking one’s district0x Network Tokens to a district. These rights are retained for as long as the tokens remained staked.

    The district0x Network intends to enable new means of group coordination through economic incentives, disintermediating marketplaces and communities and allocating their voting rights to their participants. Our mission is to empower all citizens of the internet to build and control the platforms they frequent every day and to afford them the opportunity to participate in the financial successes of these services.

    Community Advisor Program Details

    Despite months of research and planning, we are very much still in the formative days of the district0x Network. In these early stages, it is imperative that we collect your feedback and explore the many ways that you envision making use of the platform. The ultimate utility of the network will be the regulated by the diversity of ideas and markets it can attract.

    We have reserved 3,000,000 district0x Network Tokens for use in our Community Advisor Program, to be distributed to members of our Slack community following completion of our planned contribution period in July.

    Matus and I will subjectively reward feedback, thoughtful discussion, and other contributions made to the district0x Project. These rewards can be tracked here.

    We have already had many great conversations about decentralized marketplaces, payment tokens vs. governance tokens, meme market designs, and much more. To get involved, simply join our Slack community and come share your thoughts with us. We look forward to seeing you there.

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