Updates on Status Network Token & Status Genesis Token Issuance

  • As of today, we have over 600 Status Genesis Token holders, and we expect well over 2,000 individual SGT holders after we manually process all of the recent contributions (please be patient, we’ll get to everyone!).

    Earlier this month we published our approach that attempts to achieve a wide distribution of SNT.

    Given the events in the past week, and the current state of blockchain identity systems (and the nature of pseudonymous addresses), we are also looking to partner with gateway providers who have a full KYC or light KYC process. If you could help us to achieve a wide distribution of SNT, by setting maximum contribution amount of $1000 per contributor, please contact us.

    We have already made the decision to allocate a portion to fiat EUR & RMB gateway providers — BitcoinSuisse (up to 2.4M CHF) along with ICOage, as announced on our Slack.

    These allocations will ignore the Dynamic Ceilings for obvious reasons, and receive the same rate of SNT per ETH as everyone else. We are also currently in conversation with imToken about pooling their users contributions, in an attempt to reduce strain on the Network.

    Lastly, for those of you in the community who are in it for the long haul, we are currently exploring the option of aligning ourselves with a small handful of strategic partners. While no discounts will be given (you will receive the same rate of 10,000 per 1 ETH), you may be eligible for guaranteed participation. It’s important to us that SNT is distributed widely amongst the community, and thus only a handful of applications will be approved. Your tokens may be locked for an extended period, and you will need to publicly announce your involvement for transparency. You can apply here. US Citizens are not eligible.

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