New [MARV] Marvelous POW mining

  • Marvelous is a new digital currency credit , based on the old scrypt algorithms and computer and graphics used in mining , producing an every 60 seconds , the total number of cents will be permanently limited to 400 million . MARV

    Integration -centric , anonymous , highly secure encrypted virtual currency , totally dependent on

    the mining output (POW). In addition to interest on credits, not coins refuse subscription misappropriating lies.

    Let's go back to the mining model to make money. Mobilize the enthusiasm of the miners , we hope to long-term holding , will be promising .


    English full name : Marvelous

    English abbreviation : MARV

    Algorithm : Scrypt

    Excavation Date: June 22, 2015

    Block out the highest reward : 150 MARV

    Block out time : 60 seconds

    The total amount of 400 million to be tapped

    RPC Port: 6832

    P2P Port: 6831

    Download wallet

    Dig ore pool

    Official QQ group number: 469 338 895

    Mining pool : 1500 MARV

    MARV bounty :

    web wallet 10000 MARV

    Exchanger 10000 MARV

    android wallet 10000 MARV

    Exchanger 10000 MARV

    Mining pool 1500 MARV

    post other forum 1000 MARV

    more Details Coming soon;

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