Blocktix (BTX) An Ethereum based event hosting businesses

  • What is blocktix?

    Blocktix is an Ethereum based, counterfeit-resistant solution for individuals and event hosting businesses to distribute, advertise, and transfer ownership of event tickets or passes.

    Event hosting is an expansive and growing market, yet much like the financial industry, it suffers from constant, systemic challenges regarding fraud prevention, transfers of ownership and intermediary cost.

    Utilizing Ethereum smart contracts, the Blocktix platform will leverage the power of decentralization to resolve the systemic issues currently plaguing the event hosting industry.

    Blocktix will combine on-chain ticket distribution, a trustless p2p ticket exchange and an incentivised advertising network to create a single source event hosting platform that replaces the fragmented legacy systems currently in use.

    The Blocktix platform will have a dramatic effect on the event hosting industry as it will reduce distribution, transfer and promotion costs up to 90% and create real-time accessibility for concertgoers to instantly obtain/sell tickets. These improvements will enhance the concert attendee's purchasing experience and amplify the event host's ability to return a profit.

    blocktix Plan:

    We believe the Blocktix user acquisition plan will simultaneously grow the Blocktix and Ethereum ecosystems. 

    User Acquisition 

     Although many counterfeit-resistant ticket distribution systems have been developed, some using central ledgers and even some proposed utilizing blockchains, most of these current solutions experience one major obstacle: user adoption. Event hosting businesses cannot use ticket distribution systems that have no users, regardless of the security benefits and cost savings those systems offer. The Blocktix team's experience in the event hosting and marketing industries, has enabled the development of an innovative and practical plan to solve the user adoption challenge. The objective of this three-part plan is to bootstrap the system with a network of users, making it economically advantageous for other event hosting businesses to host their events on the Blocktix platform.

    User Retention

    A portion of the event hosting fees will be allocated to retain users and encourage reuse of the Blocktix system. After each new event, ETH/TIX tokens will be distributed to every application wallet that has used at least one ticket to a prior event. With each new event held, additional TIX/ETH will be distributed to each prior user. The continued disbursement of ETH/TIX will increase the value in each prior user's wallet and thereby create an increasing incentive to purchase additional tickets for concerts hosted on the Blocktix system.

    Foundation Event Hosting

    A portion of the future crowdfunding will be used by the Blocktix foundation to host a series of concerts. These concerts will be held near college campuses in California, focusing on venues capable of hosting 10,000+ attendees. In order to gain access to these concerts, the attendees will be required to purchase tickets through the Blocktix application, with ETH/TIX as the only accepted methods of payment. For most concertgoers, the desire to attend a concert and to see their prefered artist perform, will outweigh the small learning curve associated with using the Blocktix system. (see FAQ)

    For these events, the non-profit Blocktix foundation will act as the event host rather than occupying a sponsorship role. As the event host, the foundation will retain the events' proceeds and any surplus revenue resulting from the events. All proceeds from foundation events, along with any surplus revenue, will be transferred forward and reused to host additional foundation events. This strategy will enable the foundation to host a long series of events, thereby adding tens or hundreds of thousands of concertgoers to the Blocktix network and, ultimately, introducing these individuals to the Ethereum ecosystem.

    To help supplement the cost of events and extend the number of foundation events possible, the Blocktix foundation will explore sponsor partnerships with companies in the crypto-currency/blockchain space, focusing primarily on crypto-currency exchanges. As all Blocktix events will require ETH/TIX as the only method of payment, all concert attendees will need to have a basic exchange account. A partnership with the Blocktix foundation will allow an exchange to acquire tens of thousands of new customer accounts while also providing marketing opportunities at the events. These partnerships will add additional sources of revenue to Blocktix foundation events, thereby greatly extending the number of foundation events possible.

    Rather than attempting to acquire a share of current crypto-currency users, the Blocktix user acquisition plan directly targets mainstream individuals (concertgoers) and exposes these individuals to crypto-currency. For this reason, we believe the Blocktix user acquisition plan will simultaneously grow the Blocktix and Ethereum ecosystems.

    Attracting Event Hosting Businesses

    The Blocktix user acquisition and retention plans have been designed to develop a network of Blocktix users, with an interest in event attendance. Access to this network will represent a valuable opportunity to target a concentrated base of tens/hundreds of thousands of users, with the additional benefit of each user possessing a wallet balance, ready to use toward purchasing tickets. The unique Blocktix platform allowing open access to this network of users will provide a very compelling economic and practical incentive for event hosting companies to choose the Blocktix platform when hosting their events.


    Blocktix is an incentive driven system for both ticket users and event hosting companies; it adequately eliminates the limitations of existing platforms, including offering solutions for counterfeit and transaction fraud, reducing promotion associated fees by nearly 90% and improving the overall user experience. By providing solutions to the constant, systemic challenges in the event industry, Blocktix will swiftly become the most cost-effective and prefered platform for event hosting.

    *The non-profit Blocktix foundation will operate in cooperation with for-profit event promotion companies, for-profit artist management companies, for-profit event venues, ect.

    TIX Tokens

    The Blocktix platform will require TIX Tokens to be used as a system access fee and to have new events show up on the event feed. TIX tokens will also be required to place in-application advertising. TIX and/or ETH tokens will be necessary to facilitate ticket purchases and P2P transfers. The hosting, transfer and marketing fees will be distributed to TIX token holders who participate in the event/advertisment verification process which is open and available to all TIX holders. Fee rates will initially be set as described below. Fee rateslaunch of the system

       Posting fee based on number of tickets and total value of all tickets offered, roughly 2%.

       2% of the value of all p2p transfers through the exchange platform.

       A per contact fee for direct marketing to local users of the Blocktix application. The amount of this fee will be based on regional advertising network traffic.

    Blocktix fees are designed to eliminate spam, compensate token holders
    who participate in the event/advertising verification process,
    discourage for-profit ticket trading (scalping) on the P2P exchange, and
    to incentivise mobile application users to view event advertisment. There should be no expectation of profit from TIX token ownership or from the Blocktix system.


    The Blocktix crowdsale will be an opportunity to acquire credits (TIX) to host events and advertise on a decentralized event hosting platform, built on Ethereum. Crowdsale funds will be allocated to complete development of the system, provide funding for the user acquisition strategy and fund promotions that will transition Blocktix into the most economically sensible platform for event hosting businesses.

    White Paper:










    E-Mail:[email protected]

    stay tuned for more

  • Blocktix (BTX)  Project Update & The move to a Company Entity

    In the past few weeks we at Blocktix have been very busy with the legal side of things. Our goal is to build a real company, with real software that will change the ticketing landscape and real events that will attract real visitors. In talking with lawyers and our advisors we found that going the Foundation route could bring us some difficulties in the future.

    Choosing the company route.

    Switzerland has been the most popular location for blockchain-based projects to start their Foundations. The legal system there provides a good landscape for Foundation based blockchain projects to settle. As Blocktix we’ve also considered going this route, mostly because our primary goal is growing the users on the system.

    However, to perform the plan that is Blocktix, and the user adoption plan specifically, money has to be earned from the event series we are planning. Creating an event series hosted by Blocktix will take time and money and requires us to grow in the marketplace, in other words: Make a name for ourselves.

    This is especially true for festival-style events. To keep pushing the user adoption plan forward until we get the user base needed to attract outside organizers, these events need to return money so we can keep pushing the user adoption plan forward until that point is reached.

    And therein lies the problem. As a Foundation we’d eventually run into problems with taking money from these events (if events produce a profit), money we’d need to realize more events as per our user adoption plan. Many governments or tax agencies in the world would classify the Foundation as for-profit and thus we had a decision to make.

    The new company: Blocktix BV is currently being formed in the Netherlands, with Rob Schins as the CEO. Ryno Mathee will join the company as the CTO, overseeing the technical development of the Blocktix software. Gerlof van Ek will provide the creative side to Blocktix as it’s Chief Designer. Bojan Malešević will join Blocktix as an employee managing the Community and assisting the project where needed.

    Crowd and Presale update.

    Over the past weeks we’ve again seen tremendous growth of our social channels. Our twitter has reached over 450 followers and our Slack is not far behind with nearly 350 members joining so far. During this time we’ve received many questions regarding pre sale and we’ve made the decision to start selling TIX pre-crowdsale to allow current supporters an opportunity to purchase TIX if they wish. We are happy to announce that over 3,5 million dollars have already been raised to date in our presale, passing our minimum funding goal of 2,5 million dollars before the crowdsale even begins.

    For those that still want to join our presale, you have until the 4th of July to join in, contact ‘Soepkip’ or ‘w000t’ on our Slack channel for details on how to join.

    We are currently in the process of getting our ERC20 contracts audited for the upcoming Crowdsale the 7th of July.

    Tokens sold during the crowdsale will be locked up for two weeks after the crowdsale end date. After which all tokens will be released simultaneous. The parties joining the presale will have to also sign a terms of sale agreement, like the crowdsale attendees themselves. If you joined the presale you will be contacted after the 7th of July regarding the terms of sale.

    Further details for the Crowdsale will be released after the presale ends.

    Marshall Hayner joins Blocktix as Advisor.

    In the meantime we have more great news. Marshall Hayner, CEO and co-founder of has, besides personally invested, also decided to accept our offer of joining Blocktix as an advisor. His knowledge in the payments field and start-up companies in general will be hugely beneficial and we really think he’ll be a great addition to the company as Advisor.

    In conclusion

    We are really happy to finally be able to announce our move from foundation to company. If you have any questions regarding this move you can always contact us in our Slack channel.

    Also we are really excited to already have crossed our minimum funding marker. We can now officially start building the Blocktix software and start planning out our first events for 2018.

    Please also welcome Marshall Hayner, known for MetalPay, and Stellar as an Advisor joining the fold. He also is available in our Slack channel.

    All this news together opens the path to our public crowdsale on the 7th of July.

  • The Blocktix (BTX) Public Crowdsale

    Today we are happy to announce the exact details for our upcoming crowdsale. The past few days have been amazing for the Blocktix community, since last week we added upwards of 450 people to our Slack alone and we’ve seen the interest in Blocktix grow tremendously. A huge thank you to everyone talking about Blocktix. We are excited to start building the product that will discrupt the event ticketing industry.

    After a hectic week working with our notaries, advisors and lawyers to get everything ready we can now publish the details for the public crowdsale tomorrow. First, to answer the most asked question in the past 48 hours:

    Tokensale will start on Friday 7th of July — 22:00 CET

    Trusted Sources for information regarding the Blocktix Crowdsale:

    We’ve already seen several attempts at scams in our Slack and other venues. Please be aware that the only Trusted Sources for information are:

    Be very careful, scammers are trying to steal your funds and we wish to prevent such scams from happening, always triple check everything before you send your ether.

    The Blocktix Crowdsale Contract

    The contract will deploy at 22:00 CET on the 7th of July and you’ll be able to acquire your TIX tokens at that time using Ether. The contract address will be made available on our website: at that time, after agreeing to our Terms of Sale and confirming you are not a US Citizen or resident, nor are you acting on behalf of a US citizen or resident.

    For the crowdsale we are using the daily average of Ethereum today: 270,48$ and we will be selling TIX in ‘Tier 3’, at 0.24$ per TIX as previously stated in our Crowdsale blog.

    In short: 1 ETH = 1127 TIX.

    After 8873,12 eth (2,4 million dollars) our hardcap is reached and any ether sent after the cap is reached will be rejected by the contract. The tokens will not be immediatly usable, the tokens will remain locked until we are ready to finalize the contract.

    Our internal timeline is to finalize the contract on the 25th of July 2017, releasing the tokens for use by the general public.

    Notes (IMPORTANT!):

    • Do NOT send from Exchanges. Use MyEtherWallet, Parity or Mist to send your ether to our contract address.
    • All US-based IPs will be blocked on our domain and during the crowdsale.
    • By sending ether to our contract address you agree to our Terms of Sale and confirm that you are not a US Citizen or resident, nor are you signing on behalf of a US citizen or resident.
    • All sales are final and as is.

  • Blocktix (BTX) The Contract Issue & Fix — 9/7/2017

    The Public Crowdsale started on the 7th of July 22:00 CEST as envisioned. With our Slack locked down we effectively had a very clean and nice start of our crowdsale. In the first hours over 700.000$ was raised, and slowly grew up to 3917 ether (around 940.000$) in the first 24 hours. Making the total amount raised during Angel Funding, Private Pre Sale and Crowdsale go over the 6 million $ mark.

    But then last night, on the 8th of July around 23:00 CEST we started getting messages that the contract was suddenly rejecting transactions, whilst them all having sufficient gas in their transactions.

    We immediately sat down to look over the contract and see what the actual issue was. After some research we found the problem; the end date (the initialization parameter) was set to the wrong date; 8th of July instead of 28th of July. This means that, to the contract, the end date was reached and it stopped accepting funds all together, just as it was designed to work.

    Since it is impossible to change that parameter after deploying a contract we had only one real solution: to write a new contract that would have to do the following things:

    1. Set at the intended end date of 28th of July, able to accept funds again.
    2. Move the currently raised funds from the old contract to a new multisig.
    3. Have the correct TIX balances for the previous buyers on the old contract.

    After a night, morning and afternoon of planning, coding and testing the new contract we can now announce that the issue is now fixed. All previous balances are as they are supposed to be and the contract can now actively accept funds again until the hardcap or the actual end time of the 28th of July is reached. You can find the new address on our website.

    We are very happy for the support that our community has shown us during this time. Reaching out with supportive messages and offers of help and keeping a positive attitude during this time.

    We can now move forward with the fundraising and get the last $1,5 million raised and continue working on building out Blocktix as a company and technology. We are 80% of the way there and are intending to close out our crowdsale succesfully in the upcoming weeks.

    — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

    Sidenote: In Etherscan you’ll now find a ‘Token Transfers’ page; these are all the previous Token Balances of the old contract, the balances of the new contract will be added when we finalize the contract. If you send ether to the new contract these balances can be queried on the “Read Contract” tab on Etherscan, under “balanceOf”, by entering your address and hitting query.

    — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

    For previous token buyers:

    To add the new contract to MyEtherWallet

    1. Navigate to the “Send Ether & Tokens” page on MyEtherWallet.
    2. Unlock your wallet.
    3. Click “Add Custom Token” on the right side.
    4. Enter the NEW contract address
    5. Type in what you want to call it — the name or the symbol. (TIX)
    6. Enter 18 Decimals
    7. Click “Save”.

    To add the new contract to Parity:

    1. Navigate to the Contracts tab
    2. Click “+ Watch”
    3. Select Token
    4. Enter the NEW contract address
    5. Type in what you want to call it — the name or the symbol. (TIX)
    6. Click “+ Add Contract”

  • Blocktix (BTX) - Crowdsale Update

    Today, the 25th of July 2017, we have had to close our Crowdsale early. The Parity Multisig hack caused a vulnerability in the crowdsale contract due to the hacked multisig being the owner of that contract. The open crowdsale contract was still vulnerable to malicious actors so we were forced to finalize the contract ahead of schedule.

    Over the past week we’ve been working with the WHG to come up with a solution to preserve the crowdsale contract and save the ether while making sure TIX would be able to go live. We were unable to arrive at a solution without closing the crowdsale contract.

    Last night WHG returned the funds they have been holding so we could finalize the crowdsale contract, save the ether and protect the TIX from an attack by a malicious actor.

    This morning we performed this action and we have successfully finalized the crowdsale contract. All ether is now back in our control, except the 3916 ether still held by a second white hat party. We’ve been in contact with him and these funds will also return to our control in the upcoming days.

    What does this all mean?

    The Blocktix Crowdsale has now officially ended, with a total of 37,032,710 TIX sold, raising a total of 6,981,328$ in funds. Whilst not filling out our full goal of 7.7 million dollars, we are more than confident we’ll be able to realize the plan that is Blocktix in full form.

    Performing the contract finalization means that our token TIX is now officially live. Everyone that bought in the crowdsale can now move around their TIX wherever they might please.

    I bought in the presale and don’t see any TIX yet in my address?

    Yes, due to the vulnerability in our contract we haven’t yet been able to distribute these funds. The prebuyers that have provided us with their ether address and signed their SAFT will receive their TIX in the upcoming 24 hours. This afternoon we will update the list and e-mails we’ve received over the past weekend and send out those SAFTs for signing also.

    What happens with the remaining TIX in the contract?

    With our finalization action (2905 ETH was sent) we received a total of 2,967,290 TIX in our own address. Of those TIX received, 100,000 TIX will be awarded to the WHG group as a donation and thank you for the help they provided during this time.

    We feel burning the remaining TIX wouldn’t be the right way to handle these tokens, so we have decided to award them to you, the people that bought our token in the crowd/presale and trusted their funds in our vision for the ticketing platform of the future.

    This means that the remaining 2,867,290 TIX will be distributed to those that joined the crowdsale and the presale. We will set up a claim contract in the upcoming week for these to be distributed. In short this means that for every 1 TIX you bought in our sale you’ll receive an extra: 0.0774258756650539 TIX


    Besides the 100,000 TIX that will be sent to the WHG’s address, we as a team have also decided to set aside a total of 250 ETH to help make up for the funds lost by other Ethereum projects that were hacked by blackhat hackers. Once we have information available to send these funds, we’ll do so to help support these projects. Blocktix was fortunate that the WHG removed our funds prior to any black hat hacker and believe Blocktix should offer this contribution as a token of good will and in appreciation.

    The Road Forward

    Now that the crowdsale is closed and all our funds are safe, we can fully move forward with Blocktix. We are in contact with exchanges to get the TIX market added and hope to be listed by mid August. Until that time we’ll make sure everyone can claim their extra TIX and that the presale buyers get their TIX distributed to them.

    Moving forward, we expect to provide bi-weekly updates on the development progress of Blocktix and updates to the event schedule when available.

    We like to thank everyone that has bought TIX, helped us within the community (idol, bennybig and dizzle for being the awesome moderators in Slack as they are) and of course a very big thank you goes out to the White Hat Group for helping us during this past week.

  • Blocktix (BTX) Dev Update #1 - Addition to Services, Website, Development & Future updates

    Welcome to the first ever update on the Blocktix development process. About three weeks ago we closed our crowdsale and in the meantime we haven’t been sitting idle. As you might have read in our previous blogpost we had to finalize the contract a lot earlier than expected due to the Parity Multisig exploit we, amongst many other projects, got hit by.

    This meant that the timeframe for finalization of the token contract was moved up from ‘two weeks after the crowdsale’ to ‘immediately’ which created some issues with token distribution. We are now happy to announce that since this week, every token has been distributed to their respective owners, everyone that joined the presale and the crowdsale now has access to their TIX tokens.

    The extra TIX we received by finalizing the contract have since been distributed amongst the community, giving everyone an extra 7.7% TIX from our token. Please check the address you used in our crowdsale to see these extra TIX available to you.

    Addition to Services

    Since we closed the crowdsale TIX has slowly, but steadily been added to many major services in the crypto currency sphere. Blockfolio, CoinMarketCap and CryptoCompare have all added the Blocktix token to their websites and now allow tracking of your portfolio both via web and mobile apps. Also, for those using Parity and MeW, TIX now works natively in these wallet services.

    As for exchanges TIX is already trading at EtherDelta and HitBTC at this moment with a ether pairing available at both websites. From before the close of the sale, we have been working to arranging additions to several larger exchanges, this is a process that can take some time and that the exchanges themselves will announce if and when TIX will be trading at their exchange, including the trading pairs that will be made available.

    Website Update

    Our website has served us very well during the crowdsale period, explaining to everyone that wanted to buy TIX what Blocktix is all about. Now that the crowdsale period is over we recognize the need to do some big changes to the website as to create an information site for fans, artists and organisers. We are hard at work with content writers, creating content for the planned new website and expect to be able to refresh the website and branding in the upcoming month.

    Development of Blocktix

    Immediately after ending our crowdsale we have pushed the development of Blocktix to our first priority. This first priority for development is creating an ‘MVP’, a Minimal Viable Product. This will be the first release candidate of Blocktix and will be completed within in the upcoming months. Currently our prediction is still to have the MVP ready for release near the end of Q4. Below an example of one of these wireframes:

    Future updates

    As communicated in an earlier blogpost, we plan on giving bi-weekly updates regarding the development process of Blocktix. This means that every two weeks we’ll be releasing an update much like this one showing what we’ve been up to and how the plan is progressing.

    Updates on the live events and other promotion news will be released when contracts are complete and we have approval from venues and artists management to release the information. We expect to give the official updates as we receive approval.

  • Blocktix (BTX) Dev Update #2

    Welcome to the second Development Update for Blocktix. In the past two weeks we’ve seen some great things happen around Blocktix. Directly after the last update we’ve seen interest in — and the community of — Blocktix grow at a steady pace. This really showed in our numbers on Slack, Twitter and our other socials and of course the trading that took place, reaching over $400,000 in volume for a couple of days.

    One of the full Blocktix WeChat groups

    Development of Blocktix

    In the past two weeks work on the wireframes has continued as well as building up the necessary skills and toolchains (a toolchain is a set of programming tools which are used to perform a complex software development task/create a software product) to get the development of Blocktix going full steam.

    One of the things we dived into was how the users would be on-boarded. The first action such a user would do is to register to our system; simply put: to create a wallet and link it to themselves, even if you are not using an Ethereum-based wallet like Mist, Geth, MetaMask or any other local wallet.

    Our aim in this is simplicity as we need to be sure that besides you, or those that already understand cryptocurrency, your neighbour can also buy a ticket to an event they wish to visit. The average user needs to be able to install the product/app and use it right away without any issues.

    The Account & Event creation process in wireframes

    Whilst developing Blocktix we are also talking with a few artists and their agents about what they feel is necessary for them as an producer/organizer of an event in ticketing.

    In these talks we are hearing many of the same things and we feel some of these options, as listed below, are important in the future:

    • Limiting the amount of Tickets one user can buy.
    • The option to transfer tickets to friends/acquaintances.
    • Buying tickets for those you know.
    • Option if tickets can be bought by a Smart Contract or not.

    Going deeper we’ve also been investigating our options for IPFS (if you want to know more about this technology we advise you to read up on  We have decided to make the system store more of the content fields into IPFS instead of the smart contracts as to lighten the load on the blockchain and make it a bit less data intensive.

    In conclusion

    Over the past two weeks of the development, scoping and wireframing of Blocktix we have also found that the mobile apps will be a lot more valuable to the system then just the web application.

    This means that we have decided to put, after the initial webapp/dapp design, more resources into our mobile app development. Due to this we expect our initial mobile app to be delivered earlier than initially laid out in our roadmap. We’ll start releasing more news regarding the mobile app as soon as we start work on these.

    We are also still working hard on our update for the Blocktix website, in which the first step is the actual content and the message we want to convey to the masses. As Kodak once famously said when they first introduced their massively technical photocamera product ‘You push the button, we do the rest’, we feel Blocktix should work much in the same way and we are working to get that message on point before we release our new web presence.

  • Blocktix Dev Update #4 - New Website,The Howey Test &Development of Blocktix

    Welcome once again to another Blocktix Development Update. In this fourth iteration we’ll be talking about our work over the past two weeks in which we’ve been concentrating on a lot of different aspects of the system.

    We’ve been working on subjects like ticketing, payment logic, contract creation, event overview, event promotion, interacting with different ethereum browsers and plugins, ticket redemption, and event verification.

    At the moment our developers are averaging about 3600 lines of codes per week, with the total currently standing over 14.000 lines of code, which shows we are working hard to complete the initial MVP in time for the Q4 release we are envisioning. Before we move on to the actual Development part of the update we have some other news to share with you.

    The Howey Test

    Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of news in the cryptoscene regarding the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and their views on tokens, Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) and crowdsales in the cryptocurrency community as a whole.

    The important outtake in this all is that tokens that are build as securities will have big issues in the future with complying to the laws in the United States and probably abroad too. In an effort to make sure our TIX tokens are not securities we have asked our lawyers to write a so-called Legal Memorandum and perform an investigation if TIX tokens are seen as securities or not.

    We are happy to announce that our legal team has found that TIX tokens DO NOT satisfy the Howey test and as such are not securities. In short this opens up the path to getting TIX listed on US-based exchanges in the near future.

    The New Website

    We’ve also been busy with the new website design. Although the design itself is coming along nicely, we feel that it’s not yet ready to be presented, so we’re holding it back for now. We are still working on it, and hope to have a satisfactory design over the next week.

    Development of Blocktix

    We’ve completed some designs around the events overview and event dashboard. Promoters will have a full view of what’s going on with their events, as well as a detailed view per event, such as revenue, ticket sales, ticket categories, ticket types, transactions and promotion.

    My Events Overview Events Dashboard

    On the development side, we’ve been facing some challenges with regards to process logic. It is expensive to deploy, and becomes redundant, as many contracts are going to be using the same logic. We are looking at ways to reduce the contract creation costs without introducing unnecessary complexities and potential security holes, but we aren’t letting the contract creation costs slow us down right now.

    There’s also a big delay in creating events at times, when we create the contract, we need to wait for the transaction to be mined before we can make changes and for example add additional ticket types. We are working on a solution for transactions and sequence, to make sure the event host isn’t plagued by these delays, to make sure there is a decent user experience.

    The event logs for events are now being indexed properly with elasticsearch, and all configured to run. We’ve introduced an API endpoint just to be able to configure certain parameters, have rate limiting, and so on.

    Interacting with different plugins or ethereum browsers has also been interesting, as all changes to events or tickets are transactions. This means that the user needs to confirm the transactions as well as unlock their wallet a few times during the process. We’re constantly having to reconsider our user experience and the flow based on these confirmations, to make sure that these don’t constantly get in the way and ruin the user experience along the way.

    The event verification process is moving along, and we’ve opted for a soft verification, that doesn’t block ticket sales unless the event is deemed to be fraudulent. The interface will show unverified events, and once it hits the verification threshold, they will either be verified or blocked. Token holders taking part in the event verification process will have their tokens in lockup until the event takes place, which will make them conscious about which events they want to verify, as without having skin in the game, people could vote for as many events without any downside. This will create a balance with the event verifiers, as they would find the most suitable types of events to verify for the best reward for them. It does mean that smaller events might not reach the verification quota, but they won’t necessarily be blocked.

    In Conclusion

    Again we’ve had another busy two weeks coding and developing Blocktix. In the next update we’ll have more about the ticket redemption, as well as the different roles in the event contract.

  • Blocktix Dev Update #7 - New website, Development Team, Testnet Release & More

    Time yet again for another Blocktix Development Update! This is #7 of the bi-weekly update on everything Blocktix and this time we are very excited with the news we have to show. It’s that time where we are close to showing the world what we’ve been building over the past three months!

    Besides all the testnet stuff, the new website and the general development on Blocktix we’ve also seen quite some growth in our community. Our public Discord channel grew 50% in this time and we now have over 600 people in our public chatroom. Twitter also grew with 500 followers and we broke the 3000 mark not too long ago. Welcome to everyone that has joined our community over the past two weeks.

    New website

    This week we officially released our new website. With our crowdfunding over and the listing on several major exchanges done we have chosen to move from a crypto audience focused website to one for a more general public. We expect to do small updates on the website over the next few weeks to make it even more attractive to new users. One big part of the website is of course our e-mailing list to which people can subscribe. We’ll use this in the future to announce the going live of the production version of Blocktix.

    Development Team

    While we are getting closer to our MVP (Minimum Viable Product), or from here on out called Blocktix Alpha, we want to start making our first partnership announcements. First up is of course the development side of things, as that is the most important part of Blocktix at the moment. As all of you know Ryno ‘rynomster’ Mathee is our CTO and Lead Developer.

    Since 2014 Ryno has been, besides developing in the cryptospace, working on building his own development company, Lunatech (Pty) LTD. With currently a team of seven, it’s one of the main reasons behind the quick progress we are currently making with Blocktix.

    Another big reason is our partnership with Iterate. A development company with years of experience and many high-profile clients in the past. Companies like DreamWorks, Riot Games and Izea are amongst those that have apps and systems developed by Iterate. Iterate has been instrumental in the past few months with the progress we’ve made on Blocktix Alpha and we’ll be continuing working with them in the near future as Phase 2 of Development starts.

    Testnet Release

    In the past two weeks we’ve been quite busy setting up the Blocktix Testnet, and we almost ready to show it to the public. As we don’t want to overflow our server we’ll currently limit the amount of Testnet invites to 50 people, slowly adding these over time.

    The Testnet will be released this coming Thursday, the 16th of November. If you are looking for an invite please join #testnet in our Discord. Spots are limited so just join the channel and leave -one- message that you’d like an invite. We’ll randomly pick from the list there and you’ll receive a private message with instructions starting this Thursday.

    Phase 2

    As you might have noticed we have been slowly talking about Phase 2 of Development. As we never spoke about ‘phases’ publicly we thought an explanation might be in order. Internally, in an effort to keep our focus in the right direction, we have divided the coming Blocktix system in several phases:

    Phase 1 = Blocktix Alpha (MVP) Phase 2 = Advertising system Phase 3 = Fiat / Credit Card Integration Phase 4 = — —  Phase 5 = — —  etc

    As you can see they are quite literally the building blocks that will together make the ticketing system of the future that Blocktix aims to be. Our initial expectation was to start Phase 2 somewhere around the start of Q1 2018, right after we release our Blocktix Alpha. We are happy to announce we expect work to start quite a bit earlier, as we expect development on Phase 2 to start in the beginning of December. This is very much thanks to the fast work both Iterate and Lunatech have been delivering over the past weeks.

    Development of Blocktix

    Since the last update we’ve been working on setting up the testnet infrastructure and getting that all in place. We’ve successfully got it setup, and are in the process of internal testing as well as some basic documentation for usage. Currently we have deployed the New Event creation flow, the My Events page as well as Ticket listing.

    The event creation flow was revised after working a bit with the previous flow, to allow for a better experience.

    The updated Event flow

    We’ve also finalized the designs for the event feed and event map views.

    We’ve now started working on the mobile applications, as well as looking at improving the ticketer / ticket usage process, as we don’t want attendees to wait 16 seconds or more to use their tickets.

    The mobile ecosystem is maturing in Ethereum but there are still quite a few components missing, especially for iOS. We’ll be going a bit deeper into how we’ll get the iOS application implemented, but for Android it seems that everything we need already exists.

    For the ticket usage, we are looking at implementing a federated service or middleware that will allow ticketers to scan and verify tickets instantly, and then slowly broadcast them to the blockchain. It will still be possible to take a naive approach and use the tickets directly on the blockchain, but these services will just allow hosts to get their attendees checked in faster.

    For our entire Blocktix Alpha, including the web application and mobile applications, we are about 60% complete. We aim to be finished with the web application in December, with the mobile applications testing starting in January.

    In Conclusion

    It’s been another two busy weeks and with our goals set for the remainder of 2017 we are quite excited for the remaining updates we’ll bring this year, including the release of our Blocktix Alpha.

    As per usual, we’ll see you guys in two weeks when update #8 is scheduled for release, and if you want to join the Testnet, please join our Discord, and leave -one- message in #testnet.

  • Blocktix Dev Update - Exchange Listings, Blocktix Testnet & More

    Welcome to the 6th Blocktix Development Update, the bi-weekly update on all things Blocktix! We’d like to extend a warm welcome to everyone that joined our community over the past week as it has been quite the week for us.

    With two major exchange listings we’ve seen tremendous growth on all fronts of our community, with many new people learning about the idea of Blocktix. Before we dive into the development we have done over the past two weeks, we’ll talk about everything that happened outside of the technical scope first.

    Exchange Listings

    Not one, not two but we’ve had three exchange listings over the past two weeks! With the major ones being of course Bittrex and the soon-to-open-officially Korean exchange Upbit. Reaching the top 3 in volume on Bittrex (and top 20 worldwide) in the first 24 hours of trading made sure many new people in the cryptocurrency scene learned about Blocktix.

    Meanwhile Blocktix has also been listed on RadarRelay, which is a decentralized order relayer built on the 0x project. Being a so-called decentralized exchange people can trade without an account and will always be in control of their private key. An exciting new way of trading and we’re happy to be supported on there as well.

    You can find all our new trading pairs here:

    The Smaller Stuff

    Last update we’ve announced our Move to Discord. Since then we’ve added over 400 new members to our Discord channel. Meanwhile, with the help of some awesome community members we have added several handy bots making the experience so far much better then Slack. If you haven’t joined yet, you can do so here.

    Thanks to our new exchange listings our Twitter has been growing tremendously. In the last month over 1250 new followers have joined. Next to that our Facebook and Reddit have also seen good growth over the past month. Not to mention all our public outlets broke their visitor records by a lot, confirming once more our community is growing and more people are learning about Blocktix.

    Next to that our new website is nearly finished. We expect the launch of the new website in the next business week. The website will be mostly focused on people outside of the crypto realm and we’ll start focusing on translating the website to other languages as well after launch.

    A small preview of our upcoming website, geared towards event organisers and attendees.

    Development of Blocktix

    Our main focus on the development side these past two weeks was the contracts and the User Interface. We actually got quite a bit ahead of the frontend with the contracts, so our focus is switching to User Interface implementation and implementing the designs made previously.

    We completed the contract for cancellation of events, which is somewhat complex activity to perform as it has to cater for refunds, fee reimbursements and making sure that the event host can not claim any funds that don’t belong to them.

    The ticket trading and transfers contracts have also been completed, which allows users to trade and transfer tickets peer to peer.

    At this stage Contracts aren’t able to hold, buy or own tickets. This prevents the trustless sale of a ticket via a contract, which would bypass the fees which are supposed to prevent scalping and ticket arbitrage.

    The pages that are currently being designed and implemented are the Event Feed and the Public Event Detail pages.

    In the mean time we have started implementing some of the interfaces, and are preparing for the upcoming testnet for Blocktix. Our expectation is to have the first testnet online around the time the next Development update comes around.

    Setting up the testnet requires a bit of work as the system consists of quite a few components, such as IPFS, the search service and an ethereum node on our own staging testnet. The testnet will serve as a staging environment, which is a first step towards production. When the testnet comes online users will be able to create events, browse events, view events and create tickets and have a first experience with Blocktix!

    In Conclusion

    As you can read it’s been quite the ride over the past two weeks. We are very happy with our progress on development and cannot wait to show you our first testnet version, and see people test Blocktix together with us!

    In the next update we’ll also have some news regarding Phase 2 of Development. Stay tuned and we’ll see you around in our Discord!

  • Blocktix (BTX) Dev Update - Blocktix Alpha Release, New team member, Opening of Blocktix Netherlands office & More

    Hello and welcome to the very last Blocktix Development Update of the year 2017, and we are already at number 10! Before everyone starts enjoying the festivities of Christmas and of course Boxing Day we have an update for this Christmas Eve. So let’s get on with it and close the year off with a little fireworks!

    Blocktix Alpha Release

    Today we are releasing our Blocktix Alpha (MVP) to the public! The Blocktix Alpha Web Application is now officially done and you can explore it today. The completed Alpha includes event creation, event editing, ticketing by type, buying tickets, sending and selling tickets.

    We are releasing the Blocktix Alpha on a public network we created specifically for Blocktix. While it is possible to deploy the current version of Blocktix on the Ethereum mainnet, we have chosen not to do this so we can speed up completion of the full feature sets laid out in the Blocktix whitepaper. With important additions to the system, like Governance, Advertising/Promotion and Credit Card support still in development, we feel that adding the current Blocktix version to the Ethereum mainnet would not be beneficial as the current Alpha version would get little actual usage without these additional features added to the system.

    We are allowing users open an account at to get access to the Blocktix Alpha at

    Support is available on Discord through #alpha

    New team member

    We are happy to announce the addition of Matt Gray as our Marketing Director and head of our Promotions team. Matt was recruited from his role as Associate Director at IZEA, the leading technology company in the influencer marketing space. Matt joined our team last month and has brought his extensive experience in influencer marketing to the Blocktix team. Matt has since started work on targeted digital marketing and social listening based influencer campaigns for the Blocktix system. These campaigns will be focused toward the areas in which Blocktix plans to host its initial promotional events later next year. These campaigns will begin soon after our mobile apps are complete and the UX is tested and improved. In future updates we will release more details on the digital/influencer marketing strategy and the timelines for these campaigns that we are currently developing.

    Opening of Blocktix Netherlands office

    Besides working hard on the development side of things we have also been busy opening an office in the Netherlands. Our office space is in the Techno House in Heerlen, Netherlands. The Techno House office complex hosts several leading technology companies and we’re very happy with the space we managed to get here. We are continually adding to the Blocktix team and the new office has been instrumental in helping the team build on the Blocktix plan to shape the future of ticketing.

    Development of Blocktix

    On the development side of things we have completed the Blocktix Alpha Web Application. The web application currently features all the requirements for the MVP:

    - Creating Events - Editing of Events - Adding Ticket types and Tickets - Buying of Ticket types - Sending tickets to peers  - Selling tickets to peers

    We have made a lot of progress on our Mobile Apps. The event feeds are now loading, the map views and list views are complete for both Android and iOS, you can now import and encrypt your ticket wallet in the mobile app, view the event details, and the most of the layouts are complete.

    The next steps in mobile are getting the ticket categories and ticket type data, buying the tickets, as well as ticket redemption. Early next year, once mobile has caught up to the web application and the current developments have been completed, the ticket redemption will also be implemented in the web application.

    In the first Quarter of 2018 we will be adding the local wallet flow, so that the web application can be used without Metamask, Parity or an Ethereum browser. We will also be adding the Event Vetting and Voting systems.

    We are aiming to have the Advertising / Promotion system ready and integrated into the Web Application, as well as Phase 3, Credit Card integration for buying tickets and paying for the promotion directly with a credit card Q2 2018. After the credit card integration we will be enhancing the system to be able to use ETH, TIX and / or a Credit Card to buy tickets, as well as for advertising and promotion of events.

    As soon as this is all in place we will be preparing for the full production release of Blocktix, including the contract voting and contract governance. The production release will deliver a decentralized ticketing system on the Blockchain with all future development and governance changes being decided directly by the TIX token holders.

    In Conclusion

    We hope you all will explore the Blocktix Alpha. This year has been an incredible amount of work and excitement with a sprint to the ‘Alpha finish line’ for Blocktix.

    We are extremely happy with the quality and function of the finished Alpha build and hope each one of you will be equally as pleased. As you have read in past updates, we have big things planned for both Q1 and Q2 on the development side of things.

    In following updates, we will be releasing more news regarding partnerships, ambassadors, marketing and of course our first events that will take place in 2018.

    We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  • Blocktix Dev Update #11 - Blocktix Alpha Feedback, Opening of  USA offices, Mobile App & More

    Welcome to the 11th Blocktix Development Update, officially the first one in 2018. After a short break during Christmas and New Years we’ve been pushing it hard again in the past two weeks. We are getting closer to an official launch of the initial Blocktix Mobile Apps (more on that later) and have some more exciting news to share with you at this time:

    Statistics and News

    This week we’ve welcomed our 1250th Discord member. It’s great to see new faces joining the community and finding out what Blocktix is all about. If you are not connected yet, you can join our Discord server to explore the features of Blocktix, ask questions or just have a chat with other supporters!

    Our other socials like Reddit, Facebook and Twitter are also growing rapidly. Our Reddit is becoming a useful tool for readers to understand the Blocktix protocol with active discussions, questions and interesting articles covering Blocktix. Be sure to check it out.

    Christmas and New Years came and went and 2018 started off with a little bang for Blocktix itself. Why? Well, on the 4th of January Blocktix was mentioned, alongside Ethereum, on CNBC’s Fast Money. The host briefly described the Blocktix system and referenced the implications of Blocktix’s fraud proof ticket protocol, calling the blockchain ticket validation “amazing”. This exchange on CNBC is another recognition of the power of Blocktix’s decentralized ticketing protocol and its possibilities to revolutionize the troubled ticketing industry.

    Blocktix Alpha Feedback

    In our last update we officially released our Blocktix Alpha and so far we’ve had nothing but great reactions to it. So far over 350 people have joined our Alpha system and have been adding events and finding out about the Blocktix feature set.

    Users are able to open an account at to get access to the Blocktix Alpha at

    Support is available on Discord through the #alpha channel.

    Opening of Blocktix USA offices

    We are very happy to officially announce that we’ve acquired office space at the NeueHouse Hollywood office complex. The office is directly on Sunset Boulevard in the heart of Hollywood. Blocktix shares an office complex with Viacom, MTV Networks and is across the street from the legendary Gower Studios and the Hollywood Palladium. We are currently setting up the space so please refer to these official pictures from the NeueHouse office complex for a view of the office suite setting.

    This space will allow Blocktix team to be in proximity to the music industry’s hub in Hollywood/Beverly Hills and will be instrumental in leveraging our connections and advancing the Blocktix ticketing protocol.

    Blocktix Mobile App

    We are happy to release screenshots of our upcoming Mobile apps. Since pictures usually say more than a thousand words we’ll just say this:

    The Loadscreen — Home Screen and Map View of our upcoming Mobile App The Event Detail page — Your Ticket Overview and Ticket scan

    Our release target for both the initial Android and IOS mobile app is January 28th and we expect addition to the Play Store and App Store shortly thereafter.

    Blocktix Marketing Plan

    The Blocktix marketing plan is a subject our community has been vigorously discussing and asking about in the past weeks. As we have explained in the past, we currently do not have any marketing campaigns running. Without a mobile app to market there would be little to no use in spending money, time and effort on the marketing bit. This is why details on our marketing plan have been vague but this all changes on the 28th of January.

    In the last update we introduced Matt Gray whom we recruited from Izea and we would now like to announce our partnership with Together Matt, TaylorDigital and the marketing team will design and run our targeted marketing campaign which will commence with the addition of our mobile apps to the Play Store and App Store.

    The phase one marketing campaign will consist of a sophisticated social listening driven paid influencer campaign, TIX rewards for new app downloads/accounts that will be locked toward ticket purchases on the platform, exchange account rewards targeted toward non-crypto users, a new informational website dedicated to downloads of the Blocktix mobile apps, traditional radio and print media blanket coverage in the areas with scheduled events for 2018, industry event sponsorship and speaking engagements. This phase of the Blocktix marketing campaign will run into/through this summer.

    In Conclusion

    From the beginning, the focus of the Blocktix plan has always been product first. The development team has pushing hard to deliver the alpha system on our timeline. While there are many feature sets and UX improvements still to be completed, we are excited to be transitioning to the beginning of the promotional phase of the plan.

    We’ll be back in two weeks to give you more news and details regarding all things Blocktix!

  •  Blocktix (BTX) Dev Update #11-social Media, Mobile App ReleaseRelease & More

    While January has come (and is almost gone) we’re ready once more for another Development Update. This is our 12th update so far and it’s now 6 months ago since we’ve closed our crowdfunding. As you’ve read we’ve come quite a long way since then and we are excited to start a new chapter in the project with the release of the Blocktix Mobile Applications.

    Social Media

    As always we invite each and everyone to join our social media channels. These are the perfect way(s) to keep up to date with what we are doing and of course join the discussion about Blocktix.

    If you are not connected yet, you can join our Discord server to explore the features of Blocktix, ask questions or just have a chat with other supporters!

    Blocktix Mobile App Release

    We are very happy to announce the official first release of our Blocktix Mobile App Alpha for both Android and iOS. The first release includes everything from finding events, to buying tickets to actually redeeming them at the event. The Alpha Apps are running on our own private network, and we are ready to invite you in to explore what we have built. We currently have both the Android and iOS available to check out, see below a simple video and the screenshots we’ve taken of our Apps.

    We expect an official release in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in the next 4 weeks, the timeline is dependent on the approval processes.

    Once the apps are listed in the App Store and Play Store, we can update the app from our private network to the official Ethereum mainnet by simply pushing out an app update.

    Join the Blocktix Mobile App Alpha here. * Invites are send out once every 24 hours — Please be patient after entering your details. As per usual you can join ourDiscord in #alpha for support and discussion.

    Blocktix Marketing

    In past updates we have announced the development of an advanced social listening/influencer and data driven marketing programs. These campaigns will start once the mobile apps have been accepted to the App and Play Stores. In addition to these campaigns we are currently working on another marketing feature that will begin with the addition of our mobile apps to the App and Play Stores, the ‘Million TIX Reward Program’.

    Million TIX Reward Program

    The TIX reward program is a method of incentivising the instal of the Blocktix mobile applications. Our goal with our mobile apps is to get a large install base so we can market this network to independent event promoters around the world. In addition to marketing Blocktix through influencers in the scene we are also planning to give away a total of one million TIX tokens to new users of the mobile app.

    We will be giving out the one million promotion TIX in the following fashion:

    First 50.000 Installs will get 5 TIX tokens Next 100.000 Installs will get 3 TIX tokens Next 100.000 Installs will get 2 TIX tokens

    And the remainder will get 1 TIX token.

    This promotion, in combination with our influencer campaign, will put Blocktix apps and TIX tokens in the hands of over 500.000 people who are interested in buying event tickets. This TIX rewards program will seed the wallets of these users with TIX which they can then use to purchase their first event tickets through Blocktix. This network of Blocktix app users and TIX owners will create a significant incentive for any promoter to choose Blocktix as their ticketing system.

    Of course there are some rules to this giveaway:

    • Promotion TIX will only be usable for the users first ticket purchase.
    • Promotion TIX cannot be send outside of the app.
    • Accounts will need registration in order to receive reward.
    • Promotion will end after 1,000,000 Promotion TIX have been allocated.

    Development of Blocktix

    With one third of the first Quarter already gone we’re now announcing what we’ll be working on during the remainder of Q1 in terms of Development.

    Before the end of February we will have the In-App TIX Giveaway live in our Mobile App including the Marketing Feed. Meanwhile we’ll be working on infrastructure improvements for the official App/Play Store release.

    After that we’ll be concentrating on a native solution for the TIX/ETH wallet in the Blocktix WebApp. This will make it possible to use Blocktix without Parity or MetaMask attached, a very important milestone to make growth possible.

    Another feature we will be building is the TIX/ETH deposit and withdrawal for Event Creators — Making sure that the promoters and organizers can get to their crypto as they wish.

    Furthermore we will close Q1 with Flow Development of the following subjects: Scalping Resistance, Credit Card Acceptance and Production Ticket Redemption.

    In Conclusion

    With releasing our official mobile apps we checked of another major milestone in the story of Blocktix. We hope you will all love the app as much as we do. The announcement of the Million TIX Reward Program in combination with our planned influencer marketing push will make sure Blocktix will get a real install base across the globe.

    And ofcourse this is not all, as much more is coming in future updates, please check back in in two weeks from now for much, much more!

  • Blocktix Dev Update #14

    Welcome to our 14th Blocktix Development Update. Again most of our concentration has been on the mobile app development as we want to push our mobile apps into the official stores as soon as possible, also in an effort to start our marketing plans as soon as this is a fact. But first:

    Social Media

    As always we invite each and everyone to join our social media channels. These are the perfect way(s) to keep up to date with what we are doing and of course can join the discussion about Blocktix.

    If you are not connected yet, you can join our Discord server to explore the features of Blocktix, ask questions or just have a chat with other supporters!

    Blocktix Mobile App Update

    Last Monday the invites for our iOS Alpha went out and with that we’ve also given the overall app an update. A bunch of new features got added for both the Android as well as the iOS version, more about this in our Development section of the Update.

    As we are getting closer and closer to the product release version, which officially can be launched in both the Apple App Store as the Google Play Store we’d still like to ask everyone to request an Alpha invite.

    This will enable us to catch little bugs early and fix them before we go live. Especially for Android where the app will be available on many types on devices this is an important step where the community can help us out.

    Join the Blocktix Mobile App Alpha here. * Invites are send out once every 24 hours — Please be patient after entering your details. As per usual you can join our Discord in #alpha for support and discussion.

    Development of Blocktix

    Updates on our Blocktix Mobile App

    As you can see from our Mobile Alpha apps we’ve officially implemented the Promo TIX Giveaway. This required adding some significant backend services to prevent gaming of the system. In a sense the Promo TIX are fake TIX tokens which will be only spendable once per user on the system.

    Another special feature that has now been added to the mobile app is the creation of a new wallet. It currently allows people to simply add a new wallet to the Blocktix app and secure it with a password. Some more wallet management features will be made available in the near future and the current tesnet version automatically fills the wallet with some test Ether and TIX as to be able to test the system.

    Other additions have been the Notification Feed that will keep users up to date with updates from the Blocktix Platform, a Ticket History feature which shows the currently purchased tickets as well as the already redeemed ones. Lastly we’ve worked on supported smaller-screen devices better, so there shouldn’t be no issues anymore using a device like an iPhone SE.

    In Conclusion

    We’re now getting pretty close to the official release of the Blocktix Mobile Apps. For the upcoming two weeks this will be our number one priority. We’ll see you guys again in two weeks with more news about Blocktix!

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