• At Chronobank we’ve always believed that Blockchain is much more than transaction’s transferring system. With a new era of Dapps, Blockchain solutions gain wider implementation. One of them is encrypted messaging, presented by Crypviser.

    CrypViser is an innovative, encrypted communications network for individual investors and corporate businesses. The platform is based on advanced encryption technology to achieve the highest standards of security and privacy.

    We are glad to support Crypviser team and collaborate in terms of payment system. Crypviser’s ICO is ongoing through 30th of June. Until this time you will be able to contribute and join ICO, paying also with ChronoBank TIME tokens.

    Right after the the official launch of the Crypviser’s network on the 2nd Sep. all new participants of ChronoBank and CrypViser will be granted exclusive early-bird access to the messenger service. Prior to this, users will also be able to take part in Crypviser’s bounty campaign.

    Besides that, members of Chronobank and CrypViser will have the opportunity to make in-app payments for the messenger’s services using TIME tokens.

    We believe that our collaboration with Crypviser will bring sustainability to the market’s integrations, with the use of Blockchain enabling them to put security first.

    To participate in the CrypViser ICO please follow this link:

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