KrossCoin [KSS] THE FIRST CHURCH CENTRIC COIN on Waves Blockchain

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    Most traders are paying $50/month on immobile VPS (remote computer) infrastructure. They cannot initiate algorithms on the go because there is no such application. Until Pipdroid. Pipdroid Pearl and Pipdroid Petal for MT5 and MT4 platforms respectively. Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 on Google play store have a combined download of 6 million . And that’s just on Android. Metatrader 4 & 5 exists on Appstore as well.

    With Pipdroid family apps soon to be integrated with KSS, traders consume KSS and can launch their algorithms anytime and anywhere. They save cost, have more trading opportunities, become better traders, and enjoy the KSS pay-as -you-use model. That’s the power of Krosscoin. Watch out for the Ribbon Messenger App as well..highly innovative. Alpha version exists on my phone for now. Ribbon will be released in January 2018. Spread the word! ‘’Let’s make good happen’’

    Download Pipdroid Pearl on Google Play Store Now! and Particpate in our Initial Token Offering on Dec 1st, 2017.

    Pipdroid Pearl for MetaTrader 5 platform

  • KrossCoin [KSS] SEC Regulation on ICOs

    In light of the ongoing new concerns of the SEC on ICO offerings, we are currently reviewing our project and striving to get compliant and registered with the SEC if necessary. Our applications and products however will continue to be fine-tuned and tested while we comply with much needed regulatory requirements.

    ITO will be relaunched as soon as we are registered or deemed compliant. We aspire to get SEC approval, as we believe the industry needs regulation at this point.

    Krosscoin Team.

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