Darcrus (DAR) June Update — Welcome Vaughn!

  • Great news and updates for this month. I am excited to introduce Darcrus and Sigwo Technologies Content and Marketing Manager Vaughn! The intro from Slack:

    Vaughn has been involved in crypto since 2013. He’s helped various successful projects launch marketing strategies as well as offered additional services including communications, design, promotions and project management. His previous experience includes CoinPayments.NET, KeepKey, Vanbex and various NXT projects. He is the current community manager for Tokes Platform and is excited to now be joining the Darcrus team to help promote Sigwo Technologies to a wider audience.

    I am excited to welcome Vaughn to the team. He will be managing the official twitter account, creating and maintaining our Facebook presence, writing for news outlets and our blog (I’ll continue as well), and generally maintaining/interacting in Slack, Telegram, and other social media capabilities. He is being ‘read in’ on the projects and upcoming developments. WELCOME VAUGHN!

    Another great news story is Vaughn is already on task spreading the word. He is laying the groundwork for continued meetups to give an overview of Darcrus and Mercury. We have loaded his giveaway Nxt address with 5,000 Darcrus for participants to get the feel of transacting and basic knowledge of the exchange, purpose of Darcrus, and how Sigwo Technologies ties in. This month we’ll be busy getting Vaughn access to the sites while he gains better in-depth knowledge of Darcrus/Sigwo Technologies.

    This month we will release the new Darcrus and Sigwo Technologies sites. I have delayed this due to coding work and my indecisiveness on new graphics. The new sites have more information and gives better understanding to the community of the similarities and differences of Darcrus, Sigwo Technologies, and Mercury.

    I found a bug in my framework code and I do not want to upload it until I rectify the error. This is a slight delay, but overall inconsequential as Sigwo Technologies is still able to further develop a more robust solution and learn from previous missteps. At a high level, the code didn’t properly sign the transaction locally for the most secure way to transact.

    Due to scheduling conflicts, I had to push the Doolittle Institute demonstration. Not to worry, as I have been on the ground reviewing current systems in the DoD to improve their storage, security, and availability. During the last 2 weeks, I’ve seen 2 databases crash and rebuilt instead of having Jupiter available to restore the information simply by switching to a different Jupiter node. The opportunity is here and time for pushing the capabilities of Jupiter’s products. Also, C3 Technologies Proof of Concept is still running.

    Sigwo Technologies is tracking a lead for a major ICO project to assist with some code, forking a platform, and give consultation assistance. I’ve worked with him before on smaller projects, but this is a larger and very nice opportunity. More on this next month while I work the details and scope with him. Aside the software packages offered by Sigwo Technologies, consultation work is also one of our pillars and is a great way to further bring in contracts and projects. Any profits realized by Sigwo Technologies are part of the buyback and burn process.

    Now for the big news. I created Darcrus on Waves before the ICO back in December. I have always planned on taking Darcrus to the Waves platform due to their planned architecture and capabilities. Well, the time has come to vote for the swap from Nxt Darcrus to Waves Darcrus. There are a few reasons I want to do this now:

    1. Waves is more user friendly. Mercury and Darcrus availability in the same wallet will unify our project and extend our reach. Furthermore, in this case a DAR-MER trading pair will exist.
    2. Sasha is a no-holds-barred CEO with great plans to bring Waves to the mainstream. He is very supporting of projects on Waves which turns into validation and confirmation to his contacts.
    3. Waves is a premiere ecosystem with a robust API and economic platform. Waves is adding functionality all the time.

    This vote is to give everyone a voice. The vote will be weighted by Darcrus holdings and requires a minimum of 10 DAR to vote. The poll will last until June 27th. You will need to transfer your Darcrus from Bittrex to your Nxt account prior to voting. To access and vote, open your Nxt wallet (or use https://nxt.sigwo.com), click ‘Voting System’, and then you click ‘Vote’. The Darcrus account ( NXT-64E7–7BWK-8ZVP-4GQCT) will not vote. Please remember, 10 Nxt accounts with 10 DAR will be the exact equivalent of 1 Nxt account with 100 DAR. Don’t waste your money spreading Darcrus to new Nxt accounts.

    To recap:

    1. Hired a great Content/Marketing Manager.
    2. Darcrus-sponsored meetups being planned to give background of Darcrus and Mercury.
    3. New websites for Darcrus and Sigwo Technologies (no more delays!).
    4. New consultation project in the works for Sigwo Technologies.
    5. Nxt-to-Waves Darcrus voting live!
    6. Steven is still alive!

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