iDice June Development Update!

  • iDice June Development Update!

    Welcome iDice players and token holders! This is our incredible mid-June development update. We hope you enjoy.

    Overview (Good News!)

    This is the best month for our players so far, and June isn’t even over yet! As you know, our project was released two and a half months ago. In that time frame, we’ve had over 1900 bets, with winnings of over 1422 ETH! That’s incredible. We are with no doubt, the fastest growing blockchain casino for Ethereum. If you are new, the game is available here:

    Bets are fully transparent and viewable on the public blockchain. Check out people playing on iDice with this link:

    Yes, all those transactions are bets made with the iDice platform! At the start of this month, we only had $200–250k in winnings. That number is now $500k. Yes, we doubled our total bets from two months in only two weeks.

    Mobile Development

    This is probably what you’re here for! Take a look at what we have in store.

    Welcome to iDice! A wallet is generated for gameplay on iDice. A faucet increases user engagement on iDice.

    Let’s face it. Mobile is better. People are using their desktop computers less and less.

    Our mobile release will astonish users.

    Artwork Contest

    For this week, we’ve been holding various contests and giveaways for our followers over at Twitter. Here’s some amazing entries!

    iDice to the Moon

    There are more entries, but we don’t want to overdo this post with too much “art”.

    Exchange Listing

    We’re currently working with exchanges to get listed after the ICO is done! We have a few options already, but we’re looking for the best option. This way, iDice will gain more popularity, and your tokens will be worth even more after the crowdsale! No names yet until we have confirmation :)

    Crowdsale Progress

    We’ve saved the best for last. The crowdsale is going extremely well! We have collected around 4500 ETH so far from people just like you — people who care about the future of Ethereum. This is all public data and viewable over here:

    Thank you to everyone for making the crowdsale a huge success so far!

    The crowdsale is still ongoing, but these are the final days. There will never be tokens distributed ever again! It’s the last chance to join.

    Crowdsale link:

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