Namecoin Progress on Electrum-NMC

  • Work on the electrum port for Namecoin has been moving along nicely. It was decided that we will use the electrum-client from spesmilo, along with the electrumX server. ElectrumX was chosen due to the original electrum-server being discontinued a few months ago. So far the electrum client has been ported over for compatability with electrumX. This includes the re-branding, blockchain parameters and other electrum related settings for blockchain verification

    On the roadmap now are:

    • Extend electrumX NMC Support to allow for full veritification of AuxPow
    • Modify new electrum client to verify the new AuxPow
    • Add Name handling support to electrum

    These repo’s are for testing purposes only. Do not use these unless your willing to risk losing funds.

    Client Server/ Not uploaded yet

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