Anoncoin (ANC) Release v

  • Newest version of Anoncoin in a windows 32 and 64 bit setup. Full SAM support to connect to I2P using the java client or C++ i2pd. Automatic i2p address generation at setup if the I2P router is properly installed with SAM listening to localhost:7656.

    This version does not include the already configured i2pd, if you want the easier to use bundle download anci2pd instead.

    Please check those links:

    anoncoin- checksum MD5 FC6F836820D0645B2498EE343189D318 SHA-1 FB7E461DDAA716BB25E252F566D6B3A1B92AB0D5 anoncoin- checksum MD5 CACBC24A1D4FD62F4E0180F1E80EFC65 SHA-1 BE9D7C3088C46394F189D826617FF224926F264C


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