bitJob (STU) A Decentralized P2P Students Marketplace for Online Jobs Ethereum Blockchain.

  • bitJob is an ambitious and social project, based on Blockchain technology.

    Aimed at revolutionizing the way students make a living and gain occupational experience while still studying. bitJob will give students the opportunity to receive immediate payment for their abilities from professional employers and to sharpen their skills while enriching their dynamic résumé, anytime & anywhere!


    Students face two main problems: they're short on cash during their academic period & they lack occupational experience once they graduate.


    bitJob will enable students to stop procrastinating and convert their free time to a fast and stable income, while enriching their portfolio and online résumé.


    bitJob unites the benefits of micro-gigs and freelancers bidding sites with Blockchain technology, to become the first Hybrid Blockchain Project to allow Employers and Students P2P collaboration.


    bitJob is a Semi-Decentralized platform, using both centralized payment methods (fiat money) and decentralized digital crypto currency, developed on Ethereum Smart Contracts.

    bitJob is the first freelancing platform that will be a hybrid of two architectural paradigms.

    • Centralized client server architecture, which is used in the majority of online applications.
    • Decentralized version of client server architecture that uses blockchain technology.

    The purpose of this is to speed up and improve the adoption of both the idea in the crowdfunding phase and the platform by users. Although a decentralized paradigm is the ultimate goal, slow adoption of blockchain technologies should be temporarily substituted by solutions that are familiar and acceptable to average internet user. Internet users today expect for online services to be fast, with intuitive interfaces that are accessible with mobile devices. This dictates our approach that provides two technologies at the same time. With the adoption of the platform and new developments in blockchain technologies, users are seamlessly being switched to more decentralized solutions. Once users are familiar with the platform and the adoption of it is satisfactory, users will be encouraged to interact through the blockchain section, which allows them to pay for services with cryptocurrency and earn income through mining of cryptocurrency.

    Investment in the project in the initial phase will be enabled through two vehicles.

    ● Regular crowdfunding, accepting fiat currencies.
    ● ICO, where tokens will be purchased with cryptocurrencies.

    This will require that business will exists as two entities from the legal point of view. BitJob will facilitate the providing of freelancing services through an online platform. Participants offering a service (most often one which can be delivered online) will register with the system (as ‘service providers’) and offer their availability to do the work in domain which is categorized by the platform. Participants seeking certain services will register as ‘service consumers’ and will either contact ‘service providers’ through the search function, or will enter a request for service which can be then found by ‘service providers’. Bidding on services and setting request for services will give participants the ability to interact and find mutual agreements regardless what demand and supply is available. Platform will provide mechanism to ensure that, upon agreement, sufficient money is kept in escrow so the service provider is always paid unless there are issues with their providing of the service, in which case the platform will offer conflict resolution methods.Users will be able to rate each other, so frivolous or unreasonable ratings can’t continue for any significant length of time. Users who collect negative ratings might be subjected to higher fees. Platform will generate revenue through fees applied to both service provider and service consumer.

    -bitJob HYBRID MarketPlace Flowchart 

    The Following Flowchart represents our vision for bitJob HYBRID architectural Marketplace, which will be handled both by Centralized servers (using fiat PP currency payment method) and Decentralized infrastructure (Registration & Identity, Fees, Revenues distribution for Affiliates, etc’). The Chart shows both of bitJob future Tokens ( STU & JOB ) and their allocations methods for the holders. More explanation about the differences between the tokens and their usages can be found on Section 3 (STU - Equity) , and Section 5.3 (JOB - Bond). 4

    bitJob Mission

    We fell in love with blockchain in 2011, upon first acquaintance with and investment in Bitcoin. When Ethereum came into the world, we realized that this was what we were waiting for. The idea of bitJob emerged in our time as students, while we were enjoying the lawns of the faculty meetings—and needing some quick money. After we graduated and dove into the labor market, we were faced with a most painful problem, one that does not receive appropriate response: students finish their degrees and begin their careers with zero experience, after spending their time in jobs that do not contribute to their professional résumés. As executives, we have encountered with another obvious need: employers find it difficult to hire quality temporary workers that fit the budget —and most of them (80%) fail in recruiting students. Our solution is to connect students with employers for small jobs online, so they can then to continue to specialize in their relevant profession. For us, as entrepreneurs who want to influence the world, helping students and promoting blockchain technology—this is the realization of our dream.

    bitjob Alpha Pilot Join our Alpha Testers.

    Try Pilot Alpha:

    Google Play:

    bitJob AlphA Decentralized Platform 

     A semi-developed smart contracts platform on the Ethereum blockchain network. Ethereum allowed us to build this great application that removes the need to blindly trust server administrators. Thanks to its transparent properties, we now have strong Authentication, Identity, Verifiability, Voting, Reputation and micro-transactions for our Payments and affiliates fees distribution.

    Student Coin (STU) CrowdSale

    We are building the first decentralized platform for Short-Term Online Jobs,

    Powered by a Cryptographic token economy.

    bitJob Student Coin: STU will be purchased or sold with real money.


    All our contributors will be eligible to receive bitJob STU Tokens,

    by participating in our Crowdfund Campaign Planned for September 2017.

    Don't miss a chance to support a revolutionary project!

    More ICO Details:

    bitJob Primary Equity Token (STU) & ICO emission

    Why should bitJob have a unique Token?

    Theoretically, BitJob can manage all the transactions on the platform in Ethers, bitcoin or other
    cryptocurrencies. So why did we decide to create our own, brand new application-coin (appcoin)?
    An important question indeed! today there are already a wide variety of cryptocurrencies traded
    on exchanges and we expect a significant flow of ventures issuing app coins themselves, a real

    main reasons for issuing bitJob coin:

    It is important to maintain unified standards and to inspire confidence in our users,
    including affiliates like the respectable National Students’ Unions.

    ● Creating an incentive for the new users to sign in, a win-win scenario, and we cannot do it
    using Ether. Great giants like PayPal used the same strategy in their first years and we
    look up for the best. With our business model backed up by market studies, we expect
    massive demand by the students’ community and need to reserve our compensation
    options for well-designed global expansion.

    ● Subscriptions payments and bitJob Entity Management (BJE.M) facilitation. A successful
    funding will speed up bitJob full product development.

    ● Ventures need funding in order to get the chance to make an impact, maybe even to
    change the world. Using the Ethereum blockchain, the unique ICO structure opens up
    new opportunities for startups like bitJob, to create an exciting new revenue streams
    woven in the hybrid marketplace, for the students’ unions and blockchain community
    We dearly value our contributors and understand that funding bitJob, means believing in bitJob
    concept and bitJob product delivery by its team.

    the STU and initial account functionalities

    The bitJob (STU) Token is a token on the Ethereum platform. Its design follows widely adopted

    token implementation standards. This makes it easy to manage using existing solutions, including
    Ethereum Wallet.

    • Maximum number of tokens created during ICO : 100,000,000 (100%)
    • Sending 1 Ether to the bitJob account will create 1000 STU .
    • Tokens will be transferable once the crowdfunding is successfully completed.
    • The amount of STU coins per 1 Ether might vary due to movement in Ether price. The
    • final values will be determined at the beginning of Emission day.

    bitJob Token (STU) ICO emission will be distributed in the following way:

    Distribution                                              %

    Investors & ICO                                          62.5

    Supervisory Board & Escrow                                2

    Marketing                                                                 5
    Founding Team                                                     10
    Pre-sale Investor                                                  4
    Development team members, bonuses             4
    Consultants team members                               4
    Technical tokens for stabilization
    of distributed network at early stage                 8

    Testing and bug bounty                                     0.5

    Total                                                                    100

    The reserved marketing tokens will be used for bounties paid for the following marketing
    campaigns: Translation and forum moderators, Newsletter subscriptions, Bitcoins talk
    signatures, Twitter campaigns, Facebook likes, Blog posts.

    ○ The reserved Consultants tokens of bitJob will be distributed the following way:

    bitJob Platform - Token Usage flow

    ● When a user downloads the bitJob application, first they will be prompted to confirm
    their details and ensure that they provided a valid/current student number
    associated/registered with the platform Educational Organization, College or University.
    A unique deposit address will be generated for them within the Ethereum network. This
    address will be used to transfer funds to and from the platform’s token. A new member
    who would like to use services of other students will need to acquire/earn some tokens.

    ● This can be accomplished through direct depositing of Ether into this new generated
    address or through mining activities as mentioned below. Student will not be able to hire
    any of the available service providers and/or communicate with other members until they
    have a sufficient amount of tokens in their account to be able to purchase a minimum
    quantity of service set by service provider. Service provider will be able to review feedback
    provided by other service providers in regards to the member seeking service, and vice

    ● Once the agreement between service provider and service seeker has been reached, a
    minimum value of tokens needed to pay for the service will be locked (kept in escrow).
    The minimum amount will be set by service provider.

    ● Members can engage service providers through a direct hiring or bidding process.
    Platform will handle bidding and determine the bidding party through the rules set by
    both the platform and the participating parties.

    ● Service providers will be offered a system of reverse auction to bid to offer the lowest
    price for service seekers and will automatically lock the money of service seekers when
    auction is finished.

    ●In addition to the PayPal payment solution, the platform will use tokens to measure the
    value of services rendered, and the platform will run on the public Ethereum network.
    Fees for token transaction will be minimal, as no currency exchange will take place and
    no fiat money or banking will be involved. In regards to PayPal or other fiat solutions,
    regular fees rendered by those networks will be in force. Users can choose to keep their
    earnings within the platform and exchange their earnings other services provided by
    other members.

    ● System will offer interest-like rewards to members who choose to keep their earnings in
    the platform. A number of tokens will be mined in exchange for the long-term locking of
    their earnings within the system.􀀀In short, a regular user will have opportunity to invest
    in the platform.

    ● User would still be able to spend/transfer their locked tokens with other members in the
    platform. In the case of the spending of locked tokens, a portion of the future reward
    would be subtracted.

    ● As additional features, members would have ability to loan their tokens to other members
    for interest, effectively enabling this platform to be a p2p lending facility. This would
    increase the liquidity of the platform, for tokens would stay in the system, and it would
    also increase the attractiveness of the platform for members who had higher ability of
    earning new tokens as they would have incentive to keep their earned tokens in the
    system for longer periods.􀀀The loyalty and the growth of the platform would also benefit
    from this.

    ● Stakeholders will be also rewarded by allowing them to use their stake in the organization
    as their voting power in liquid democracy module which will be used to vote on issues
    pertaining to the future of the platform.

    bitJob Roadmap:,fl_lossy,h_9000,w_1200,f_auto,q_100/v1/1109624/ROAD1_gsqtaj.png


    bitJob White Paper:











  • An exciting project!

  • bitJob (STU) 2nd Q&A session with the founders

    Hi Everyone! Elad is here. 

    Let’s answer some more questions: 

    Join the movement! 

    Stay tuned and follow us! 

    Slack channel: https://bitjob-slack-invite.he... 

    Twitter channel:


     What is a Dynamic Resume Portfolio (DRP)? Is bitJob going to offer it for free?

     Yes, every student will get the option to upload his/her rated “bitJobs” and show them off, on his own unique blockchain resume. DRP is a vivid and live resume, that shows every bitJob the student took, including the rating and ranking given by his previous employers. It is completely free and will give future employers a reliable way to understand and check their bitJob applicant’s abilities and skills.

    Will the students have to pay in order to use the bitJob marketplace? 

    The bitJob marketplace is entirely free for students worldwide. Short term online jobs from SME and SMB will give the students an opportunity to gain the real world experience they need. The students can choose any type of job they believe they are a good fit for and earn increased incentives with the STU token, depending on the job requirements and the employer’s prestige.

    How can I connect to the marketplace? ÐApp? Web?

    We will release our first version of the marketplace for the web, and the second version as a hybrid ÐApp. We will release the beta version for Android at the 1st quarter of 2018.

    Can I take several bitJobs at the same time?

    Yes, as long you think you can deliver. The bitJob rating system and decentralized identity will demand a high degree of quality in execution; as a highly ranked profile means more valuable and profitable opportunities upfront.

    Who is responsible for the quality of delivery?

    According to the business model, every “bitJob” delivery will be examined by 1 or 2 audit judges, before handing it back to its publisher, dependending on the specific job needs. This will help provide trust from the SME/SMB side, as well as confidence and encouragement for the students to excel in the 1st year. At the beginning of the 2nd year, “5 stars bitJob students” will get the chance to judge and audit other jobs themselves, allowing them to earn more money and experience.

    Where is bitJob incorporated?

    bitJob will be incorporate in Gibraltar in July 2017 with the headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel.


    Will the Crowdfunding be held only with ETH or also with BTC? 

    You can contribute to the bitJob crowdfunding campaign using ETH, BTC and FIAT (Traditional money).

    Will there be an Escrow service for the collected crowdfunds? 

    Yes, our escrow partners will be Mikko Ohtamaa from Token Market and Jason Cassidy from CryptoConsultant. Both are well respected and experienced in their fields.

    When and how do I buy STU tokens during the Crowdfunding Campaign? 

    A contributor will be able to send ETH or BTC to a smart contract by the beginning of the bitJob Presale on Aug 2nd. The smart contract will record the sending address and at the end of the campaign, a further code check will be performed before all STUs will be sent back to the sending addresses. Regarding FIAT money, please follow us on our social media channels. We will hand out further instructions as we get closer to the presale.

    How soon can I trade my STU tokens and on which exchanges?

    STU tokens sold during our crowdfunding campaign will be of ERC20 standard created through smart contracts, which basically means that listing it to an exchange can be done quite easily. Specific exchanges will be announced later as it is way too soon and it would not be responsible to announce it right now. As the crowdfunding campaign is being held through smart contracts, soon after the final code is checked, each contributor will be able to redeem their tokens (credits) into his ETH/BTC wallet. Conditions for token redemption will be published prior to the presale.

    Is there a maximum amount of participants that can take part in crowdfunding?

    There is no restriction on the number of participants. However, since the ETH : STU price is predetermined starting at 405 STU per 1 ETH and ending at 300 STU per 1 ETH, eventually the STU will run out and the sale will end. These ranges are approximate, as final ranges will be determined prior to the presale.

    Is there a minimum amount of funds to be collected during the crowdfunding campaign?

    Yes, after long consideration of this matter, we have reached the conclusion that in order to produce the bitJob platform and ÐApp we will need at least 10K ETH. Everything beyond that will help us deliver a better product in less time. In case the minimum amount isn’t reached, the crowdfunding smart contract will send all the collected funds back to the sending addresses.

    Will there be any refunds available after contributing?

    In the case that the minimum cap of 10K ETH is not reached, a refund will take place automatically. Otherwise all sales are final. We strongly recommend you read all about the project in our blog and our Whitepapers and complete thorough due diligence before contributing.

    Start Date
    The Initial Coin Offering will start on Tuesday, September 12th, 13:00 GMT
    The Presale Campaign will start on Wednesday, August 2nd, 13:00 GMT
    End Date
    It will last for 4 weeks OR until our CAP is reached.
    Crowdfunding CAP
    It will be capped to 333,333 ETH cap and will be determined by the ETH price on Sunday.

    Crowdsale discount phases

    Crowdsale early stages where you can buy STU at a discount price. More details soon.

    How many STU tokens will be sold?

    • 60 million during the crowdfunding campaign, as the total token supply is 100 million STU.

    60% of the 100 million tokens will be sold during the crowdfunding campaign and 40% retained for advisory board and team compensation, as well as platform development and maintenance.

    Smart Contracts

    All smart contracts can be viewed on bitJob’s Github.


  • TokenMarket & bitJob Partnership

    We are delighted to announce: a collaboration with TokenMarket.

    TokenMarket & bitJob - Disrupting the Student Ecosystem

    TokenMarket is the number one company in the ICO world nowadays. We at bitJob believe that service and reliability are crucial and therefore, we have taken the most experienced company in the field with dozens of successful ventures so far.

    Mikko Ohtamaa, TokenMarket technical expert, will write the STU token smart contracts. Both TokenMarket and bitJob teams are working constantly and with great synergy, to provide peace of mind to our contributors.

    Leading Blockchain Technology to the mainstream!

    Protecting the funds.

    We have recently witnessed breakthroughs in all kinds of offerings. The TokenMarket team has extensive experience and knowledge in the field, which will help us secure our tokens, wallets and protect you, our contributors.


    TokenMarket and Ramparts will manage the escrow for the bitJob ICO STU token distribution and allocation, through a multi-sig wallet.

    For any questions, join our channels! is coming up this summer, ICO starts on September 12th. Presale will open at August 2nd.


    bitJob is proud to be the official sponsor of Blockchain Education Network (BEN) Frosh Week Airdrop 2017 event!

    This year’s airdrop is the first truly global Bitcoin Airdrop, with events confirmed at both high schools and universities across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. In each country, the most prominent educational institutions were selected in all fields of interest.

    BEN Frosh Week Airdrop — Sponsored by bitJob

    The purpose of the event is to increase the exposure and conversation of the student population to the world or virtual currencies. During the event, envelopes with coins worth up to EUR 5 will be distributed to any student who wishes to do so.

    Michael Gord, BEN director, stated:

    “The inaugural Bitcoin Airdrop event was launched by the MIT Bitcoin Club in 2014 after the club raised 100k in donations to give out to incoming students. The McGill Students Cryptocurrency Club continued the tradition the next year during their frosh week after receiving generous donations from the blockchain community. Since then, the Bitcoin Airdrop has become a yearly tradition of the Blockchain Education Network and is held in cities across the world to help region leaders launch their community at the beginning of each school year”.

    bitJob and BEN @ AMSTERDAM

    bitJob is the global student marketplace, for online and degree-relevant short-term jobs.

    We see the event as of paramount importance in exposing the public to the world of blockchain and there is no better way to give truly free financial value, than to hand it to the next generation of everything — the students community. As a result, we decided to sponsor the event with future thought for a different and better world. is coming up this summer, ICO starts on September 12th. Presale will open at August 2nd.

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