Primalbase crowdsale ends after one day and over 3,000 BTC raised!

  • The shared office space blockchain initiative was a staggering success, selling out its tokens for 3,100 BTC in just over 24 hours.

    Primalbase’s ICO campaign successfully completed. The team was able to sell 1,000 tokens — mostly at the bonus Day 1 rate of 3 BTC per token — to investors who recognised the strength of the business model. Demand was high and many investors missed out.

    ‘We are very grateful to all who participated early and provided strong support to this project. If you were unable to secure your token in time, please stay subscribed to our mailing list to keep informed about project developments and expansions. Although no further PBT sale will ever be carried out, related complementary projects will be launched to help increase the value of PBT for existing investors as well as provide upsides for any new participants.’ — Primalbase Team

    Despite the hesitation in the crypto market bull run, partly catalysed by concerns over Ethereum’s ability to cope with such high-volume and intensity ICOs as well as natural caution after such a strong increase in price across the board, blockchain crowdfunding remains as popular as ever. Waves will soon be hosting another major ICO: Starta, a project that enables regular investors to access VC opportunities with 21 early-stage start-ups.

    ‘We’re seeing sustained interest in ICO tech, despite the ups and downs of the crypto markets,’ says Sasha Ivanov, CEO of Waves. ‘It’s clear that ICOs are here to stay, and they have been a source of huge new interest in blockchain technology. We’re really pleased that Primalbase’s ICO has been a success, and that the project has been added to the growing list of initiatives hosted on the Waves platform.’

    Meanwhile, we want to congratulate Primalbase on this exceptional result and wish them the very best for the future!

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