Byteball (GBYTE) Release v1.9.1

    • Android app now displays balance almost immediately after starting
    • Hide balance before the password is entered when starting a password-protected wallet
    • Bugfix: smart wallets created based on other smart wallets are now visible
    • Bugfix: when using "Send all" sometimes the wallet was sending only part of the balance
    • Bugfix: sync could be stalled if sending a new transaction while still syncing
    • Additional checks to prevent creation of unspendable addresses which occasionally happened on some Android devices
    • Ability to re-send private payloads to other co-signers on multisig wallets
    • Ability to delete multisig wallet whose creation was not finished
    • Sync progress is now displayed as date (percentages caused confusion for many users)
    • Multiple UI improvements
    • Multiple small bugfixes
    • Small performance improvement
    • Improved translations


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