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  • Bitquence Vision

    Bitquence’s vision is to create a people-powered new economy services company that makes
    the cryptocurrency market accessible and trustworthy to the average user, accelerating
    adoption of blockchain technology and democratizing ownership of cryptocurrencies.

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    Bitquence feturs:

    Risk Diversification 

    With one click you can instantly diversify your value into several different currencies, diversifying risk and enabling customized exposure to the cryptocurrency market.

    Universal Wallet

    The Bitquence Universal Wallet makes it easy and safe to transfer value of any form anywhere, anytime, anyplace instantly for free.

    Easy and Accessible

    Cryptocurrencies become accessible to the average user making it easy to utilize the New Economy. Fees are competitive encouraging everyone to participate.

    The Bitquence Platform

    There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different wallets out there for all of the different
    digital assets and managing lots of wallets for each of your currencies is difficult. Here at
    Bitquence we wanted to create a platform that could provide a powerful single point of
    interaction with the new economy. This Next-Generation Digital Wallet will be the backbone
    for our asset management and cryptocurrency services platform. The universal wallet will
    allow us to bulk transactions together in order to increase liquidity and keep costs down for
    consumers. This infrastructure also allows us to create a universal mobile payment system
    for users who wish to transact in any currency instantly breaking down barriers towards mass
    adoption in the industry. In this section we will outline the pieces of the Bitquence Platform
    that will make it the most user-friendly way of buying cryptocurrency on the market.
    The Bitquence platform is created out of several core technology components:

    ● Wallet & Liquidity Layer: This includes a centralized wallet management system
    which links to the Bitquence Liquidity Network, created by the Bitquence token itself.
    This links programmatically via API into major cryptocurrency exchanges. The
    Liquidity Network will be decentralized.

    ● Bitquence Platform Layer: This includes a Community Consensus component for
    rating individual tokens and cryptocurrencies on technical merit and quality. Ratings
    will be assigned on the basis of ownership of those currencies within the Bitquence
    platform. This will link to a variety of Dynamic Asset Allocations, eg the “coin baskets”
    that users can buy and hold within the Bitquence platform.

    ● Cold Storage: The system will randomly synchronize with cold storage, which will be
    in a secure location that is not physically attached to the internet.

    The Bitquence Platform

    Dynamic Asset Allocations

    Bitquence Dynamic Allocations enable users to secure funds through a variety of
    cryptocurrency assets. The value of your allocations will track precisely to the underlying
    assets. Bitquence will have a range of default allocations, and users can adjust the
    percentage of the allocations to their preference, assuming availability of the underlying
    When you place funds into a Bitquence Allocation, you will be given an
    estimated cost and estimated amount of underlying assets securing your
    investment. All investments are secured 1:1 by underlying assets.
    Allocations will be comprised entirely of liquid currencies allowing anyone
    to transfer value at any time. Buy and sell orders will be pooled and
    executed once a day to lower transaction costs. Bitquence is not a
    day-trading site, but rather an easy way to place funds across multiple
    currencies. The benefits to Bitquence Allocations are as follows:

    Risk Diversification: Spread funds across dozens of crypto currencies or tokens,
    making it less risky than purchasing an individual currency.

    Accessibility : Cryptocurrencies become easier to purchase, enabling average
    participant and consumers to experience the benefits, and raising liquidity for all
    market participants.

    Community Expertise: Bitquence users can rate individual currencies on quality
    (technology and service concept) and risk. These ratings will aggregate into a
    Allocation, so consumers can easily understand the relative risk and quality.

    Low Cost: Bitquence allocations will have low transaction and management fees,
    ensuring that the power and freedom of crypto currency remains intact as “wall
    street” and professional venture participants start to enter the market.

    Time Savings: Bitquence allocations will enable people to simultaneously invest
    in multiple currencies instead of having to own and manage multiple wallets.

    Bitquence will charge a very small expense ratio and fixed transaction fees on Index
    Allocations. The expense ratio is a fee that is only levied on increases in value using
    high-water mark rules that 1 will be under 1%.

    We imagine Bitquence Allocations to be like “coin collections” or “coin baskets” - diversified
    baskets of new economy tokens that can be easily purchased, held and reallocated as

    Managed Allocations and Transparency

    Users can modify Allocations to decide on the percentage of specific assets. When you modify a Bitquence Allocation it becomes a Managed Allocation. Risk ratings for managed allocations are determined by community consensus. Users will be able to vote on a individual coin’s riskiness as well as its technical quality. This will enable users to quickly understand each individual coin’s risk and perceived technology quality so you can quickly get an estimate of how risky your selected or customized coin allocation is. Fee structures will be the same as those in Bitquence Index Allocations and will also be charged based on high-water mark rules. We strive to maintain an extremely transparent system that is kept accountable by a community of users. The facts and performance of all allocations will be 100% transparent, and easily summarized to be quickly understood. The goal is to mirror the simplicity of professionally packaged financial instruments, while maintaining the democracy, community, freedom and security of crypto-currencies.

    Digital Liquidity Network

    The Bitquence Digital Liquidity Network is the supporting architecture that enables the many capabilities that the Bitquence Universal Wallet has. The Bitquence Digital Liquidity Network will use Bitquence Tokens (BQX) to transfer and transform value from any source and into any destination. The Liquidity Network operates by rapidly pairing networks of Bitquence users performing different bulk transactions together to transform value on top of underlying assets. Each of Bitquence’s features such as Automatic Gas Conversion or Dynamic Asset Allocations will deepen the liquidity of the Bitquence Token and make the Liquidity Network more robust. By using this infrastructure, there is no counterparty risk and no leverage. Everything in the liquidity network is backed 1:1 with underlying cryptocurrency assets ensuring that Bitquence will always be solvent mitigating risks to users.

    Cold Storage and Security

    Coinbase keeps 98% of their funds in cold storage. With the Bitquence Digital Liquidity Network, assets are liquid and transferrable, but can be kept in cold storage until withdrawal, similar to a bank. Bitquence will distribute paper and hardware wallets at geographically distributed safety deposit boxes around the world to secure assets safely and securely. Cold storage will sync at random intervals with hot storage wallets so users can deposit and withdraw freely. Cold Storage will be built into all 12 Bitquence Universal Wallets so that everyone can enjoy security and peace of mind knowing their assets are safe.

    Next-Generation Digital Wallet

    The Bitquence Universal Wallet offers users a variety of features not afforded by other
    wallets, leveraging the unique capabilities of the Bitquence platform.

    The Bitquence Token

    The Bitquence Token (BQX) is is essential to the functioning of the Bitquence platform. In order to use Bitquence allocations and cold storage, users pay a token fee, which will represent a nominal portion of funds, similar to “dust”. BQX tokens can also be used to rebalance individual portfolios. In other words, liquidity generated by BQX will be used to enable users to shift allocations between various currencies quickly and easily. BQX tokens can be used as “gas” for transactions and storage on the Bitquence platform which will be paid instead of traditional management and service fees.

    Token Sale and Distribution

    Bitquence will launch a Token Sale to initially distribute up to 30% of BQX in order to fund development of the platform and expand service offerings. To encourage liquidity and demand, service transaction discounts will be given to bulk holders of BQX tokens. In other words, users who hold BQX tokens will enjoy cheaper cold storage and service transaction fees. 40% of tokens will be reserved to establish liquidity for the Bitquence Liquidity Network. There will be 1 billion Bitquence tokens minted, which will represent all the global supply.

    We wish to be as transparent as possible about token ownership and our development roadmap to dispel concerns about vaporware or “pump and dump” scams. We believe in the power of cryptocurrencies and are committed to building high-quality services around that philosophy. Any tokens that are not sold during the crowdsale will be burned, meaning the community gets to decide how much this project is worth.

    Pricing is as follows:

    The left shows the price at the amount of ETH committed. The price you get depends on how early you buy in. There is a soft cap of 40,000 ETH after which the crowdsale will enter a 72 hour “last chance” period which has a hard cap of 150,000 ETH. The total supply of the tokens will be 1 Billion if all 150,000 ETH of tokens are sold. If 40,000 ETH worth of tokens are sold, then the remaining 110,000 ETH worth of tokens will be burned protecting crowdsale participants and the total supply will be less than 1 Billion.

    Long-Term Roadmap

    Here at Bitquence we have an ambitious roadmap, but it will take a lot of work and community support to get there. We liken our goals similar to the early companies that built out the infrastructure for the modern internet. The technological underpinnings for the internet of value are here; A secure, easy-to-use, powerful service layer needs to be built on top of it to be the vehicle for mass adoption.

    Token Sale

    Our token sale and initial distribution is integral to funding future development of the platform. We have a dedicated, experience team in place to quickly make the project a reality for the community. The token sale will take place on June 28th and will be a way for users to get involved in the Bitquence movement.

    Dynamic Asset Allocation 

    The second step in our roadmap is to create dynamic asset allocations. This will include one-click diversification capability as well as customized basket creation using Bitquence basket templates. Furthermore, we are partnering with TokenMarket to offer curated token sale offerings both before and after the initial distribution. We want to create an easy way for you to gain exposure to new offerings early on in their development through a trusted, easy-to-use channel.

    Digital Liquidity Network

    The next step in our vision is to use all of the liquidity generated by usage of the platform to jump start the Bitquence Digital Liquidity Network. This network pairs up value movements while being simultaneously secured 1:1 by underlying assets. This allows the instant transfer of value, much like a bank wire, without high settlement fees or waiting periods. This means that the Digital Liquidity Network can be used both for international remittance and merchant payments between any individuals using Bitquence.

    Universal Mobile Payments

    Utilizing the Digital Liquidity Network, we will be able to create a universal mobile service that will let you text or email Bitquence Tokens to anyone, anywhere in the world. Furthermore, we will be able to work with businesses to create easy and cheap payment services improving both the merchant and consumer experience. Bitquence Tokens will be able to be sent for free and will bridge the gap between currencies making fiat and cryptocurrency conversions instant and economical.

    Global Services

    Fidelity has built their business on creating a safe and easy wealth management platform for everyone. We plan on doing the same for the new economy. There are a variety of needs in the new economy that haven’t been addressed yet such as banking, blockchain based insurance, investment management, securities issuance and many more. We will assess the legal and regulatory framework to see exactly what makes sense for Bitquence to offer, but there are many directions to go from here.

    We will work hard, but we can’t do it alone. We will need the ongoing support of the crypto community to make our vision a reality. We are excited for what the future holds and hope to bring the new economy to everyone. To get more information about Bitquence, sign up for updates here.


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    E-Mail:[email protected]

  • Bitquence (BQX) New Mobile Proof of Stake Video Demo

    * Proof of stake on Ethereum future
    * Shows how to set ratings and stake tokens
    * Example of how rewards will be paid out

  • Bitquence (BQX) Community Consensus Risk Profiles

    “It’s not a stretch to say the whole financial industry revolves around the compass point of the absolutely safe AAA rating. But the financial crisis happened because AAA ratings stopped being something that had to be earned and turned into something that could be paid for.”

    ~ Matt Taibbi, American Author

    Centralized, Corrupt Risk Analysis Hurts Investors

    The Bitquence platform will decentralize the risk and quality analysis process making the new economy more accessible and fair to all. Whenever a centralized authority has the ability to manipulate ratings they must either have absolutely not conflict of interest or they will eventually become corrupt. One of the primary factors behind the 2008 Financial Crisis was centralized, corrupt risk ratings agencies giving bad investments good ratings. This allowed many large financial institutions to knowingly pass off toxic assets at high premiums to investors who simply trusted what they believed to be independent risk analysis.

  • Bitquence (BQX) Captain’s Log #1


    Bitcoin: Block 490,887 Ethereum: Block 4,398,565  Gregorian: Oct-20–2017 11:41 PM UTC

    Welcome to the first Bitquence Captain’s Log.

    This will be a semi-regular series to give the community insight into Bitquence’s activities from my perspective. It will include reflections on things we’re releasing, what’s happening in the market, sneak peeks into new initiatives or sometimes just my musings on blockchain technology and the industry as a whole. Hopefully this format will also give you some unique insights into the day-to-day here at Bitquence.

    I’ve never felt more optimistic for the future. We have really begun to distill the work we do into five major tracks which are product, legal/compliance, technical, marketing and R&D. We’ve welcomed some incredible new team members to the team, and we’re excited to share them with you over the coming days.

    On the product side, our new product manager is working wonders streamlining our development process and incorporating a lot of the feedback that we have been receiving from the product council.

    On legal/compliance, we are on the cusp of completing a very innovative, new legal model that incorporates many of the features that blockchain technology affords in a way that allows us to offer a very large set of services to a global audience.

    On the technical side, we’re well under way developing what we are calling “Bedrock” — a fully featured set of APIs for developers and businesses to build complex applications in the crypto ecosystem. More info on this coming very soon, but the Bitquence vision is crystallizing in some really powerful ways.

    On the marketing and brand side, our new creative lead has begun to put into motion a plan that will take us from launch to mass adoption and evolve our approach to make sure we make our vision a reality and reach as many people as possible.

    Finally, on the R&D side… I can’t share what we’ve been working on here yet :) But we’re working hard to do that as soon as we possibly can.

    I’m very happy with the team that we have assembled. As the company’s vision and mission gains steam, we have been seeing more and more intelligent and passionate people come out of the woodwork wanting to help and participate in the vision. We welcome all those individuals with open arms. The company has a very unique energy and culture — everyone is highly motivated and hard at work to deliver a truly people-powered, world changing platform. We hope you enjoy the ride as much as we do.

    Until next time.

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