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     provides next generation software for genomic data empowering patients and donors, facilitating health, business, and science in a safe enviroment.


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    How can we store genomic information more securely, so that its uses can be tracked over time, and so that donors of genomic information can both control and be rewarded for its uses in both personal and large-scale medicine and studies? The growth of technologies that allow us to cheaply and rapidly gather genetic data, and the promise of emerging techniques that allow us to use that data in medicine through trends such as personal genomics and personalized medicine, are also raising concerns about the security and privacy of genomic databases. Collecting genomic data, both through genome sequencing and cheaper “SNP arrays” is important both for scientific research and commerce involving genome sequencing and human health. It is particularly potentially beneficial for personal genomic medicine. While numerous databases already exist to capture genomic data, and to use it both in science and commerce, current schemes to accumulate and proliferate that data for use are insufficiently secure or open. The challenge is to create a secure database for use in both personal genomics and large-scale science, impenetrable to malicious hacking or other unauthorized uses, controllable and trackable for individual donors. “Blockchain” technology is the best technical means to achieve both aims and we outline below a model of a “gene-chain” database as a solution to both ethical and practical problems related to genomic databases.

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    109 BTC received so far, 2010 ETH, 22 DASH, 58.76 LTC 109 ETC (~340 BTC equivalent)

    Total token distribution.  100 mil available

    • 80 mil available for this sale
    • 10 mil for our dev team
    • 5 mil for marketing
    • 5 mil for bonuses

    Goal, 1000 BTC
    340 BTC

    Bonuses:  At 7pm June 29, 64,000 Gene-Chain Tokens will cost 1 BTC, and the price will rise again 5% same time next week. But we have almost 2.5 million bonus tokens still available, so here’s the plan:

    Biggest Overall Investor –> 1,000,000 DNA (1 winner) 100+ BTC Overall Investor –> 500,000 DNA (2 winners) 75-100 BTC Overall Investor –> 400,000 DNA (1 winner) 50-75 BTC Overall Investor –> 300,000 DNA (1 winner) 25-50 BTC Overall Investor –> 200,000 DNA (1 winner)

    We passed investor #400 July 29, so numbered purchaser bonuses are already given.

    Gene-Chain Coin for the masses:

    Send any amount of BTC, ETH, Dash, LTC, or ETC to the addresses on this page and fill in the form below. You will receive within 24 hours a signed SAFT agreement,
    and wallets will be distributed as soon as we finish the token sale.
    Indicate in the form below, in the “message” field your purchase amount
    (in BTC, ETH, DASH, LTC or ETC) and your sending address. In the subject
    field, put “Token Sale.” Join our Slack channel. Your SAFT may go to spam in your email, if you don’t receive it, please check!

    HERE IS HOW TO BUY… just send payment and fill in form:

    Send your payment to:

    BTC Address: 172pEq36v8zYp577vjdbLuogUF4KsyvwKA

    ETH Address: 0xdd3c9669d7c1a37cb966201237f927f16d73e2a7

    DASH Address: XigoZbJFQzftKnJiQjbxS5vLPiu7V7XEai

    LTC Address: LM4mBB1Kc1BJZw7FpMa5tC1YBRBDCeAcn7

    ETC Address: 0x27ef5e03b411c0904614a6bf3b475f13917a680e







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