ChronoBank announces ChronoWallet and ChronoMint release candidate launch

  • The first versions of the core software for the ChronoBank project can now be downloaded by the community for use and further testing.

    Time-based cryptocurrency project ChronoBank continues to move forwards with the release of its flagship ChronoWallet and ChronoMint applications.

    Less than six months after a hugely successful $5.4 million crowdfund, the Ethereum blockchain project is launching public versions of its key software. This weekend sees the release of the ChronoWallet — the bespoke cryptocurrency wallet that members of the ChronoBank ecosystem will use to manage their TIME tokens and other payments in ERC20-compatible tokens.

    ChronoMint is the interface for ChronoBank’s smart contracts and will deal with more specialist functions such as exchange, token creation, voting and collection of rewards. Both have undergone intensive testing in recent weeks, with security audits from smart contract experts as well as a community bounty programme for bugs discovered.

    A number of new features has been added to the Wallet, including a transaction history and an active transactions counter. Some further features are currently disabled, but will be enabled in new updates in the near future. ChronoBank will also launch mobile versions for testing on iOS and Android, opening up the vast and dynamic mobile market.

    ‘This is great progress from ChronoBank’s development team,’ comments Sergei Sergienko, CEO of ChronoBank. ‘Whilst business development proceeds and more and more organisations are taking an interest in the idea of our time-based cryptocurrency payments for services, it is hugely encouraging that our software is also moving fast and will shortly be capable of providing all the features that workers and clients need.’

    You can access the latest version of ChronoMint and the ChronoWallet at

    To join the mobile application testing, send your requests to [email protected]

    For more information, visit

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