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  • What is the deal with MoraNova?

    We setup this independent and anonymous altcoin currency. Not just to trade. But hopefully in the end even pay your bills with on wide scale around the globe online. Didn't the people many centuries ago also buy and sell their goods without a real currency? So this is our aim. Never aim to low, or you hit the ...

    Acceptance of MoraNova online:

    We are searching for webshop and online communities which want to help us bring MoraNova to the next level. By accepting this coin each and every user would benefit. Also the number of normal cash transactions could decrease bit by bit.

    The specifications of MoraNova:

    Below you will find the first specs of our coin. Several specs are still
    classified, to keep it all just that little more exciting.

    Coin name   MoraNova
    Algorithm   Scrypt
    Type   PoW/PoS
    RPC port   not yet
    P2P port   not yet
    Block reward   100 coins
    Total coin supply   400m
    Premine percent   20%
    Premine amount   80000000 coins
    PoS percentage   3%
    Last PoW block   block not yet
    Coinbase maturity   not yet
    Target spacing    not yet
    Target timespan   not yet
    Transaction confirmations   not yet
    node seed: Not yet

    (First bounty program coins will be distributed within 3 days max)
    our team came up with a great strategy to give our first users free
    coins, combined to give more awareness and exposure to our brand and
    services. All free coins will be distributed once our Nodes, Deamon and
    Wallets system are up and running.

    1. 100 MoraNova: Follow and Retweet several of our tweets:
    2. 100 MoraNova: Mention us on Facebook. ( it has to be a value added action )
    3. 100 MoraNova: Spread the word about us on Reddit (or other socialmedia).
    300 MoraNova: Translate our main topic to other languages ie.  French,
    Chinese etc. See the native languages section if yours can be added.
    5. 5000 MoraNova: are you a developer? Create us the IOS / ANDROID Wallets.
    6. 100 MoraNova: Create a cool banner or other creative to help our marketing.
    7.  500 MoraNova Make a video about/to support MoraNova and place it on youtube.
    8. Have another idea, contact us for a great bounty offer.

    Today a new era of the passed will start all over again. It's MoraNova time!

    will soon realize that MoraNova is more then just a glimps of the dark
    times we left behind us. On daily basis we still have all these things
    in our life. Maybe not within the location you live. But look in the
    countries beyond yours. With MoraNova we see a better and brighter






    Topic translations:

    Social Media:

    Stay tuned for more!

  • Mora Nova New Mining Pool

    Example for moranova

    ./cgminer --scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u Weblogin.WorkerName -p WorkerPassword

    Nicehashport 3422

  • MORA NOVA Exchange Announcement

    Welcome Moranova with 250 community votes on Novaexchange more than just a Dogecoin and Bitcoin Market  ;D :D Now Trading

    NovaExchange Mora Nova to Mooncoin Market
    NovaExchange MNOVA to Litecoin Market
    NovaExchange MNOVA to Espers Market
    NovaExchange MNOVA to Kibicoin Market

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