Radium Update #34 — Developer Update

  • The Radium team has been steadily working on a variety of things these last few weeks. We have been primarily focused on the next version of the Radium SmartChain, which will include blockchain voting. We have also done some preliminary work on a new version of the Radium Core wallet and we have a new upcoming project that is interested in using the Radium SmartChain.

    The lead SmartChain developer, Justin, has been working on a new awesome feature for the Radium SmartChain, namely blockchain voting. As we have mentioned before we think this is a great addition to the blockchain tool kit that the Radium SmartChain provides. Aside from users being able to vote on casual questions we also intend to use this in the future for Radium governance related issues. We are also working with some front-end graphic developers with the aim of improving the Radium SmartChain GUI.

    We have recently upgraded the Radium Core wallet to v1.4.6. which included some cosmetic changes as well as some minor bug fixes. Our intention is to now focus our efforts on upgrading the protocol. We plan on upgrading our bitcoin code base to bitcoin 0.12 which will make Radium one of the most advanced proof-of-stake based blockchains. We currently do not have a timeline for when this will be released / completed but we will make sure to keep the community updated on our progress.

    Finally, we have recently been approached by a small team of developers looking to launch a coin in the near future. We have been asked to guide them in using the Radium SmartChain to verify the integrity of their distribution phase and we have gladly accepted. We will have more information on this in the upcoming weeks.

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