swarmcity (SWT) Dev Update July 4, 2017

  • #Pioneer

    The Dev Team has been working hard to improve the user experience in Boardwalk. One significant feature the Dev Team has been looking to deploy is “cancel deal”. There are a few different reasons a user may want to do this, with the major reason being:

    A user makes a request and no one offers to fulfill it. In this case, the requester will have SWT sitting in the contract. Without being able to cancel the deal, the requester’s SWT stays locked in the contract.

    The “cancel deal” functionality has now been coded, however, while working on it the Dev Team found an error in the #pioneer contract. This error would allow anyone to exploit all funds within the contract in this way:

    If the Dev Team were to implement “cancel deal” without fixing the contract, a user could repeatedly select “cancel deal” and the contract would keep refunding the amount the user deposited over and over until all the funds in #pioneer were drained.

    What this means for users

    As of this update, a new #pioneer contract has been deployed without the error, and with “cancel deal” functionality enabled. Users will not be able to choose to cancel a deal until the front end interface has been updated, but that will be available shortly. All deals currently on #pioneer are no longer viable. The Dev Team is refunding all SWT locked in #pioneer to the correct public key. This includes all locked SWT from inactive deals as well. If anyone is missing SWT or has any questions, please reach out in #support in the Swarm City Slack.


    First of all, the Dev Team would like to say thank you to all the new people pitching in. There has been a large influx of talented devs helping to make Swarm City an excellent project. Second, this situation illustrates exactly why the Dev Team works the way they do; open source, and inclusive. The Dev Team knows that an active community creates a better product. And third, the reason the Dev Team has only released one hashtag contract (#pioneer) is because it gives the community the ability to test it live to work out all the kinks before hashtags are opened up for everyone to create. In this way, everyone is learning, creating, and building together.

    More to come soon. Cheers!

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