Synereo (AMP) WildSpark 2.0.4 Patch: Aktay

  • Today, users with access to the WildSpark Beta will receive their first patch, WildSpark 2.0.4, codename Aktay.  If you are currently participating in the beta, you don’t have to do anything; the update will be pushed to the extension and everything will be awesomer. 

    New Stuff:

    1)   WildSpark gets out of the way

    Minimode activated

    WildSpark now goes beyond the collapsed mode and moves out of the way when you’re watching your YouTube videos. Just as easy to access, now less intrusive.

    2)   Deposit and withdrawal interface received a facelift, adding support for lower resolutions.

    Bug Fixes and Improvements:

    3)   Uneditable link field

    Now you can't break your own sharing link!

    The unique link field was editable; no longer. Now you can’t break your own sharing link!

    4)   Signup form fixes

    Data verification wasn’t working with autocomplete on email and password input fields. Now autocomplete fields are being validated.

    5)  Properly displaying rewarded AMPs

    These were calculated correctly, but now you’ll be able to see them in all circumstances.

    See all the sweet AMPs received!

    See all the sweet AMPs received!

    6. AMP attribution formula fixes

    Amps were not split properly throughout the generations, with the creator’s share was bigger and ancestors above the direct parent got less.

    7. Missing deposit bug

    Our daemon checking for transactions failed to acknowledge those coming through blocks mined less than 10 minutes since the last one. Yikes! The bug was fixed and all affected users have received their funds stuck in limbo.


    As the recent roadmap post details, there are quite a few updates coming. The extension and the website itself will keep evolving, and we intend to keep the pace of iteration high as we keep our ears to the rail. We appreciate your attention and input,

    — The Synereo Team

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