​ Biostar 12GPU ATX Motherboard TB250 BTC PRO V.2 To Be Released Soon

  • This is a very limited edition Motherboard coming from Biostar. This board is designed to run 12 GPU's. A Mix of AMD and Nvidia GPUs on the same baord. There will only be a few thousand of these produced in their first production run (for the world).

    I'm currently told that you can run up to 8 of one brand of GPU + 4 of the other brand in Windows 10. I am unsure of the max per brand in linux, or how this would work in linux, if it would work in linux)

    Similar Specifications to TB250 - B250 Chipset - DDR4 - ATX Board - same input/output panel

    Main difference: - 12 PCIE Slots (1 16x slot and 11 1x slots)

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