Dinastycoin (DCY)


    DinastyCoin is an anonymous, decentralized cryptocurrency or a secure digital currency with peer-to-peer method, not controlled by governments, banks or other institutions.  It is a public and transparent system, managed and viewable by the entire Community without management by third parties.  A true community because you are the star of your financial freedom.  The DinastyCoin allow completely new uses other than traditional payment systems. They can be used both for transactions between users of the network that DinastyCoin to purchase goods and services in the shop owner freely available to all our end-user community and traders and hundreds of online and offline stores circuit quickly and safely.

    After +18 months of work we have created the dinastyoffreedom platform and a market place where Italian merchants can sell and customers can buy products and services. It’s a free platform where people can spend their DCYs. Joining the community people can receive the easyMiner that is a windows gui wrapper for simplewallet and daemon that allow to send and receive.

    Dinastyoffreedom  MarketPlace, used to buy goods/services.

    Everyone who joins Dinasty of Freedom can freely open his/her shop on the Community Ownership Platform and see products and services with the request of accepting at least a 10% of the cost of his product in Dinastycoin. The platform has been developed tailor-made for the Community of Dinasty of Freedom by a team of programmers participating in the project and continuing to improve it by adding new features. It is possible to manage both B2C and B2B as well as C2C. From stores selling to the consumer, sharing products with other retailers, directly to your basket. Every product and every store can receive comments and evaluations from users who can be consulted by anyone who wants to buy a product and know the seller's trustworthiness. Each product can be sold in a Dinastycoin and Bitcoin or Euro. Shipping charges can also be set with Dinastycoin and Euro percentage from 10 to 100%. At the time of payment the customer will be able to make his payment by selecting the Dinastycoin portfolio and the Euro / bitcoin card of his / her account uphold or directly euro with paypal.

    Board of directors


    Dinastycoin SPECIFICATIONS

    Ticker: DCY

    Total Supply : 2 Billion Coins

    Algorithm: Cryptonight

    Difficulty Retarget: 1 block

    Block Time : 2min

    blockchain: http://democats.org/blockchain...



    website: http://www.dinastycoin.com/

    community blog website: https://www.dinastyoffreedom.c...

    source code: https://github.com/dinastyoffr...

    forums: https://bitcointalk.org/index....

    Exchanges : Cryptopia 

    coming soon: livecoin & bittrex

    For more news follow the official bitcointalk page : https://bitcointalk.org/index....

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