Feathercoin (FTC) Release v0.9.6.1 Bugfixes for 0.9.6 tree

  • This is a bugfix release.

    Issues Fixed

    - When a 0.11.x node connects, the connection will be with 'invalid pchMessageStart in 0.9.6 and earlier versions. (Github Issue #171) This has been fixed by implementing pchMessageStartNew constant to allow future 0.11.x nodes to connect.
    - The configuration parameter 'enfoce checkpoint was not handled correctly in 0.9.6, when set. (Github issues #169,#170)
    - A formating error on the Multisig GUI page was fixed (Github issue #160)
    - Log messages get id numbers (Github issue #157)
    - Test section was updated ( Github issues #120 - #127)


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