Iota - Mainnet Release: v2.3.1

  • This is an official v2.3.1 version of the new GUI Wallet. This includes some important changes such as:

    • Friendlier Reattachments: If for a transfer the input have already been spent, the reattachement and rebroadcast button will not appear, indicating to the user that a new transaction should be made.
    • Tag Display for bundles
    • Seed Security Preferences: By default, you cannot login with a seed with less than 60 characters. You can manually change this setting to accept more insecure seeds in the Preferences section.
    • Seed Checksums
    • Moving of Database Folder
    • More Stable Translations
    • Bug Fixes for ccurl hashing on light wallets

    Read the blog post for more information:


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