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    Volpcoin was designed as part of a pilot project, where it will be realized an implementation of a new protocol
    that will solve a few problems related with scalability and the dimension of blockchain.
    With the application of the Volpcoin protocol, the blocks will be compressed before being added in the blockchain,
    in this way it will be possible to have a large number of transactions and commands at the same time.

    Check the Infographic: Here

    Our mission is to develop and support solutions that help to improve the efficiency and security of decentralized technology protocols.
    At the moment we are focused on the blockchain registry infrastructure, where we are working on a solution that allows you to compress the blocks.
    This new smart communication protocol ,can be applied across all decentralized technologies.
    We believe that this new model ,will be a great contribution to the good segment of decentralized networks.
    For, the blockchain dimension is a crucial factor for network performance, requiring a mutual
    set of collaboration on the part of the whole community to change this paradigm.
    Recalling that ,we started working on the network with conventional protocol, through Volpcoin  beta v.1.0 .
    This is the first stage of development, where it will be the test of a symbiosis between the main networks.
    We are receptive to receiving collaboration from professionals interested in supporting this project.

    -Version : 1.0 Beta
    -Coin suffix: VCP
    -Premine: 102 000 000 VCP - (10.2%)
    -Algo type: X14 HBE - Hybrid Bitcoin / Ethereum
    -Total supply: 1Bilion coins
    -Pos :10% 
    -Min age: 24 h
    -Max age: 6 years
    -Stake: 15 blocks
    -Coinbase Maturity: 15 blocks
    -Confirmations : 15
    -Rpc Port : 30450138 
    -P2P Port : 30460130

    1- Research and  Development  of  Energy Wireless Transmission with  Blockchain Technology
    2- For marketing & Promotion & Investors
    3- ChainEnergy Lab 
    4- Developers



    Linux (64 bits)
     Linux Wallet-Qt ( v. beta) : 
    Linux Daemon ( v. beta):

    Windows Wallet-Qt-32/64 bits ( v. beta)  : 

    Due to the incompatibility of some scripts in the implementation of the Volpcoin protocol, we decided to replace the Windows Qt-Volpcoin, 

    listed in github by the beta version of the VCP Web Wallet.

    Web Wallet : https://wallet.volpcoin.eu/

    Mac OS X Wallet — Coming Soon

    Step 1 - Download the Volpcoin-Qt Wallet
    Step 2 -  Go on “Mine” Tab
    Step 3- In  the “Type” option, Choose “Solo Mining”
    Step 4-  Click on Start Mining
    Note: If you want to mine in the Volp wallet, it is recommended that your wallet be unlocked. Otherwise, your wallet will not mine.
    ATTENTION: All miners  that are participating in the mining will receive daily incentive commissions.
    In this way, the distribution system itself depends on the time of activity and the working period of each miner.
    This is a solution that  we find incentives in a fair and safe way for our community.



    Vietnamese | Russian | Hindi

  • Volpcoin now have twitter!! Follow us and Stay tunned!!


  • Join the pool testing!
    fee - 2%

  • The Volpcoin Mining Pool it’s already available here : https://goo.gl/v43UDk

    This pool will be passing an process of evaluation during a period of 10 days. 

    It will be essencial the feedback of the miners , so that we can solve any problem.

  •                                                         Please,  stop the mining on this stratum server :  stratum+tcp:// 

                                                                     and migrate to this new one: stratum+tcp:// 

  •                                                      A few hours the old stratum server will stop.Please stop mine and wait  for yours rewards. 

                                                                             Change to this new server: pool.volpcoin.eu

  • Dear users of the Volpcoin community,

    First of all, we would like to apologize for our absence, we spent this period collecting data on the efficiency of 

    the pilot we were running in parallel with Volpcoin's beta wallet.

    In this period ,we have had satisfactory results and we have been looking for partners to show how important the 

    disruptive view of decentralized data transmission is. Since for many this technology is still a bit confused and few mitigate this information accurately.

    Seeing this gap, we found that it was of great importance to present some data relevant to the efficiency of the Volp protocol, collected from the beta version of wallet volpcoin.

    There have been good reception responses by parts of some mainstream and so, we believe that the Volp protocol will have a long and lasting future.

    At this moment we are overloaded, working and developing several projects in the area of Energy automation, IOT and cryptocurrencies. For us, 

    it becomes very difficult to administer, several services simultaneously.

    Emphasizing that the Volpcoin project is part of a series of applications and development of new technologies together with artificial intelligence.

    We want to thanks for the patience and understanding of all the community . We will keep everyone informed as all the information that soon will be being published.

    Obs: As for the source code, it was not possible to publish it because we didn't complete all the necessary tests. Our goal is 

    to maintain the longevity and fidelity of the protocol and its dynamism of application over the entire decentralized network.

    Everyone can now join or share our community on: 

    Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/...

    Slack: http://slack-volpcoin.herokuap...

    Telegram: http://telegram.me/volpcoin

    Obs: We are new in this kind of stuffs, if anyone want to help us. Feel free to give your idea or opinion. 

  • Volpcoin is back!

    After a long period of absence, we are back and with a lot of news. We thank all the enthusiasts, users and promoters of Volpcoin
    for the time that have waited. As already explained Volpcoin is a pilot project that is the basis for many other projects. 
    At this moment the 1st stage of tests has been completed and we will move on to the 2nd stage. In this 2nd phase the Volpcoin 
    will undergo an improvement and progress to NTX / ARDOR platform.

    Soon we will provide a swap for the exchange of coins, we emphasize that nobody will lose the coins that you have in your possession.
    This project is being carried out with a very small team and with own capital. 
    At this moment it is necessary to finance ourselves so that we can continue, thus was 
    created the Token Volpcoin that already can be transacted in the platform ARDOR whose link will be able to see below.
    Thanks for all the support !! We really appreciate that !!

    Ardor Portal |  Ardor Tools | Ardor Assets Details

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