PRIMULONCOIN [PRIMU] | POW/POS | Scrypt | Digital Currency for Fighters​

  • Aren't we all fighting for a better life for our-self and of course for our relatives and friends around us. This is why we should all realize that freedom and everything what comes with it are not for granted. In some parts of the world there are conflicts or even wars. This should stop. This must stop. We should fight for it to stop. This brings us to the main purpose of this ALTCOIN. Buy, Sell, trade or stake this coin while Fighting for a better life for everyone.

    Algoritm = Scrypt

    Type =  POW  / POS

    POW rewards per block 10

    POW Blocks 6000000

    Staking Rewards per year 50%

    RPC port   19668

    P2P port   19667

    Premine: 20P


    Coinbase maturity   20

    Target spacing   64

    Target timespan   1

    Transaction confirmations   6

    Total coin suppy 750m

    Road Map

    1. Devs agreed on the creation of Primulon Coin 

     2. Registration and creation of the topic. 

     3. Social media campaigns and other marketing

    4. Development of the Windows wallet

    5. Development of the Linux wallet

    6. Devs will be bussy with our main server deamon and nodes. 

     7. Submision to several Altcoin exchanges 

     8. Start of the trading at the first Exchange. 

    9. Upgrades and development of the Mac wallet

    10. Agreements for acceptance in Miningpools 

    11 Agreements for acceptance in several faucets 

    12. Development of our website and intergration of merchants services, so sites and portals can accept Primulon coins as payment option.

    13. Airdrops and other giveaways to attract more endusers, daytraders and stakers

    14. Trading on a secondary market.




    Mining Pool:  0.5% fee

    stratum+tcp://<–>  LowDiff

    stratum+tcp://<–>  VarDiff

    stratum+tcp://<–>  HiDiff


    stratum+tcp:// -u YOURWALLETHERE -p x


    Variable Difficulty : 8 ~ 64

    Stratum Host : stratum+tcp://   lowdiff

    Username : [YourWalletAddress]

    Variable Difficulty : 64 ~ 8192

    Stratum Host : stratum+tcp://   vardiff

    Username : [YourWalletAddress]

    Variable Difficulty : 8192 ~ 65536

    Stratum Host : stratum+tcp://  highdiff

    Username : [YourWalletAddress]







  • PRIMULONCOIN [PRIMU] Got added to The Voting on C-Cex
    Maybe we might not be up for it yet. But if you want to see Primulon at C-cex, please give us your vote!

  • PRIMULONCOIN [PRIMU] Final Added to Coinmarketcapital

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