Ori coin is a etherium-based cryptocurrency.

  • Specification:

    Algorhytm is Dagger-Hashimoto.

    Generation method POW.

    The ori coin is much the same as with the Ethereum built on this algorithm.

    The coin will be sold in a limited number 45.000.000 coins.

    Mining is also not very will be different from the mining of Ethereum.

    We made for you generous bonuses,starting from the first week sales to 3rd.

    The website and wallet will be ready after the 2nd week of sales.

    The first 2 weeks method of purchase will be send to bitcoin wallet.

    The price of the initial first day of 2 weeks for purchases for coins: btc 0.00000750.

    After each day of sales the price will increase this applies to the first 2 weeks after,when it will be ready the wallet and website.

    Bonuses for purchase:1 week:75%,week 2:50%,week 3:25%.Theoretically you can buy any amount of coins in the presale.

    ICO will be long from 28.06.2016 till 28.07.2016,i.e 4 weeks.

    Block Time: 1 minute

    Round Time:~25 minutes

    Confirmations for transactions:1-4 minutes

    Supply:90.000.000 coins

    45 millions coins will be distributed between ICO participants

    Ori will have a web-wallet and site soon.

    Exchanges: Will be after ico

    How to buy and system of buying for first 2 weeks

    For first 2 weeks you'll be able purchase ori coins only for direct btc payments.
    For purchase send bitcoins to address : 1JjrDvMMu3E8FXt2JkmBkuAkhP2JFRCaiM
    System of hold your balances of ori coins will be simple : You sent btc to this address,and send message in topic of ICO Ori coin with summ of purchase and we reserve ori coins for you with the price of day which is displayed on main page of ICO.After first 2 weeks ends,and site and wallet will be ready,please write message in main topic if ICO with :
    1.Summ of bitcoin you purchase ori coin
    2.Date of purchase
    3.Your ori coin wallet number,after you register on ori coin wallet site
    We calculate amount you purchased Ori in first 2 weeks based on date of buy with the price of that day and amount btc you send.
    After that you will receive shortly your ori coins on your wallet number.
    After 2 first weeks of sale ends,you may buy ori coins on official website.


    Refunds programm available for the first 2 weeks of sale,for claim refund you need send message in topic with your invested amount and bitcoin address.After that we will send refund shortly.

    Referral programm

    You will receive 25% comissions of your referral purchases ori coins in 2 end weeks of ICO after site done,where you will see your comissions in your personal account

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