IMMLA (IML) International MultiModal Logistic Application on Ethereum Blockchain

  • IMMLA concept

    We are developing a multimodal deliveries service with decentralized control system of transportation, document flow and payments. IMMLA ecosystem employs: — Dutch auction of carriers to offer the best possible prices. — Monitoring of cargo damage during transit and time of delivery, GPS-cargo monitoring and insurance to make delivery safe and transparent.

    The trust-sensitive parts of IMMLA service are based on smart contracts working on Ethereum blockchain. It is designed to reduce or even eliminate the risk of unfair business practices and/or non-performance of the delivery contract.

    We are positive that the spread of high-speed Internet on the transport routes, and the use of blockchain technology have reached the optimum level for IMMLA to be successfully launched.

    IMMLA Features

    • Confidence and reliability

    The decentralized system guarantees the payment to the carrier regardless of IMMLA’s financial condition, the same way it guarantees the delivery or insurance payment to the cargo owner.

    The terms of shipment, the current position of the cargo, its condition at the time of transfer of responsibility between carriers are recorded through the blockchain, and can not be altered by any of the parties.

    • IMMLA saves your money

    The Dutch auction of carriers optimizes transportation costs. Use of IMMLA will reduce the number of idle trips. A cargo owner with high rating within the system gets credit and saves its current assets.

    • Easy-to-use

    User-friendly mobile and desktop interface. Fully automated transportation and workflow, no need for third-party services; delivery options at your disposal; the service tracks the cargo online, so you always know where it is geographically.

    With an end-to-end electronic bill of lading, all the practices are able to see the full transportation history.

    IMMLA Use cases

    1.For the cargo carrier

    • Transport services

    Carrier informs IMMLA about the location of an unloaded vehicle and its designated use. The service puts the vehicle in the transportation syste design, and offers to bid at a tender for a transportation contract.

    • Guaranteed payment and immediate document flow

    The carrier successfully completes the freight transportation and transfers it to the cargo owner or to the next carrier. The consignee makes an electronic mark, accepting the responsibility for a cargo. Once a mark is received, the smart contract makes the payment to the cargo carrier. Smart contract also provides documents with electronic digital signature of cargo owner.

    2.For the consignor, cargo owner, forwarder

    • Transportation cost estimate

    Using the web interface the customer requests the calculation of the transportation. Based on big data analysis the service calculates an instant estimate of the cost and time of transportation in several options. If the route has a competitive section, in a few hours after the price auction, the customer gets an updated price.

    • Safe transportation

    As soon as the customer chooses and confirms the transportation contract, Immla launches a smart contract with all the participants of the transportation, and the insurance company. The customer’s digital money comes directly to the smart contract that manages the transportation. The smart contract gives instructions to all the participants, and proceeds with controlling the transportation.

    • Cargo monitoring

    The gps tracking data and cargo’s technical condition within the smart contract are visualised by IMMLA service interface.

    White Paper:


    2016-2Q2017 pre-ICO

    • Team building and prototype development
    • • White Paper is completed
    • • Establishing agreements with potential freighters

    3Q 2017 ICO Period

    • Development of smart contract scheme 

    • Start of an ICO 

     • Prototype of the platform is ready 

    • Beginning of alpha testing

    4Q 2017

    - Development of infrastructure and
    involvement of participants
    - Organization and equipment of workplaces
    - Until the end of 20l 7 the first Ыocks
    (IMMLA Autotruck and Sea) of the system
    are developed:
    - Registration module;
    - Module of applications and auctions

    1 Q 2018 RELEASE


    - Release of the beta version of the platform
    - Until the end of l Q20l 8 the next Ыocks
    (IMMLA Autotruck and Sea) of the system
    are developed:
    - Module of guarantees and additional
    - Tracking module


    IMMLA will offer 184.336.400 IMMLA tokens in two tiers: pre-lCO and ICO.
    What is а IML token: l 00% of the IML tokens represents l 00% ownership of the IMMLA
    platform. Tokens will Ье used on the Platform as а one of payment tool. Total number of
    announced IML tokens - 226.736.000.
    IMMLA redeems & burns tokens at the expense of 36% of transportation revenue.

    PRE-ICO OFFERING SIZE                                                            

    - 2 747 ЕТН ($500К*)
    - 14.284.4ОО IMMLA tokens (6,3%) to Ье sold
    at pre-lCO price
    - Pre-lCO is considered successful if more
    than 825 ЕТН ($150К) collected, otherwise
    all funds are transferred to pre-lCO


    - Pre-lCO exchange rate is
    1 ЕТН = 5200 IML
    1 IML = 0,000192 ЕТН
    - -43% - Yield to the price in the ICO phase


    - Start date: 15 July 2017
    - End date: 30 July 2017


    Multi-signature wallet
    - IML tokens are issued for
    investors only


    - 46 718 ЕТН (􀁈$12.1М*)
    - 170.052.000 IMMLA tokens (75%) to Ье sold
    at ICO price
    *Ethereum price is taken at 1 ЕТН = 260 USD


    - ICO exchange rate is
    1 ЕТН = 3640 IML
    1 IML = 0,000275 ЕТН


    - Start date: 1 5 September 2017
    - End date: 1 5 October 2017


    - ICO funds held in Escrow
    - Multi-signature wallet
    - Tokens of Founders are non-transferaЫe
    upon ICO completion - locked for 5 months
    through а smart contract function

    Pre ICO:














    Monetization of IMMLA services occurs on the last step of each event of successful delivery in form of fee and instantly Ьу raising demand of tokens.

    What payment goes for what service

    з On that step IMMLA receives fee of l %, which goes on the redemption and burning of tokens.


    Our revenue aims are driven Ьу both new modules development (l) and expansion strategy (2).

    1. The development plan includes the phased development and implementation of modules in

    the service. IMMLA will Ье gradually connected to the "forwarding", "air", "railway", "sea-cargo",
    "custom", and "warehouse" modules.
    - Firstly, is 20l 8 auto and sea-cargo modules will Ье launched because they represent best fit
    of high demand for multimodal contracting and low implementation complexity.
    - ln 20l 9 the company plans to expand the range of services provided and to introduce the
    possiЬility of organizing air transportation and customs services.
    - ln 2020, forwarding and warehouse modules will Ье implemented.
    - ln 202l, IMMLA Railway module will Ье added.

    2. Regional expansion strategy

    - ln 20l 8, IMMLA service will Ье launched on the Russian trucking and sea container market.
    - ln 20l 9-2020 the service will expand to the CIS countries.
    - ln 202l the service will expand to markets of Europe, and China.
    - Ву 2022 it is planned that IMMLA will spread the same way to the Asian region.
    - After 2023 it is planned to use the service worldwide.

    The first aim is to launch application and make Ml $ of revenue Ьу the end of 20l 8.

    The second aim is to localise in CIS, enhance application with air and custom modules and make
    Ml 0$ of revenue Ьу the end of 20l 9.

    The third aim is to localise in Europe and China, add warehouse and forwarding modules
    application and make М25$ of revenue Ьу the end of 2020.

    The fourth and fifth aim is to make М50$ and Ml 00$ in 202l and 2022 respectively Ьу adding
    railway module, which is heavy to get into, but promising to share turnover of which.

  • IMMLA ICO closes in less than 10hours 

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