Ahoolee (AHC) Search engine for online shopping - Ico Close in 13 Hours

  •  Ahoolee mission

    To give an opportunity to any person to find any product in the Internet, find ALL shops where it can be purchased, and compare them by price, and also buy any products for crypto currency

    Parsing: To collect information from stores, we use decentralized parsing based on our own blockchain. 

    Matching: The information about the products collected from the stores is processed by machine learning algorithms to combine the same products into one card. 

    Search: At the moment, our search engine is implemented using elasticsearch, with some heuristics to improve the search quality.

    Presale was finished here: https://ahoolee.com/presale $200,000 in 30 minutes, thanks guys! Subscribe to our ICO, which will start on 28.08.2017 10:00 am (GMT+3)


    July-August 2017

    • the Ahoolee pre-sale campaign;
    • the preparation to public launch of the Ahoolee search engine;
    • the marketing and preparation to Ahoolee ICO seed-round;

    September 2017

    • the public launch of the Ahoolee search engine;
    • ICO seed-round;

    4 quarter 2017 - 1 quarter 2018

    • the development of the in-house blockchain as an Ethereum fork;
    • the launch of mining on the in-house blockchain;
    • the development of wallet;
    • an increase in the number of SKUs in the system to 1 billion;
    • an increase in the number of stores in the system to 50 000;
    • the launch of the Assessor's area for training matching algorithms;
    • the marketing of the Ahoolee product;

    April 2018

    • the ICO launch;
    • Ahoolee will start accepting AHC as a means of payment in any stores available in the
    • Ahoolee search engine;
    • the launch of contextual advertising for stores using the platform;
    • the launch of premium store accounts;
    • the marketing of the Ahoolee search engine all over the world;

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    E-Mail:[email protected]

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