NEM - 100% new code. Easy APIs. Integration with Bank and over 5000 Business

  • #### **100% original codebase XEM is the currency of the NEM platform**

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    **Source Code:**

    **NIS API Documentation:**

    **NCC API Documentation:**

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    **NEM Drive:**


    **Nembex - Block Explorer/Node Monitor:**

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    **Node Explorer - Node Explorer/Node Monitor :**

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    #### **Recent Updates:**

    - Please update to version 0.6.43 or later. A fork came at block 199,800 bring M-of-N multisig managed on chain.

    - Late redemption is finally [over]( and all funds have been [dispersed]( to initial stake holders including sock puppet protests and late redeemers.


    **Consensus Mechanism:** Proof-of-Importance

    **Genesis Date:** March 31st, 2015

    **Block Time:** 1 minute

    **Available/Total Supply:** 8,999,999,999 XEM

    **Block Reward:** N/A (transaction fees only + node rewards)


    You can download the NEM software at [](

    **What is NEM?:**

    NEM is a peer-to-peer crypto platform. It is written in Java and JavaScript with 100% original source code. NEM has a stated goal of a wide distribution model and has introduced new features in blockchain technology in its proof-of-importance (POI) algorithm. NEM also features an integrated P2P secure and encrypted messaging system, multisignature accounts and an Eigentrust++ reputation system.

    NEM has gone through extensive open alpha testing starting June 25, 2014, followed by lengthy and comprehensive beta testing starting on October 20, 2014. NEM finally launched on March 31, 2015.

    **Watch our introductory video:**



    - **NEM** is built 100% from scratch (not a fork of any existing project)

    - **NEM** is built with test-driven development

    - **NEM** uses innovative Proof-of-Importance algorithm: first reputation based blockchain algorythm

    - **NEM** improves different features of POW and POS coins, being more efficient and environmentally friendly

    - **NEM** one minute average block times

    - **NEM** is the first crypto with delegated harvesting

    - **NEM** is the first with localized spam protection

    - **NEM** is the first with Eigentrust++ peer reputation management

    - **NEM** is the first editable m-of-n multisig with blockchain based alerts

    - **NEM** offers encrypted, unencrypted and hex messaging

    - **NEM** is easy to install with a one click installer

    - **NEM** zero monetary inflation (fixed supply, all 9 billion coins released at launch).

    - **NEM** relatively large egalitarian distribution

    - **NEM** will offer a mobile wallet for both iOS and Android (coming soon)[/size]

    **What is POI?**

    **POI** is the consensus algorithm used in NEM to determine who will calculate the next block. An account's importance is determined by how many coins it contains and the number of transactions made to and from that account. POI is different from other initiatives which use a fee-sharing model that does not take into consideration one's overall support of the network. In some proof-of-stake systems a person only needs to have large amounts of coins to form a block; however, in NEM the transaction amount as well as support of the network become a factor. This has been designed to encourage users of NEM to not simply hold NEM but instead actively carry out transactions within the NEM ecosystem.

    **Roadmap to V1**

    - Completion of all the features in the existing wallet

    - Coloured Coins

    - Business Rules (a.k.a. Smart Contracts)

    - Decentralized Asset Exchange

    - Integration of multisignature into the AE and Business Rules

    - Snapshotting for quick syncing of nodes

    **Need Help?**

    Please visit our

    Or take a look at our tutorial here :

    **Starter NEM Tutorials:**

    [Import a Private Key & Access Your NEM stake](

    [NEM Quick Start Guide. Running the Wallet Without Syncing a Chain](

    **Installation Tutorials:**

    [Windows/Mac Installation Guide](

    [Windows Installation Guide (standalone)](

    [Mac Installation Guide (standalone)](

    [Ubuntu Installation Guide (standalone)](

    [How to Install Java 8 (64 bit) on Windows](

    **Misc Tutorials:**

    [How to Find, Export or Delete Your Wallet and Address Book File](

    [How to Remove Old NEM Software Versions](

    [How to Delete Your Local Copy of the Blockchain](

    [How to Import the Database File Provided by Developers](

    **Advanced Features Help:**

    [How Local and Delegated Harvesting Works](

    [How to Connect to a Remote Server](

    [How to Use Multi-signature Accounts](

    [How to Use Delegated Harvesting](

    [How to Make Your Node Name Appear in Color on the NEM Block Explorer](

    [Easy Configuration Guide (opening port 7890)](

    [Setting up the Testnet](

    **NEM Core Developers:**

    **- Jaguar0625**

    **- BloodyRookie**

    **- Gimre**

    **- Makoto**

    **- Thies**

    **NEM Core Marketers:**

    **- Makoto**

    **- Rockethead**

    **- Kodtycoon**

    **- Jabo38**

    **- Mixmaster**

    **- Ronel**

    **NEM News:**

    - [Coindesk, Mijin, a Permissioned Blockchain Platform, Plans to Reduce the Cost of the Banking System by up to 1,000% by the End of 2018](

    - [Let's Talk Bitcoin #247, Understanding the New Economy Movement](

    - [Coin Telegraph , Proof-of-Importance: How NEM is Going to Add Reputations to the Blockchain](

    - [Coin Telegraph, NEM Launches, Targets Old Economy with Proof-of-Importance](

    - [Coin Telegraph, Altcoin Digest: 10 Coins That Can’t Be Neglected ](

    - [Bitcoinist, NEM: New Economy Movement](

    - [NEM: New Economy Movement](

    - [Yahoo Press Report, Cryptocurrency NEM Gears Up To Change How Trade, Commerce And Finance Is Transacted](

    - [Motherboard, This Cryptocurrency Doesn't Want to Beat Bitcoin, It Wants to Beat the Economy ](


    - [News Wire Press Release, Bitcoin Alternative NEM (XEM) Officially Launches with 100% Original Codebase Cryptocurrency](

    - [Allcoinsnews, NEM Q&A – Original, Tested Blockchain Platform, Proof-of-Importance, “Change the World, Forever” Tech](

    - [Coin Telegraph, NEM: ‘Right Now We Have the Best Designed Blockchain Platform in Existence’ ](

    **Extra Links:**

    **Community Fund Proposal:**

    **Node Rewards Proposal :**

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  • @jabo38 I understand that the intial distribution was done between only 1500 people. Is this not concerning to you?

  • Hi Ben,

    1500 is actually one of the best initial distributions I have ever seen in a blockchain.

    Are there any blockchains that have a better distribution?

    For instance a conservative estimate of Bitcoin is that 1% owns 75%, and some people say 1 person alone owns 1%. Here is an older link, but still fairly relevant explaining about Bitcoins distribution.

    Even the richest dev (NEM has many so that helped to split funds) doesn't even own 1%.

    In NEM you might find the top 1% of accounts don't own a lot. Here is an infographic of NEM distribution taken some time ago but still very representative. As you can see, there are some big exchanges, but over all it looks great.

    0_1451243285272_nem distribution 2.png

  • The Android and iOS NEM apps are beginning open public testing. There will be a 5000 XEM reward for bugs (of which there are surely still many). Help us get these apps launched in top shape.

  • 5,000 XEM Bounty for finding bugs in the NanoWallet. ... ty/2791/14

    Up to 10,000 XEM Bounties for finding bug bounties in the mobile apps. ... e/1825/109

    75,000 XEM project bounties for making example projects on the NEM blockchain. ... ogram/2822

    5,000 XEM ~ $30
    10,000 XEM ~ $60
    75,000 XEM ~ $450

    NEM is a 2.0 blockchain with advanced on chain multisig contracts, namespaces, assets, and messaging. It is a public chain and paired with its counterpart Mijin which is a private chain that is successful in Japan. The NEM/Mijin combination is the first public/private chain combination.

  • The NEM Blockchain Project, Version 2.0 – Catapult

    NEM, an ongoing open source distributed ledger technology project today released a whitepaper on a private chain that is being developed by Tech Bureau.

    Codenamed Catapult, it shall be a successor and second iteration of Tech Bureau’s much touted Mijin private blockchain technology. It is a complete re-hash of the entire blockchain in C++.

    Further, the platform is re-architected to make use of API gateways, providing superior performance in terms of speed, connectivity, security, extensibility, scalability, and flexibility.

    “Catapult is redefining the blockchain architecture landscape. It not only improves on the utility of the blockchain technology, but it also brings enterprise class design into the otherwise rigid and cumbersome blockchain solutions that we are used to.” – Lon Wong, CEO of Dragonfly Fintech, and a core member of the NEM project.

    The new architecture allows for true permissioning where every user can be permitted or not, to use the blockchain, or just to see her account activities. All existing business rules of an entity can be reused and integrated with the Catapult via its powerful API gateway.

    Further, Catapult is an open system and therefore is a universal standard of, and by itself. Any system can be used to communicate with it, provided it adheres to the standard web design standard.

    This flexibility allows for the Catapult blockchain to not only assume 3 important roles – public permissionless, private partially permissioned, and absolutely permissioned – but also allows it to be interoperable and shareable among different clusters of distributed ledgers.

    “Catapult shall be complemented by Dragonfly Fintech’s solution to interoperate from one blockchain cluster to another seamlessly. Together, our solutions shall put us in the forefront of blockchain technology.” – Takao Asayama, Tech Bureau, Corp.

    As a permissioned blockchain, the Catapult has been internally tested to scale to 3,000 transactions per second. The Catapult shall be released as an open source solution and shall be incorporated into the public chain at some point in the future.

    About NEM

    NEM is an open source blockchain project that started in February, 2014. A project that was developed from the ground up using Java, it is undergoing a second iteration in order to enhance its performance. A peer-to-peer blockchain platform solution, NEM, is designed to work with mainstream industry requirements. A highly versatile solution, the NEM blockchain solution is well suited for the financial industry as well as for general use.

    About Tech Bureau

    Tech Bureau Corp. provides a crypto exchange “Zaif” and a private blockchain product “mijin” utilizing NEM technology. “Mijin” has been tested intensively as a high-throughput ledger engine in various applications and proven its applicability to banking systems.

    About Dragonfly Fintech

    Dragonfly Fintech Pte Ltd, is a Singapore financial technology company. The company provides services for financial instrument transactions in the areas of payment, settlement, and clearing using blockchain technology.


    SOURCE Dragonfly Fintech

  • Export Wallet from NCC to NanoWallet

    More and more attention is being paid to NanoWallet with new features being added to it like Changelly Instant Exchange and the Apostille
    blockchain notarization service. We plan to make NanoWallet the main
    supported desktop client in the future, so here is a short tutorial
    about how to export/import your wallet.

    1) Open your wallet in NCC.
    2) Click on the down arrow next to the lock icon.
    3) Select "Export for Lightwallet".

    1) Enter your password.
    2) You will see a json file pushed to your browser.

    1) Open NanoWallet.
    2) Select "Login".
    3) Select "Import Wallet".
    4) Upload the json file you just got from NCC.

    1) Choose the wallet in the drop-down menu.
    2) You will receive a prompt to update the wallet from a json file to a wlt file.
    3) Enter your password that you used to export from NCC.
    4) Please be patient for a minute while your wallet is upgrading.

    1) After completing step 4, you will see a new wlt file pushed to your browser.
    2) Save that file for a back-up!
    3) You can just login to the account now in the drop-down menu with your regular password.

  • Nanowallet version 1.2.2. released

    NanoWallet has been released in its newest version 1.2.2.

    NanoWallet is a secure, light and fast wallet offering not just
    transactions and messaging but unique services such as multisig and
    NEM´s brand new service Apostille.
    It celebrated its premier release on the NEM blockchain and is the
    first service offering transferable and split ownership blockchain
    notarizations and also introduces new updating and messaging services
    along with the ability to make a QR to pair with a notarized product so
    that it can be easily tracked, updated, and messaged.NanoWallet also improved its account, mosaic, and namespace explorer.
    And lastly, you can now make an account on NanoWallet and export it to a
    mobile via QR.

    The Changelog includes:

    -Namespaces & Mosaics explorer

    -Accounts explorer

    -QR to export an account to android & Ios

    -New Apostille certificate

    -Nty data separated by network in local storage

    -Apostilles are private by default

    -User’s Apostille history moved in service page

    -Ring on confirmed and unconfirmed transactions (Same as lightwallet)

    -Japanese and Polish translations

    -Switch for mainnet fee fork

    -Improved comments of Utils and Services for jsDoc

    -Minor fixes and design

  • NEM sponsors Inside Fintech, Seoul 8-9 December 2016

    NEM is a Gold Sponsor of the 2016 Inside Fintech event in Seoul.

    The core team member of NEM Jeff Mcdonald announced that NEM sponsors this year the Inside Fintech conference & exhibition in Seoul (8-9th Dec 2016).Rene Bernard, president of the NEM Association of Malaysia will speak for 45 minutes about NEM and its unique features, in particular “Apostille”.

    Session title

    Apostille – powered by &

    Branded, Certified, Transferable, and Updatable Blockchain Notarizations

    Session Summary

    You may have heard of KYC. Let’s talk about KYO – Know Your Object. The “Apostille” project allows for flexible notarization, certification, ownership tagging and much more. Assets become live objects on the NEM and Mijin blockchains.

    About Rene Bernard

    Mr. Rene Bernard

    President of the NEM Association of Malaysia & International Tech EntrepreneurMember of ISACA Malaysia, Cybersecurity Expert, Certified Bitcoin ProfessionalRene has been an international tech entrepreneur since 2002. He studied Business Engineering in Germany and currently runs e-commerce businesses serving multiple markets and continents. Since 2009, he has been focusing on cybersecurity and IT system administration – and since 2011 he has been a cryptocurrency and blockchain tech enthusiast.Combining his business and the tech backgrounds, he joined the NEM team in 2016. Rene is a Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) and the president of the NEM Association Malaysia, a non-profit bringing forward the development and adoption of blockchain technologies.

    About Apostille

    Branded, Certified, Transferable, and Updatable Blockchain Notarizations

    For centuries people have relied on governments to be the authority and certifier of notarizations, often with inefficient systems. With the blockchain’s invention, a more efficient, cost-effective and quicker system can be administered. Blockchain-based notarizations have the option to be certified by third parties and can be branded, transferable, and updatable. These have many use cases such as making property titles or digital blockchain licenses or combating counterfeit products, identity fraud, and more. We will discuss how Apostille offers these working solutions and provide a live demonstration using the NEM and Mijin blockchains.

    About Inside Fintech Conference & Expo

    The Inside Fintech Conference & Expo explores Fintech 3.0, including Blockchain technology and other decentralized solutions for financial processes, and its impact on the global financial ecosystem. Hear from the finance industry’s most forward thinking individuals as they seek to leverage advances in technology to improve payments, investment strategies, mobile banking, navigate the world of regulation, and more. We’ll explore a unique chemistry between Fintech entrepreneurs, investors, bankers, and governments across Asia and the rest of the world.


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