WAVES Open-blockchain financial platform. Blockchain for the people.

  • Waves Pre-Release GUI v0.4.14 v(Decentralized Exchange)

    First version of Decentralized Exchange feature is implemented


  • Waves Pre Release GUI V0.4.15

    Bug Fixes dex: Order price issue fixed


  • Waves Fiat tokens  on blockchain.

    These days we’re launching Waves fiat tokens, they are going to be implemented on Tidex.com exchange first, and ,after KYC/AML setup is complete, within Waves lite client. Blockchain fiat is an important part of the ecosystem, in which a closed environment is being built. Once you are on the Waves blockchain you can do all kinds of operations there, including fiat transfer and trading your fiat against available blockchain tokens.

    Basically there are two approaches to implementing Blockchain fiat — you either maintain some kind of gateways that introduce incoming fiat into the blockchain in a form of blockchain tokens or you’re trying to support it as a market peg, some dynamical mechanism that creates a “stable coin” tied to real world fiat.

    We support the first approach for now. It stems from Ripple gateways, and it basically uses the blockchain as another type of transfer medium. Gateway setup closely resembles classical payment systems construction, where you have an internal balance in fiat currency stored at the payment system servers, with the only exception that the transfer medium becomes decentralized.

    The system is still centralized of course; you have a trusted gateway which buys and sells fiat tokens for actual fiat. This should be a real world entity with all corresponding licenses and compliant with corresponding regulation. It just uses another transfer medium compared to, say, Paypal.

    Which benefits can be achieved through this?

    Firstly you obtain a unified ecosystem through this. Fiat tokens can be integrated into cryptocurrency exchanges, money transfer applications, settlement systems… You can trade your blockhain tokens against fiat on Waves decentralized exchange. Basically you can unite very different business processes under the same blockchain umbrella, in a transparent and accountable way.

    Of course the system is still centralized, since it’s based on the trusted gateways. But once you’ve gone through KYC/AML, which separates the fiat world from the blockchain world, you’re in a very comfortable environment which might be suited for your tasks better.

    Stable coins is another very interesting approach, which we are going to pursue later. In any case, using blockchains as a transfer medium for real world fiat is needed and has many use-cases.

    Fiat tokens will be available for purchase Waves wallet soon! Stay tuned.

  • What you need to know about Wavesplatform

    Waves is an open blockchain platform designed for ease of use and mass
    adoption. Anyone can use Waves to launch, distribute and trade their own
    crypto token. The platform is fully decentralised, transparent and

    Waves is creating a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem that will provide all the features necessary for business adoption, and the platform already has a number of powerful tools and services that make building user applications straightforward.

    Highly accessible

    • Clean, familiar UX
    • Chrome app or html lite client
    • No blockchain download necessary

    Fast, low-cost and scalable

    • One-minute blocks
    • Low (0.001 WAVES) transaction fees
    • Tx fees can be paid in tokens
    • Up to 1,000 txs/second

    Fiat transfer

    • Fully compliant, licensed gateways into and out of the blockchain
    • EUR blockchain tokens, with USD and other currencies on the way
    • Tokens fully backed by fiat deposits
    • Bitcoin gateway and tokens also available

    Easy token operations

    • Launch a new crypto token in under a minute
    • Tools for mass token distribution
    • Ideal for crowdfunding

    Decentralised exchange (DEX)

    • Peer-to-peer trading from within the client
    • Trade any pair of Waves tokens
    • Near-realtime order matching
    • Blockchain settlement for security

    Smart contracts

    • Non-Turing complete
    • Powerful but secure
    • Planned implementation Q4 2017

    Waves has already attracted several major businesses and social programmes. These include a transparent venture capital organisation (Tokenomica); a political engagement initiative (Upcoin); a green manufacturing technology business (ZrCoin); a marketing drive for a mobile gaming platform (MobileGo); a secure VoIP and telecommunications infrastructure company (EncryptoTel); a blockchain loyalty scheme (Incent), and more.

    Join WavesCommunity on telegram: https://t.me/Wavescommunity

  • Waves DEX goes live in lite client

    The GUI for the Waves platform’s
    decentralised exchange has been released, bringing all users fast,
    secure peer-to-peer trading of Waves tokens, including bitcoin and fiat

    Waves has released the GUI for its signature DEX (decentralised exchange). Users can now access the DEX from within the lite client — allowing anyone to use it without additional technical knowledge or time-consuming blockchain downloads. Along with bitcoin and fiat gateways, this will complete the initial tranche of functionality pledged at the project’s crowdfund and that businesses need in order to create, deploy and trade their own blockchain tokens quickly and easily.

    Lite client

    Although the DEX has been live on mainnet for around two weeks, the release of a new version of the lite client with a GUI means that it is now accessible to everyone. The lite client currently offers a straightforward but familiar trading experience, which will be recognisable to anyone who has used regular crypto exchanges, with order books displayed for the trading pair. Unlike traditional crypto exchanges, however, and unlike earlier decentralised exchanges, users can trade any pair of tokens they want directly against each other, without the need for an intermediary currency or step.

    Although all trades are settled on the blockchain for security, Waves DEX is designed to compete with and complement existing exchanges in terms of speed as well as security. New ‘Matcher’ technology means that orders are matched in real-time (typically within milliseconds), meaning that there is no need to wait for the next block to know whether a trade has been executed successfully.

    Secure trading with DEX and gateways

    With bitcoin heading back towards its all-time high and interest in the virtual currency growing rapidly — both as a store of value and as a means of speculation — traders have little alternative but to use the centralised exchanges that have always proven a point of weakness in the bitcoin ecosystem. ‘As we learned from the implosion of MtGox, and as numerous other exchanges have shown since, centralisation always introduces a point of failure. The bitcoin world desperately needs decentralised exchanges, and we’re pleased that Waves can offer one of the first solutions that is fit for purpose — fast, secure and with a familiar user interface,’ explains Sasha Ivanov, CEO of Waves.

    Traders can deposit bitcoins through a secure bitcoin gateway, which holds the coins in multi-sig cold storage and automatically sends an equivalent number of Waves bitcoin tokens (WBTC) to the recipient’s account. Licensed and fully compliant gateways for fiat, starting with Euros, are also available. ‘The Waves community can trade bitcoin against Euros, against WAVES, and against any of the other tokens that have already been launched on the platform.’ Waves already has a thriving network of initiatives, including the Waves Community Token (WCT), the Miners’ Reward Token (MRT), Incent and Darcrus, with major crowdsales including MobileGo, EncryptoTel and ZrCoin coming towards the end of April.

    To find out more or to download the lite client and start using DEX, visit: www.WavesPlatform.com

    Join WavesPlatform community on telegram: https://t.me/Wavescommunity

  • Waves Release Mainnet v0.6.4


    You have to remove existing blockchain.dat file before installation. To speed up update of the node you can download blockchain-mainnet-457000.zip file. Please, extract blockchain.dat file from the archive and replace existing file. You can verify integrity of downloaded blockchain by checking it's signature in file blockchain.dat.sha1.


    Leasing balances will be RESET to actual Waves balances on MAINNET in block #462000 and on Testnet in block #51500.

    New consensus rules will be activated on MAINNET on Fri, 21 Apr 2017 10:00:00 GMT and on Testnet on Wed, 19 Apr 2017 00:00:00 GMT.


    Please, update your node BEFORE new rules activation time. Otherwise you'll end up on fork.

    In this release:

    • Leasing Cancel operation was fixed.
    • Network connectivity to old versions was restricted.

    In DEX:

    • Order book initialization after Matcher restart was fixed.
    • API to delete Order Book was implemented.
    • Order timestamp validation was removed.
    • Assets pairs sort was fixed.
    • Default Matcher transaction fee was increased to 300,000 Wavelets (0.003 Waves).


  • Outcomes of the Moscow forum «Blockchain: dialogue of business and authorities»

    The research and practice forum «Blockchain: dialogue of business and authorities» was held in Moscow on April 13. The event was attended by State Duma deputies, relevant ombudsmen, Russian academics, representatives of business interests, experts, members of the interagency working group on the cryptocurrency turnover risk assessment, and representatives of public agencies. The forum moderator, Head of the Interagency Working Group on Legal Regulation of the Cryptocurrency Turnover, Doctor of Law, Professor of MGIMO Elina Sidorenko expressed her view that the event had resulted in passing a unified concerted decision on the need to adopt a bill on cryptocurrency turnover containing the definition of the core positions of this document. According to Sidorenko, there is no doubt that cryptocurrency needs favorable legal conditions in Russia, including those in the tax field. The forum moderator highlighted the need to develop blockchain technology. A State Duma Deputy from the LDPR faction Andrei Lugovoi emphasized that even people who lack confidence in cryptocurrency can’t deny to acknowledge the benefits of the blockchain technology. According to Lugovoi, the technology will facilitate direct communication between individuals and legal entities, society and the state. The MP cited data stating that more than half of national registers will function on the blockchain in a decade. According to the estimates of the World Bank, 10% of the world GDP will be stored with the help of blockchain as early as in 2017. Lugovoi is confident that a ready bill on the regulation of cryptocurrency turnover will be read by the agencies and the expert community in the second half of 2017. The MP suggested setting up an interagency working group on assessing the risks of the cryptocurrency turnover. Deputy Director of the Rosfinmonitoring Pavel Livadny has noted that his agency sees the risks of the cryptocurrency turnover, but nevertheless considers the blockchain as an advanced, multi-purpose tool. Such a tool should be legalized in Russia. According to Livadny, cryptocurrencies need legislative regulation, and they are banned only in a few countries. The leader of the Party of Growth, business ombudsman Boris Titov suggested setting up a cryptovalley within the Crimean peninsula, similar to the Crypto Valley initiative implemented in the Swiss Zug. According to Titov, distribution of cryptocurrency in the Crimea will allow to raise regional funding under sanctions more efficiently. According to Titov, blockchain will strengthen confidence in the electoral system through the implementation of voting based on the distributed ledger technology.

    The founder of the Waves blockchain platform Alexander Ivanov announced the necessity to create legal norms regulating the operation of the points of exchange of the fiat currency for cryptocurrency and backwards. According to the Waves founder, 161-FZ is currently enforced in Russia, which regulates operations with electronic money. Similar legislation can also be developed to legalize the depositing and withdrawal of cryptocurrency. At the same time, the legislation should take into consideration both the technological features of the cryptocurrency and the role of the regulator and other players on the financial market.

    Ivanov also told the public authorities about the ICO mechanisms and suggested making this method of raising investment absolutely legal in Russia for the first time in the world. This crowdfunding tool can absolutely legally function within the existing investment market.

    According to the Waves founder, the statutory framework BitLicense implemented by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYSDFS) can serve as a guide for Russian regulators. BitLicense is a license that all companies processing virtual currencies are required to obtain under the regulatory requirements of the State of New York. For example, BitLicense regulates the following aspects:

    • Storage, possession and management of virtual currencies on behalf of third parties; • Exchange of virtual currencies; • Sale and purchase of virtual currencies; • Management, administration or emission of virtual currencies.

    The very fact of holding the forum «Blockchain: dialogue of business and authorities» proves the warming of the Russian authorities’ attitude to cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain technologies, being their basis. The state will probably make its next step towards the formation of legal regulation aimed at developing cryptocurrencies and Blockchain in Russia.

  • What is Waves’ DEX?

    It’s a decentralised exchange, built into the Waves blockchain. The DEX allows users to trade their tokens — including WAVES, BTC and any other assets issued on the Waves platform — completely trustlessly and without having to move their funds to a centralised exchange.

    What makes it fast?

    Orders are paired on a centralised basis by Matcher nodes. These execute a trade but have no access to funds. The trade is then settled on the blockchain for maximum security.

    All orders are sent to a centralised server…

    …which matches incoming orders at high speed…

    …but actual transfer of funds happens on the blockchain.

    Why a decentralised exchange?

    Centralised exchanges can be hacked, robbed and DDoS’d — and often are (MtGox, Cryptsy, Bitfinex, Poloniex…)

    It is not logical or safe to store decentralised assets on a centralised platform!

    Can I profit from running my own Matcher?

    Absolutely! Just install the Waves software and enable matching functionality. The Matcher earns fees from the services it provides, so you can substantially increase your mining revenues.

    How can I use DEX?

    Simply download the Waves client from our official website,www.WavesPlatform.com, or use our webwallet, available atwww.WavesWallet.io. You can deposit your bitcoins into the wallet and start trading using the Exchange tab.

  • Waves Bug fix Pre Release GUI V0.4.16

    Bug Fixes

    Fixed order price when assets have different precisions Fixed the bug with Chrome App storage quota


    Orderbook is clickable now Balances are shown in order creation widget


  • Waves Release Testnet v0.7.0


    Please, remove existing blockchain.dat file and download blocks from the network.

    NOTE 1 Probably, this is the last time we ask you for removing the blockchain file. Starting from this release we have separated files for storing blocks and state. This allows rebuilding node's state from the existing blocks. So, in future, we will be able to update state structure without spending time on downloading blocks from the network.

    NOTE 2 We have joined two DEBs into one and completely rewrote scripts in it. Now, the package detects the kind of init system used and installs accordingly. We've changed the location of node's data. We will update documentation shortly.

    • State storage was completely reimplemented from scratch
    • Block storage and state storage in separate files
    • New Alias Transaction allows to create an alias to the account (will be activated on Testnet on Mon, 1 May 2017 00:00:00 GMT)
    • New DEB package


  • MobileGo, EncryptoTel and more bring millions of dollars to Waves platform

    A year out of the gate, and the
    Waves platform has already attracted multiple huge ICOs, with many
    millions of dollars collected in total and many more to come.

    Waves was always conceived as a mass crowdfunding platform. The ability to send money all over the world, practically instantly and at almost zero cost, makes the blockchain the ideal way to secure investment. But until now, there hasn’t been a platform that makes the administration side of things simple and intuitive enough to catch on.

    Waves changes all that, with its straightforward token creation and user-friendly wallet — as well as its integrated exchange, where it’s possible to trade any pair of tokens directly and in realtime.

    MobileGo: $8 million and counting The proof of Waves’ enterprise-ready status is the crowdsales that are now flocking to the platform. MobileGo is the latest project to launch its crowdfund on Waves. In the first 24 hours, it collected a massive $6 million — one of the largest crowdsales of 2017 to date — with at least $10 million expected by the end. In this instance, the token will exist on two blockchains, switching between Waves and Ethereum via a new piece of tech called BlockSwap.

    MobileGo is one of the hottest and keenly-anticipated crowdsales of the year, due to its strong team and self-evident use case. It’s designed to drive forwards cryptocurrency adoption within the gaming sector, where — thanks to the frictions and inefficiencies of the legacy banking sector — gamers have countless problems moving money around. Delays, high costs, blocked transfers, deposit limits: all are solved by the application of cryptocurrency, making MobileGo an attractive new entrant into the $100 billion gaming sector. MobileGo will use Waves tokens and DEX for easy administration and trading, whilst Ethereum provides the smart contracts for decentralised gaming tournaments.

    MobileGo might be the largest Waves crowdsale so far, but there have been other seven-figure raises, with loyalty programme Incent pulling in $1.1 million at the end of 2016. Secure VoIP and business telecoms company EncryptoTel blasted through its $1 million target in under a day, and is now poised to pass $2 million. Meanwhile agricultural project Kolionovo — which might have been written off as a niche initiative — secured more than $500,000. And there are many more in the works, as new businesses learn about the platform and realise that they don’t need any major technical expertise to run a crowdsale on it.

    In fact, it’s possible to set up a basic ICO in just five minutes, by creating a new token and placing a sell wall on DEX against BTC, WAVES or any other supported currency, including USD and EUR. Right now ZrCoin, an industrial application, is preparing to crowdfund a minimum of $3.5 million, with a target of $7 million. Interest in the platform has been intense, ever since it ran its own $16 million crowdfund last summer, but especially since token facilities were released and the DEX and bitcon/fiat gateways launched. All the pieces are now in place to make decentralised crowdfunding possible.

    For more information or to download the client, visit www.WavesPlatform.com

  • Waves launches balance leasing in lite client

    Leased proof-of-stake (LPoS) allows WAVES holders to profit by using their balances to secure the network — whilst retaining full control of their funds.

    Custom tokens platform Waves has implemented balance leasing within its lite client, allowing all users to take part in securing the network and profiting from transaction fees — without requiring any additional technical knowledge or the need to download the blockchain.

    LPoS Rather than opt for a bitcoin-like approach, in which miners are rewarded for securing the network with new blocks of coins, or a vanilla proof-of-stake approach, in which staking nodes are rewarded in proportion to their coin balances, Waves has implemented a consensus system called Leased Proof of Stake (LPoS).

    The network is secured by active nodes, which require a balance of at least 10,000 WAVES to generate blocks. Whilst anyone can run a mining node if they have this amount, it is possible for users to lease their balance to a node, giving them additional ‘weight’ in the network. The extra rewards earned by the node are then shared with those who have leased balances to them, and nodes will naturally compete to offer leasers the best deal. Leased WAVES remain in the full control of the account holder, and can be transferred or exchanged at any point.

    Revenue streams There are two main revenue streams for nodes and leasers. The first is the transaction fees that are paid for any operation on the Waves platform. ‘As our platform and ecosystem grows, we will see hundreds of thousands of transactions per day on Waves,’ explains CEO Sasha Ivanov. ‘With many new major businesses coming on board, mining will become more and more profitable.’ The second is the Miners Reward Token (MRT), which is distributed to miners with every block created. This can be used to vote on certain network issues that affect miners. It will also be used as a means for new token issuers to reward nodes for processing transactions, using their own token as a fee. As a Waves token, MRT can be transferred and traded freely on Waves’ decentralised exchange (DEX).

    The rates of return for mining are currently around 1% per month on WAVES balances, and the cost of entry at 10,000 WAVES is just a few BTC. As the price of WAVES rises, so too will both returns and the price of becoming a new miner. ‘Those who get on board early, while WAVES is still below $1, will likely see quite remarkable returns in the future — aside from the increase in the value of their capital.’

    For more information or to download the Waves lite client, visit www.WavesPlatform.com

  • ShapeShift adds WAVES support

    The instant-exchange app has added
    WAVES to its list of currencies, allowing anyone to buy and sell the
    currency quickly and easily without registration or slippage.

    The popular instant-exchange app ShapeShift has added WAVES to its extensive list of currencies, bringing greater liquidity and accessibility to the well-known custom tokens platform.

    Unlike traditional exchanges, ShapeShift does not require any information from its users. Instead of signing up with an email address and password, before depositing and trading cryptocurrencies, users simple send one crypto coin to ShapeShift and receive another directly into their designated wallet address. Multiple pairs are available for most coins, allowing users to exchange one altcoin for another without going through an intermediary bitcoin stage — as would again be the case with most exchanges. Moreover, because it aggregates order books from different exchanges, ShapeShift allows conversion of one coin to another without slippage: a single price is quoted for a given amount of digital currency.

    ‘We’ve very pleased that ShapeShift has added WAVES,’ comments Waves Platform CEO Sasha Ivanov. ‘Waves platform was created to make blockchain technology accessible to mainstream users and easy for businesses to build applications on. ShapeShift’s instant-exchange approach is a great example of how a user-friendly app can revolutionise the way people engage with crypto, so we’re really happy to have this functionality added to the Waves ecosystem.’

    About Waves

    The Waves Platform was crowdfunded in June 2016 and raised almost 30,000 BTC for marketing and development — at the time, around $16 million, making it one of the largest crowdfunded cryptocurrency enterprises ever. Aiming squarely at mass adoption, Waves offers a familiar and straightforward user experience, high speed and scalability, and powerful token operations. It is possible to create and distribute a new custom application token (CAT) in just minutes on the Waves blockchain. This ‘blockchain for the people’ approach has already proven appealing to a number of businesses, which have launched Waves-based ICOs of their own — with many more on the way in the near future.

    ‘We wanted to make Waves the ideal solution for blockchain-based crowdfunding and fiat transfer,’ explains Ivanov. ‘After several months of intense development, we’re now in a position to be able to market Waves to businesses and really start to make a difference in the fintech sphere. The coming months are going to be very exciting.’

    For more information, visit www.WavesPlatform.com

  • Waves wiki launched — bounties available

    Waves is launching its wiki pages, where you’ll be able to find out anything you need to know about the platform — from tutorials on how to get started, mining and using the API to information about the many different projects and crowdsales running on it.

    Visit: http://www.waveswiki.org/

    The first version of the wiki was created by the Waves core team, but it was always intended to be a community project and we hope that many people will join in and bring additional value to the wiki. As Waves grows, it will become impossible for any one person or group to know everything that is going on, so it’s vital to have a team of enthusiastic contributors.

    If you are interested in helping out, contact @KarlKarlsson or join #waveswiki on the Waves Slack. We’ve got a neat extension that rewards users with contribution points based on the amount of work they put in. Bounties are then paid out based on the collected points. There are bounties available in both WAVES and Incent (a reward programme and one of the first Waves tokens), as well as other tokens — drop us a line if you’d like to offer some of your project’s tokens as a reward!

  • Waves wallet available from Apple Store

    The lite client app has now been
    added to the App Store, allowing iPhone and iPad users to access their
    Waves accounts from their mobile devices.

    The Waves wallet has hit the Apple app store. After a lengthy process of verification, the app can now be downloaded for the full range of iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad — making the lite client accessible to a broad new tranche of users.

    Download here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/waves-wallet/id1233158971?mt=8

    The mobile app is a key part of Waves’ strategy to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to the mainstream. The lite client, which runs as a Chrome app or as html in any browser, enables anyone to use Waves with minimal technical knowledge and no blockchain download. The Android app was released several weeks ago and has proven a popular choice in the Waves community.

    ‘It’s clear that we shouldn’t be imposing any technical barriers on users if we want to see our platform adopted,’ comments Waves CEO Sasha Ivanov. ‘Moreover, user experience is key. Our designers have done a remarkable job making an app that is elegant and intuitive. The addition of the mobile app to the Apple Store a very welcome development which, along with our Android app, brings Waves’ functionality to almost anyone with a mobile device.’

    Whilst the Android platform has around 1.4 billion users, capturing the majority of the Chinese market, Apple devices have achieved greater market penetration in North America. In its 10-year history, the iPhone has sold more than 1 billion devices, and there are some 86 million owners in the US alone — accounting for more than 50% of overall smartphone usage. In China, meanwhile, the iPhone accounts for just 8% of the mobile phone market. ‘However these markets develop, mobile is the future and for most newcomers a mobile app will be their first experience of the Waves platform.’

    In due course, additional functionality will be added to the Android and iOS apps, including the decentralised exchange (DEX). The Waves lite client, Android and iOS apps are all available to download for free from www.WavesPlatform.com

    Waves on Telegram:

    Join Wavescommunity on telegram: https://t.me/Wavescommunity

    Join Waves News channel: https://t.me/wavesnews

    Wavesplatform team slack: http://wavesplatform.herokuapp.com/

    For more information or to download the Waves lite client, visit www.WavesPlatform.com

  • Waves hits dollar parity! market cap has passed $100 million

    Waves’ market cap has passed $100 million, as the price of WAVES moves above $1.

    Market cap isn’t everything, and the crypto markets are notoriously fickle. Nonetheless, it’s worth celebrating the fact that WAVES has achieved dollar parity for the first time.

    Back before Waves began its crowdfund in the summer of 2016, Sasha gave an interview explaining his hopes for the platform.

    Q: Where do you see things by this point in 2017? A: We want to have dozens of successful campaigns taking place on the Waves platform, established payment providers working on the Waves blockchain, and the reputation system effectively preventing abuse and fraud. And a market cap of around $100 million :)

    It has indeed taken Waves roughly a year to hit the $1 level, since it first began trading on Bittrex on 20 June 2016.

    For comparison, bitcoin first hit dollar parity on 9 February 2011, two years after its launch, at which point the entire bitcoin supply had a market cap of around $5.5 million. Given the fixed (100 million) supply of WAVES, a comparable landmark would be early June 2011, when bitcoin breached the $100 million mark on its way to its first proper bubble — peaking at $225 million before collapsing to less than a tenth of that. Ethereum, meanwhile, made a $100 million market cap on 18 January 2016, a little over five months after it launched and began trading on exchanges. Of course, like Waves, it started from a higher baseline than bitcoin, having crowdfunded $18 million the year before.

    One key difference is that bitcoin started out as an experiment — something no one had ever seen before. Waves, coming seven years later, launched into an environment that was actively exploring blockchain technology for real-world use cases. Whilst bitcoin’s early growth was driven by speculation and use on the dark markets, Waves’ growth is being driven by adoption and an ever-expanding ecosystem of projects — MobileGo, EncryptoTel, ZrCoin, Incent, WCT, and many, many more.

    The entire market cap of crypto overall is now in excess of $50 billion, with bitcoin still commanding over 50% of that. Five cryptocurrencies have topped the $1 billion mark: bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and NEM. When will Waves hit this new milestone, with $10 WAVES? ‘Maybe this time next year,’ says Sasha. ‘The crypto markets are going crazy right now, but we’ll probably need another few months at least.’

    Waves on Telegram:

    Join Wavescommunity on telegram: https://t.me/Wavescommunity

    Join Waves News channel: https://t.me/wavesnews

    Wavesplatform team slack: http://wavesplatform.herokuapp.com/

    For more information or to download the Waves lite client, visit www.WavesPlatform.com

  • Waves Platform Integrated in Microsoft Azure

    Waves, a Russian-made crowdfunding platform, is now available in the Microsoft cloud. By expanding the capabilities of its Blockchain as a Service, Microsoft will enable millions of developers of blockchain solutions to quickly launch crowdfunding projects.

    Waves Platform, a decentralized crowdfunding platform developed in Russia, is now available in the Microsoft Azure Blockchain as a Service cloud (BaaS). With Waves integrated in BaaS, developers are getting vast opportunities for offering a wide range of blockchain solutions.

    Check Azure here: https://azuremarketplace.microsoft.com/en-us/marketplace/apps/waves.waves

    “We welcome the integration of the Waves Platform in Azure Blockchain as a Service,” says Konstantin Goldstein, Microsoft Russia’s Principal Technical Evangelist. “It is a platform that enables developers to quickly launch ICO projects (a crowdfunding method), or issue tokens for loyalty programs, to name a few. This new addition to the BaaS pool of platforms contributes to shaping a unique environment for developers and for companies interested in blockchain projects. Blockchain as a Service will enable them to set up a blockchain infrastructure in one click, as well as integrate advanced technologies in their projects, such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and so on.”

    The introduction of Waves on BaaS provides new opportunities for companies and software developers who would like to issue tokens using a blockchain, for example.

    “Microsoft was one of the first major IT companies to officially acknowledge the potential of blockchain technology. Azure was designed to offer affordable solutions to companies that, due to their size, wouldn’t have enough resources to launch their own software platforms. Blockchain as a Service is a quick, economical, low-risk platform for deploying open blockchain protocols,” says Alexander Ivanov, CEO of Waves Platform. “As an open, flexible and scalable cloud platform, Azure has a lot in common with Waves. We are also looking at new ways of computing, and of making powerful functionality available to end consumers. I believe partnering with Microsoft will enable us to achieve big results.”

    Microsoft Azure already features a wide range of blockchain solutions, including Ethereum, Chain Core, Corda, Nxt, Lisk, and now Waves. Together, they form an elaborate ecosystem known as Blockchain as a Service, which supports the creation of all kinds of blockchain projects for all kinds of purposes and for companies of any size.

    Waves on Telegram:

    Join Wavescommunity on telegram: https://t.me/Wavescommunity

    Join Waves News channel: https://t.me/wavesnews

    Wavesplatform team slack: http://wavesplatform.herokuapp.com/

    For more information or to download the Waves lite client, visit www.WavesPlatform.com


    Evelina Lavrova

    Marketing & PR at Waves Platform

  • Waves Release Mainnet v0.6.5

    MAINNET Version 0.6.5


    This is a bug fix release. This version will work on existing blockchain.dat. You don't have to drop the blockchain.dat if you are not on a fork. But it's always better to download the blockchain from the scratch to ensure the correctness of the state.

    In this release:

    • Rollback issue that leads to forks was fixed.
    • Few DEX Matcher fixes.
    • Nodes connectivity issue was fixed.


  • Waves Community Site goes live!

    We’re launching Wavescommunity.com — a community hub for all things Waves.

    Visit: http://wavescommunity.com/

    The first port of call for businesses and newcomers to Waves is currently our official website, www.WavesPlatform.com. This gives an overview of what the Waves platform does, who we are, and links to downloads for our various wallet apps.

    But Waves is growing rapidly, with new projects being added on a weekly basis. Our community is expanding and people want to know what’s going on. It’s important that there’s a place that can explain more about the many different initiatives that are built on Waves, as well as offering tutorials and other information. And — because we’re fans of decentralisation — we know it’s better if this is something maintained by the community itself, rather than content being something that is dictated ‘from the top’.

    We’re launching the Waves Community Site as a ‘thank you’ and in the hope that it will become a great resource for the community. It will be maintained by the community — we’ve already had some interest in the job — and will feature all the regular updates from the team but also plenty of other news, information and community projects. In time, it may well also house an asset incubator, to help new projects get off the ground successfully. This will also provide a way to monetise the site and help to keep it independent.

    Take a look at http://wavescommunity.com/ and let us know what you think!

    Waves on Telegram:

    Join Wavescommunity on telegram: https://t.me/Wavescommunity

    Join Waves News channel: https://t.me/wavesnews

    Wavesplatform team slack: http://wavesplatform.herokuapp.com/

    For more information or to download the Waves lite client, visit www.WavesPlatform.com

  • Waves Platform and Digital October Education Center host Genesis Moscow Conference

    26th May Wavesplatform and Digital October Education Center host Genesis Moscow Conference — major networking event for the leaders of international and Russian Blockchain communities.

    For the first time ever, key figures of the international Blockchain community will gather in Moscow in order to exchange insights with Russian colleagues and answer any of their questions. This conference serves primarily as a platform for communication, networking, discussion and exchange of views on the development, implementation, application and regulation of Blockchain technology. Visitors will have a unique opportunity to communicate directly with the Blockchain masterminds, discuss prospects, convey their point of view, and perhaps to dispel some myths that still exist in the industry.

    “Dealing with these cutting-edge and disruptive technologies, we can easily forget that building businesses is a very human endeavour. The technology is not an end in itself, it is a means to an end. As a leader in the blockchain space, Waves realises that you can’t go it alone. We wanted to give people the opportunity to meet with international experts, this is why we’ve decided to organize the first conference of it’s kind.” — says sasha ivanov, CEO Waves Platform and one of the organizers of the conference — “Blockchain is a connecting, democratising technology, but working solely online does not leverage that to best effect. There’s no substitute for building relationships, forging partnerships, collaborating on new projects for mutual benefit. And the best way to do that is to bring people together and learn from each other — peer to peer.”

    «At the moment, the community is of an extremely decentralized structure — in my opinion, even too decentralized,» says Artem Tolkachev, Director and Head of Legal for Tech Group at Deloitte CIS, one of the leaders of the Russian Blockchain community.«However, as the technology evolves, the community evolves through personal development of the participants, most of whom are experiencing rapid professional growth.»

    Genesis Moscow Conference is set to be attended by more than 500 people. The idea is to connect international and Russian Blockchain movers and shakers by offering a common platform for networking and exchanging insights. There will be eight top speakers altogether who will give a 45-minutes presentation followed by a 45-minutes Q&A session.

    Digital October have already arranged several Blockchain-themed talks starring the likes of Vitalik Buterin and Sasha Ivanov as well as educational Blockchain workshops for entrepreneurs, enterprises, top managers and general public.

    The language of the event is English.


    • Alexander Ivanov, founder and CEO of Waves Blockchain platform
    • Charlie Shrem, well-known American entrepreneur, Bitcoin pioneer and Blockchain visionary, former co-founder and CEO of BitInstant, Founder of the Bitcoin Foundation
    • Mika Lammi, Head of IoT Business Development at Kouvola Innovation Oy, the city of Kouvola owned business development company located in South-East of Finland
    • Paolo Taska, Economist specialising in P2P Financial System in FinTech. Senior Advisor of the Beihang Blockchain & Digital Society Laboratory in Beijing

    More detailshttp://genesismoscow.com/

    Waves on Telegram:

    Join Wavescommunity on Telegram:https://t.me/Wavescommunity

    Join Waves News Channel:https://t.me/wavesnews

    Wavesplatform Team Slack:http://wavesplatform.herokuapp.com/

    For more information or to download the Waves Lite Client, visitwww.WavesPlatform.com

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