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  • Waves  TestNet 0.8.5 Released

    In this release:

    • optimizations to minimize memory footprint: we still keep at least 100 blocks in memory, but chunk sizes depend on amount of transactions.
    • various Block Headers api methods available at /blocks/headers/ allowing to request block headers(e.g. blocks w/o transaction bodies)
    • REST API availablility improvements
    • Various fixes, incl. node sometimes getting stuck

    New settings in waves.conf:

    • waves.blockchain.max-transactions-per-block-diff - Max transactions per block diff, affects size of atomic persistence, default value is 1000

    • waves.blockchain.min-blocks-in-memory - Amount of blocks in memory. Fast rollback is possible up to this value, default value is 100

    • waves.matcher.order-cleanup-interval - Clean-up interval for expired orders on matcher, default value is 5m

    • waves.blockchain.in-memory-chunk-size and waves.blockchain.in-mem-chunks-amount are not used anymore We recommend to set Xmx parameter to 4G in case of transaction storage turned on, and 2G if you switched off transactions storage.


    Then transactions storage is turned off some API method calls could produce invalid results. We will fix it later.


    When updating from version 0.8.x, there's no need to delete blockchain or state files, just update executables. If you are updating from earlier versions, please be sure to read 0.8.0 release notes.



  • Waves-NG stress test is under way!

    The Waves-NG stress test is successfully under way on the Waves testnet! You can view the progress of the test and see how many transactions our new network protocol is capable of processing by visiting https://waves-ng.wavesplatform.com.

    Waves-NG is a ground-breaking new blockchain consensus protocol based on the Bitcoin-NG proposal. This next-generation algorithm offers an innovative new approach to processing transactions. Instead of miners being selected periodically and then adding pending transactions to the blockchain, as in bitcoin, the next miner is chosen in advance and fills a newly-created block with transactions as they are submitted — almost in realtime. This dramatically increases network throughput, and will enable Waves to process hundreds of transactions per second.

    The test is going very well so far, with the network regularly processing more than 5,000 txs per minute, and we hope to be able to deploy Waves-NG on mainnet later this month. It will be a huge step forwards for Waves, making it the fastest blockchain platform in the world. Thank you for your help!

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  • Waves-NG stress test: results in!

    NG will go live on mainnet in mid-December, with an expected throughput of 6,000 transactions per minute.

    The results of the Waves-NG stress test are in. The test ran from 8–10 November, with 30 nodes participating on testnet. A total of 3,000 people submitted transactions to these over the course of the 48-hour test, and the outcome was pretty impressive.

    The nodes processed a total of 4.6 million transactions, giving an average throughput of 2,000 txs/minute. Peak bandwidth was 17,000 txs/minute. When it comes to running the software on mainnet, we expect nodes to be able to process up to 6,000 txs/minute, or 100 per second.

    We’ll be releasing Waves-NG on mainnet in two weeks, with activation occurring mid-December. Stay tuned, and thanks for supporting this historic blockchain venture!

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  • Rewards to rise for mining and leasing WAVES!

    With Waves-NG just around the corner and rewards set to increase to around 5% per year, it’s a great time to start mining WAVES and generating an income from your holdings.

    Miners rewards are about to rise substantially! The terms for miners are changing, making running a node or leasing your balance even more profitable. Projections are that miners will be able to earn up to 5% annually on their balances — not taking into account expected increases in transaction volumes, or the price of WAVES.

    Not only that, but the Waves platform has just successfully tested the NG consensus protocol, which promises vastly increased speeds and throughput on the blockchain. Once NG is released on mainnet in mid-December, we expect the network to be able to process around 6,000 transactions per minute — making it the fastest production blockchain in the world, with many more transaction fees to distribute.

    Mine WAVES for profit

    With the number of transactions rising steadily over the past few months, and about to take another step up as NG goes live, there are new opportunities for miners to generate an income from their holdings. All you need is 10,000 WAVES and a simple hosted server to run the client — you won’t need any specialist hardware. You can find guides on how to get set up at https://www.cryptocompare.com/mining/guides/how-to-mine-waves/. You’ll receive all of the transaction fees from the blocks you process, in WAVES and other assets, as well as rewards in the form of the Miners Reward Token (MRT). The total annual rewards earned by miners will increase by up to 5% in the beginning of 2018.

    Lease your WAVES

    If you don’t have 10,000 WAVES or don’t want to maintain a node, you can always lease your balance to a miner or mining pool. Simply click on the Leasing tab in the lite client and assign your balance to the address of the mining pool you want to use. By doing this, you support the network and get paid rewards, but won’t have to run a node yourself. Leased balances remain in the full control of the owner — they never leave your account — and you can cancel the lease and unlock the WAVES for your own use at any time, with just two clicks.

    You can find more information and a list of mining pools at http://wavescommunity.com/leasing. Different pools pay out different proportions of their revenues, in WAVES and MRT, as well as sometimes their own assets. Lease or mine WAVES, secure the network, help process transactions and get paid!

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  • Waves Pre - Release TestNet 0.8.6

    In this release:

    • Reimplemented and improved syncing mechanism to fix nodes getting stuck / end up on a fork
    • PaymentTransaction will be deprecated and will not be accepted after hardfork height = block version 3
    • peers.dat format is now human-readable json
    • wallet.dat format is now encrypted json
    • UTX Pool maximum size increased to 100k txs

    New settings in waves.conf:

    • In section waves.network.traffic-logger, ignore-tx-messages and ignore-rx-messages declare ignored message types, e.g. data of these types will not be logged, default values are [23, 25] and [25].
    • waves.matcher.rest-order-limit limits amount of orders exposed via API, default value is 100
    • In section waves.synchronization.invalid-blocks-storage, max-size and and timeout declare amount and timeout for blockIds that have been discovered as invalid so they won't be requested again in the future, default values are 30000 and 1 day
    • waves.utx.cleanup-interval defines an interval for utx to re-validate all transactions, default value is 5 min

    API Changes:

    • /waves/externalPayment, /waves/signPayment, /waves/broadcastSignedPayment, /waves/createdSignedPayment are now discontinued
    • /waves/payment now creates and broadcasts a TransferTranscation instead of PaymentTransaction
    • LeaseTransaction info via API now exposes the lease state(Active/Canceled)


    • When updating from version 0.8.x, given the node is on a fork with height ~ 202K there's no need to delete blockchain or state files, just update the executables.
    • If you are on some other fork, it's best to drop all data, both blockchain.dat and state.dat.
    • If you are updating from earlier versions, be sure to read 0.8.0 release notes.



  • Waves-NG launches on mainnet

    The major new upgrade to our consensus algorithm will be rolled out today and is expected to activate later this month.

    Scalability is a concern for any blockchain that aims to be enterprise-ready, and yet few crypto platforms have addressed this satisfactorily. Bitcoin currently struggles along with a capacity of around 3 transactions per second, with Ethereum managing 5 tps. Obviously, such throughput is not enough to support the mass adoption for which Waves was designed.

    Over the course of this year, the Waves team has been developing a new consensus algorithm based on Bitcoin-NG, a protocol developed for Bitcoin by Emin Gün Sirer, Co-Director of the Initiative for Cryptocurrencies and Contracts at Cornell. Updated for Waves’ proof-of-stake network, Waves-NG is capable of supporting 100 transactions per second — making Waves the fastest decentralised blockchain system in the world.

    With the help of the community we have thoroughly tested the new algorithm and it’s now ready to release on mainnet. Activation will be triggered by our new Waves Activation Protocol, which is designed to ensure that activation of features requiring a hardfork occur safely and predictably.

    Once nodes have updated with the new version, miners can start setting approval flags in their blocks. After 5,000 blocks (around 3.5 days), the Protocol checks to see how many miners have signalled acceptance of the new features. If a minimum of 4,000 blocks (80%) have approved the fork, it is automatically activated after a further 5,000 blocks.

    We have set the hardfork for block 795,000, which is estimated to occur at around midday GMT on Friday 15 December 2017. Voting will end 3.5 days later, on 18 December, and activation will take place on 22 December. All being well, then, we will see Waves-NG up and running before Christmas, alongside a major new upgrade to the wallet. We’ll keep you posted on progress at this very important time in our history!

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  • Waves hosts launch event for major platform update

    The release of this flagship upgrade to the client and network will be hosted in Amsterdam on 13 December.

    Waves is counting down the days to a huge moment in its history: the launch of its key Blockchain Update, also known as the Waves Client 1.0. This is a pivotal moment in the development of the company and platform and represents many months of hard work. We want as many of the community to be present for the big event, as well as journalists and members of the wider crypto and fintech world.

    What’s new?

    The update represents a complete overhaul of the user interface, as well as significant tech upgrades. The client has been comprehensively redesigned for a clean, intuitive user experience, just like a traditional online banking application. Similarly, the DEX interface has been totally reworked. The UI now includes many of the tools and indicators used by professional traders and would not look out of place on a top-tier crypto exchange, whilst remaining straightforward enough for newcomers to access easily.

    The Waves team will demonstrate the main features of the release personally to each participant at the event. We believe this launch marks the point at which cutting-edge new blockchain technology truly comes to the mainstream, combining a familiar user-friendly interface with powerful peer-to-peer functionality.

    What to look out for

    The event will feature a number of speakers and presentations by the Waves team and members of the community:

    • CEO and founder of the Waves Platform, Alexander Ivanov, will talk about the journey so far, and where we’re going next: what we have achieved in 2017, and what’s coming up for us in 2018. This will include a Product Roadmap, upcoming partnerships and new infrastructure projects worldwide.
    • Our key legal partner, Deloitte, represented by Artem Tolkachev, will offer a profound insight into how crypto and the blockchain sector will be regulated in the coming months and years, and our role in this process.
    • Our dedicated partner and node holder in Amsterdam, Wavesnode, will be introduced as our official representative in Amsterdam and the Netherlands.
    • Waves project OceanLab will also give insights into their work, and how the Waves infrastructure is being used by real-life business applications.

    After the official presentations, there will be two Demos. We’ll be taking guests through a full, hands-on experience of the new Waves Platform updates, including the wallet and the DEX, with our tech guys answering questions. Then there will be the chance to find out more about the crowdsale projects that will come to Waves in 2018, including TMT Crypto Fund, RAWG, Simdaq and many more. Of course, we’ll be making plenty of time for the party, too.

    The event will take place at 18:00–23:30 on 13 December at Van Diemenstraat 20–200 1013 NH Amsterdam.

    The online registration form is available here: https://goo.gl/LQSQpL

    We look forward to seeing you there!

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  • Waves Release Mainnet & Testnet Version 0.8.8

    In the release

    This is a bug fix release. Update from version 0.8.7 is inessential if you haven't experienced any difficulties.

    • Updated official peers list
    • New REST API endpoint: /node/status which returns heights (of state and blockchain) and the last time these heights were updated
    • The REST API method /blocks/height is reporting now the correct height during node's startup
    • Several NPE errors were fixed
    • DEB package installation scripts were updated


    When updating from version 0.8.7, there's no need to delete blockchain or state files, just update executables. If you are updating from earlier versions, please be sure to read 0.8.7 release notes.



  • Waves Exchange Update - Binance lists WAVES/BTC

    The huge exchange is expected to bring significant new liquidity to the Waves ecosystem.

    Binance, one of the world’s most popular crypto exchanges, is adding WAVES to its extensive list of currencies. The WAVES/BTC pair will bring a large number of new traders and a significant influx of capital to the token, helping to pave the way for the next wave of global adoption.

    China-based, but international

    Binance (the name is a combination of ‘binary’ and ‘finance’) is a Shanghai-based cryptocurrency trading site that serves the Chinese, Japanese and Korean markets. Despite only launching earlier this year, on 14 July 2017, Binance has quickly built volumes of hundreds of millions of dollars, with ETH, BTC and several other currencies seeing eight-figure dollar equivalents changing hand every day. Binance comfortably sits within the Top 5 of exchanges by volume.

    Although Binance had to deal with the crackdown on ICOs in China shortly after launch, it managed to escape largely unscathed due to the fact it is registered outside of China, with servers also outside the country. The company held a successful fundraiser less than two months after its launch, and boasts a star team, with major industry figures from Morgan Stanley, and OKCoin heading up the project. Rather than being solely an exchange — albeit an extremely popular one — Binance has positioned itself as forward-looking and also offers an ICO platform, blockchain media section, and blockchain funds too.

    “Waves has consistently shown itself to be an innovative, serious platform in the blockchain space,” comments Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, who previously served as Head of Development at Blockchain.info and CTO of OKCoin. “There are strong parallels and synergies in what the two platforms are seeking to achieve in terms of scaling and adoption, user experience and the mainstreaming of blockchain technology via every avenue possible. We welcome WAVES to Binance and believe this will be the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership.”

    High-performance platform

    Binance has positioned itself as a high-performance exchange able to meet the large and increasing demand for crypto trading. Its order engine is capable of handling 1.4 million transactions per second; its UX is cross-platform and can be accessed on a wide range of devices; trading fees are just 0.1%; and fiat trading is dealt with via USDT — putting it in a more relaxed regulatory position than if it dealt directly with fiat currencies.

    “Exchanges like Binance are the future of crypto trading,” comments Waves CEO Alexander Ivanov. “With a professional team, advanced platform and plans to decentralise their order engine, it’s great to be partnering with an organisation who have a real vision for how this sector should look and where it’s going in the coming months and years.”

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