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  • Waves Release Test net 0.7.3

    Testnet 0.7.3

    • MakeAssetNameUnique transaction was removed
    • New validation rules for CreateAliasTransaction

    We've removed MakeAssetNameUnique transaction because it's considered useless. Also we've hardened alias string constraints, now it's limited to lower case ASCII letters, numbers and 4 special symbols ('.', '_', '-', '@'). Because of this we are going to restart Testnet from last valid block. Please, remove blockchain.dat and state.dat upon update.


  • Waves Pre Release GUI v0.4.32 (Addes Bitcoin Cash)

    Added Bitcoin Cash (BCC)


  • DEX integrated within Waves Android client

    The new release means that users can enjoy all the functionality of the lite client from their mobile devices.

    A new version of the Waves Android client has been released, updating the mobile wallet with the full range of features and benefits of the standard desktop lite client.

    At a time when traditional exchanges are coming under scrutiny once again — both as the bitcoin fork takes its toll on exchange operations, and as BTC-e is shut down by authorities investigating the laundering of funds from the MtGox debacle — it is more important than ever to offer a user-friendly, safe and reliable trading experience.

    From today, the Waves community will be able to enjoy all the powerful and diverse functionality of the DEX from an Android smartphone or tablet. It is possible to create Matcher orders, view bid and ask depth, and trade crypto tokens directly against each other with all the speed and security of Waves’ decentralised exchange.

    “Waves was designed from the outset to make blockchain tokens accessible to everyone and to bring cryptocurrency to the mainstream,’ comments Waves CEO, Sasha Ivanov. ‘The ability to access all the functionality of the platform from a mobile device isn’t just a desirable add-on — it’s a fundamental requirement to put crypto in the hands of anyone and everyone who wants to use it. The DEX is right at the core of the Waves ecosystem and I’m pleased to be able to announce it’s now an integral part of the Android client. Once again our dev team deserves credit for this important new milestone.”

    Join Wavescommunity:http://wavescommunity.com/ Join Waves News channel:https://t.me/wavesnews Join Waves twitter:http://twitter.com/wavesplatform Join Waves Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/wavesplatform/

  • Gazprombank Digital and Waves Platform enter strategic partnership

    GPB Digital, the digital arm of Gazprombank, Russia’s third largest bank, has signed a memorandum concerning a strategic partnership with the Waves Platform.

    After initial hesitancy concerning bitcoin and blockchain, Russia is now embracing the new suite of technologies — and Waves is at the forefront of the movement.

    Most recently, Gazprombank Digital, the digital division of the well-known bank, has entered into a partnership aimed at providing clients with comprehensive initial coin offering (ICO) services and customised blockchain solutions — specifically tailored for the Russian metals and mining sector.

    Gazprombank is the third largest bank in the Russian Federation, with presence in Switzerland and Luxembourg among other international markets. Waves will provide solutions for the introduction of innovative digital financing mechanisms, whilst GPB Digital will focus on developing financial technology solutions and — critically — bringing them to a mainstream banking client base, including corporate and investment banking customers.

    “Blockchain technologies are gaining ground, already allowing technology start-ups to raise significant amounts of funding in cryptocurrencies. ICOs are best-suited for small- and mid-size venture projects, but should not be limited to the technology sector alone. We see big potential in bringing cryptocurrency financing innovation to the real sector of the economy — in particular, to metals and mining exploration and development projects. We are pleased to cooperate with the Waves Platform and are confident that our joint efforts will help bring real projects that meet very high standards of financial soundness and risk disclosure to cryptocurrency investors,” comments Maxim Ermilov, Chief Executive Officer of GPB Digital.

    Under this agreement, GPB Digital will communicate and promote the long-term advantages of the innovative ICO financing mechanism to companies in the real-world (rather than digital) sector of the Russian economy, starting with metals and mining. In addition, one of the key objectives is to raise the quality of projects offered to ICO investors, bringing the standards of financial analysis and risk disclosure closer to the ones qualified investors in traditional financial instruments expect.

    “Our partnership is a significant step towards mass application of blockchain technology. Presently, initial coin offerings are not regulated and carry significant risks for investors. Our strategic partnership with GPB Digital, the daughter company of Gazprombank, will allow us to generate a high-quality deal flow for global cryptocurrency investors. It is an important step forward for the entire blockchain industry, in Russia and across the world,” adds Waves founder and CEO Sasha Ivanov.

    Join Wavescommunity: http://wavescommunity.com/ Join Waves News channel: https://t.me/wavesnews Join Waves twitter: http://twitter.com/wavesplatform Join Waves Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wavesplatform/

  • Waves Release Android v1.1.2 ( DEX integrated within Waves)

    Mobile DEX


  • Waves Pre Release GUI v0.4.33


    • Added a warning about depositing to Ethereum smart contracts
    • Added confirmations for potentially bad orders on DEX (deviation is more that 10% from current market price)
    • Added QR-code for Ethereum depositing


    • Removed redundant errors from DEX
    • Fixed doubling errors throughout the app
    • Fixed deposit window lags when Coinomat is inaccessible
    • Fixed assets sorting in portfolio


  • Waves Release Testnet v0.7.4

    This release fixes a regression introduced in 0.7.3 which caused transactions to be always rebroadcasted to peers, even when the transaction had already been added to the UTX before, which caused network load to increase exponentially and in the end resulted in an OutOfMemoryError.

    Other notable changes:

    • Pending balance for an address, which pessimistically includes all balance decreases caused by transactions in UTX
    • Numerous Matcher improvements
    • Increased max transaction length to accommodate Issue Transactions
    • Bumped dependencies to newer versions

    If you are updating from 0.7.3, it should be safe to keep blockchain data. Otherwise, please remove blockchain.dat and state.dat upon update.




    Waves New Release Version 0.7.6

    This is a maintenance-only release, which fixes two issues:

    • UTX Pool no longer throws StackOverflowError when remove is called repeatedly (e.g. when rebuilding state from scratch)
    • recipient field in Transaction JSON no longer contains address: prefix, which fixes compatibility with 0.6.x

    When updating from 0.7.5, there's no need to delete blockchain or state files. If you are updating from 0.6.x, please be sure to read 0.7.5 release notes to familiarize yourself with recommended update procedure.


  • Waves Pre Release GUI v0.4.37

    Verified whoppercoin


  • Waves Release Mainnet & Testnet Version 0.7.7

    his is bug fix release.

    Following issues were fixed:

    • Known peers interchange was fixed, that will prevent node isolation
    • Mainnet official nodes list was updated (please, update known-peers parameter in your configuration file according to waves-mainnet.conf)

    When updating from 0.7.x, there's no need to delete blockchain or state files. If you are updating from 0.6.x, please be sure to read 0.7.5 release notes to familiarize yourself with recommended update procedure.


  • Waves Pre Release GUI v0.5.0


    • Aliases support


  • Waves Pre Release GUI v0.5.1

    Added WPC ticker for whoppercoin


  • Waves New Website is live


  • Waves Release Version 0.7.8 (Mainnet & Testnet)

    This is bug fix release.

    Following issues were fixed:

    • Incorrect handling of fork that contains an invalid block
    • Failure to establish new network connections after changing of host IP address

    Both issues may lead to the stalled node. If you experienced node's failure to append new blocks, please update.

    WARNING The workaround for the second issue is node shutdown. If you start your node from the command line (e.g. java -jar ...) your node will stop working in case of network failure. Users of DEB package are safe because in this case the node will be restarted automatically by systemd/upstart script.

    When updating from 0.7.x, there's no need to delete blockchain or state files. If you are updating from 0.6.x, please be sure to read 0.7.5 release notes to familiarize yourself with recommended update procedure.


  • Waves Pre Release GUI v0.5.3 - Litecoin & Zcash Gateway


    • Litecoin gateway
    • Zcash gateway
    • QR-code for the account address


    • Minor CSS fixes


  • Waves Pre Release GUI v0.5.5

    Removed green verification marks


  • Waves Release Testnet Version 0.8.0

    TestNet 0.8.0

    In this release:

    • Waves Feature Activation Protocol (will be activated on TESTNET on Monday, October 16, 2017 9:00:00 UTC)
    • Feature to reduce required balance for mining to 1000 Waves (Feature ID: 1)
    • Feature to activate NG protocol (Feature ID: 2)

    NOTE 1

    Please, remove files blockchain.dat, state.dat and peers.dat after upgraiding to the version.

    NOTE 2

    Waves Feature Activation Protocol will be turned on the old way by timestamp. But new features (1 and 2) have to be activated according to the activation protocol. Please, read Waves Features Activation Protocol article and change your node's configuration file accordingly. By default, mining nodes will vote for NG activation (Featue ID: 2). And it will be approved after 3000 blocks and activated after another 3000 blocks.


  • Waves Pre Release GUI v0.5.8

    Fixed Reverted previous fix


  • Waves Release Testnet v 0.8.2

    TestNet 0.8.2

    In this update

    • Various NG fixes and tunings
    • Acceptable block time drift reduced to -100ms from -15 seconds


    When updating from version 0.8.x, there's no need to delete blockchain or state files, just update executables. If you are updating from earlier versions, please be sure to read 0.8.0 release notes.


  • waves  TestNet 0.8.4 Released

    In this release we introduce optimizations to minimize memory footprint:

    • Configuration setting to turn off transactions storage, that allows saving space in memory and on disk
    • In-memory state was reimplemented in order to reduce memory consumption
    • MVStore's page size was decreased to 4Kb

    New settings in waves.conf:

    • waves.mvstore-page-split-size - allows to change size of MVStore in-memory pages, default value 4096 bytes
    • waves.blockchain.store-transactions-in-state - allows to switch transactions storage in state, default value "on"
    • waves.blockchain.in-memory-chunk-size - sets the size of in-memory blocks window, the smaller value reduces the memory footprint, default value is 5
    • waves.blockchain.in-mem-chunks-amount - number of in-memory windows, default value is 10, the fast rollback is possible up to in-memory-chunk-size * in-mem-chunks-amount blocks

    We recommend to set Xmx parameter to 4G in case of transaction storage turned on, and 2G if you switched off transactions storage.


    Then transactions storage is turned off some API method calls could produce invalid results. We will fix it later.


    When updating from version 0.8.x, there's no need to delete blockchain or state files, just update executables. If you are updating from earlier versions, please be sure to read 0.8.0 release notes.


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