Radium Update #35 — Radium Core Airdrop Verification

  • We are very excited to announce our new collaboration with Kekcoin, a new cryptocurrency that has been launched a few days ago. You can find more information about Kekcoin on their website.

    The distribution model Kekcoin have chosen is the so-called “airdrop” model whereby a big portion of an initial premine is distributed to people who register and validate their identities. We at Radium Core have provided assistance and consulting on having this validation performed on the Radium SmartChain. In order for users to be able to claim an airdrop they will have to register their bitcointalk account name on the Radium SmartChain and record a file as per the airdrop instructions. Quite a few users have already registered and we find it very exciting to see the Radium SmartChain being actively used!

    Aside from helping Kekcoin get off the ground, we believe this is a very useful cryptocurrency orientated use-case for the SmartChain. Our goal is to develop some python based tools that other new cryptocurrencies can easily use to implement the system that Kekcoin is using for airdrop validation using the Radium SmartChain. We will have more details on this soon.

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