Golos Chain Pre - Release v0.17.0rc1

  • @GolosChain
    • Remove category object
    • Implement optional discussion language tagging
    • Implement user-issued assets
    • Automatic witness downvoting
    • Absence of archiving ability for some comments
    • Database API get_discussions_by_* methods failure with empty json_metadata
    • Increase withdraw intervals amount
    • Comment reward beneficiaries
    • Golos power delegation for voting and bandwidth
    • Stop using STEEMIT_NULL_ACCOUNT as a token storage
    • Change comment payout periods
    • Update "trending" to use same algorithm as "hot"
    • Move children_rshares2 out of consensus or get rid of it entirely
    • Allow replies on paid comments
    • Remove unused chain2
    • get_discussions_by_* API returns std::bad_alloc
    • Change the discussion payout protocol
    • Change Comment Payout Periods
    • Equalize per block rshare value
    • Rewrite time library as golos::time, don't use NTP by default
    • Remove discussion rewards code
    • Comment reward pool

    Public testnet:




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