Aventus Social Bounty Campaign Update

  • Hi Aventus Community!

    We would like to thank you all for your great contributions and for helping us spread information about Aventus to an even wider audience. You’ve helped us gain almost 2000 Twitter followers, and over 1000 Slack users.

    However, as you know, our crowd sale has been postponed to late August (exact date will be announced in the coming weeks), which of course affects the social bounty campaign and how it will operate in the future. This blog post announcement serves to clear up any confusion and tell you all about our future plans.

    Firstly, the current social bounty campaign detailed here will end at the end of this week (23 July). The total reward for this bounty, to be distributed amongst all participants, is 0.75% of the total supply of AVT. All participant stakes will be calculated and finalised next week.

    Next week, our new social bounty campaign will begin and run till end of August when our token sale occurs. This will also have a total reward of 0.75% of the total supply of AVT. The new campaign will have different rules from the campaign prior. We will be announcing these next week and will write another post about them.

    Finally, we must note that all bounty stakes for both campaigns will be paid latest 2 weeks after the end of our crowd fund period in late early September.

    For more information, please join us on Slack or read up on our blog.

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