Status Update — Where We Are, and What’s to Come

  • It has been a productive few weeks since the Contribution Period, with a lot of hard work being put into hiring, development, and design.

    If you have been active in the Slack channel you may have caught a glimpse of the new wallet UI refresh that we’re currently working to implement.

    We strongly encourage everyone to check out the Slack channel, as that is our main public communication tool. We will be gathering feedback from the community there soon, so if you have some suggestions of what you’d like to see in the Status app moving forward, let us know there or on the survey we will be distributing via email. We are very excited to start integrating feedback from the community into what we’re building.

    Fun fact: The Status Slack group was the largest crypto Slack community, with over 10,000 unique users at its peak before it was temporarily closed a few days prior to the Contribution period.

    Unfortunately, the large number of Slack users in our channel makes us a target for spam/phishing attacks. The entire crypto community has been hit with a growing number of scams, but many teams have been working together to raise awareness and come up with solutions to the problem. Read up more about the on going Slack spam/scam issues here (sadly there is no easy solution to the problem).

    There has been many in the community coming together to help with these issues, and the wonderful team at MyEtherWallet have provided help with a add-on that blocks blacklisted addresses. This has also been incorporated into the MetaMask add-on to help fight

    . We are also exploring alternatives to Slack across multiple teams, but haven’t yet identified a suitable alternative.

    Development & Hiring Updates

    Development has been progressive, and with additional resources available from the Contribution Period, we are now able to expand our development team. We’ve had a number of questions regarding what is “going on” development wise — remember you can always go and take a look in our Github to view the progress of updates in our React repo here (or try our nightly builds). This applies more broadly to open source projects, and following along with daily commits is a great way to understand where a project is headed.

    A visual for the last month of progress made.

    Key Takeaways:

    • We’ve surpassed 1,000 Github Stars to status-react!
    • 9,890 lines of code added
    • 2,640 lines deleted
    • 76 Merged pull requests, to the repository
    • 56 Current issues closed

    The process of recruiting new full-time team members has been going well — we’ve been trialing 5 new potential candidates from across the globe. We plan to keep a small, efficient, and dedicated team of developers over the next year — and moving forward we will be providing profiles/bios on each new full-time team member.

    If you enjoy Clojurescript or Golang, and you’re interested in joining us, keep an eye on our open positions here, or learn how to contribute on our Wiki.

    Truffle has created a Truffle Box framework with everything you need to start using smart contracts from a react app on mobile. This makes it very simple to get started hacking away at your DApp on Status.

    We will have some more details in the coming week in regards to our bug bounty — what was discovered and community feedback. This will be in the form of a blog post and will go into more detail about what was found and what we are doing next with the information.

    Next Steps & Communication Moving Forward

    We will begin rolling out the first steps of our strategy for providing regular updates for the community over the next few weeks, working towards keeping the development of the Status Network transparent and open to feedback.

    The first steps of our update regimen will be in form of “fireside chats”, which we plan to host about every 2 weeks on Slack. These chats will provide a valuable source of current development news, directly from the Status team. Along with the twice monthly chats, we will also start surveying the community on development preferences — we want to provide a vehicle for our users to voice their opinions.

    It is extremely important to us that our user community has the opportunity to help steer the direction of the Status Network. We believe that this type of engagement improves Status to better fit user preferences, builds the strength of the community and trust in the Status team. Be sure to check the Slack channel regularly, as we will be launching the first surveys within the next two weeks.

    Now that support requests have begun to settle down after the Contribution Period, blog updates will now be released on a regular schedule once again. Be sure to be on the lookout for the next few updates, which will include some partnerships that we’ve been working on behind the scenes, resuming our ongoing interview series, the full details of the fireside chat and surveys, the first details regarding our upcoming Ambassador/Evangelist program, and the results of the pre-Contribution Period Bug Bounty program. You can always keep updated with Status on:

    Slack — Twitter — Facebook — GitHub — Reddit — Youtube

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