Introducing the district0x Voting dApp

  • Signal for the next marketplaces built by the district0x team

    We’re entering the fourth day of the district0x Network Fundraiser and the amount of support and kind words we’ve received from the community so far has been truly incredible. Thank you!

    One of the most exciting aspects of working on this project is that we’re not only able to source development ideas from the community, but that we’re also able to orchestrate and direct our resources based on our token holder’s wishes. Once district0x Network Tokens are distributed following the close of the contribution period, holders will be able to use their DNT to signal for which marketplaces are to be built next by the district0x team.

    District Proposals

    This is where the district proposal process comes in. We’ve committed to launching 5 different districts based on the community’s suggestions after the completion of Name Bazaar and Meme Factory. Prior to Aragon Core’s launch on the MainNet, proposals will have to obtain a quorum through a qualification process outlined here.

    Previously we mentioned that qualifying proposals would go to a purpose-built CarbonVote style voting process where users can stake DNT to signal for the next proposal of their choosing.

    Today, I’m happy to share the district0x Voting dApp is now live!

    How does it work?

    There are a few key steps needed to interact with the web dApp

    • Enable the MetaMask or Parity extension in your browser
    • Fund your MetaMask or Parity wallet with district0x Network Tokens
    • Click ‘Vote’ under the district you would like to signal for
    • Confirm the transaction via MetaMask or Parity extension

    Once confirmed, no DNT are moved from your address. Instead, the entire address’s DNT balance is assigned to one proposal of your choice. You can vote for multiple proposals from multiple addresses. You can submit another transaction at any time from the same address to change your selection. Finally, you add or remove vote counts from any confirmed addresses by simply sending or receiving DNT from or to that address.

    The total tally of votes can be seen in real-time on the voting dApp interface.

    What districts are on the first ballot?

    In less than 3 weeks, we have received 48 proposals for new districts from our community and we are extremely excited about the prospect of being able to bring some of these ideas to fruition. The following 6 submissions have received the most support from our community thus far, therefore they have added them to the initial ballot to be signaled for by district0x Network Token holders.

    1Hive Funding Platform — submitted by Luke Duncan of Hive Commons

    The 1Hive Funding platform would offer a standardized and accountable crowdfunding dapp on top of a curation market. Similar to Patreon or Kickstarter, an individual or group could champion a project and solicit support from the community to provide funding to bring the idea to market. The platform would support both funding milestones and time-based funding release mechanisms, and allow early supporters to benefit from a project’s success, thereby giving giving incentive to curate projects. — submitted by Eduardo Munoz of MetaX and AdChain

    As US digital ad spend reaches $82.86 billion in 2017 and 47% of online consumers use ad blockers, advertisers have been turning to influencer marketing in order to successfully reach their target audience. Influencer marketing can be defined as paying an influencer to advertise your product throughout their social media platforms. Through the Influencer District, advertisers will instantly discover their product’s ideal influencer in order to reach their campaign’s target audience. All of this with no platform fee. — submitted by Angelo

    A one-stop-shop for startups for listing, completing, verifying, and paying bounty programs to volunteers. Users will be able to search through available bounties and select those which they want to complete. Upon completion of a bounty they will be paid out and receive rewards. Teams will be able to easily and efficiently pay disburse payments to contributors who have fulfilled the requirements of any bounties. A verification process will be built in to verify that each job was successfully completed. — submitted by Chris Zwiebel

    The EtherAid network will connect willing donors directly with local charities, providing access to real-time emergency funds for those most in need, sourced from the global economy. The network will operate similar to a crowdfunding marketplace, but with several key distinctions. First, the receiver of funds (i.e. “charities”) would need to be vetted for quality ahead of time. Second, the money trail needs to be fully auditable to prevent fraudulent use of funds. Finally, the sender of funds (i.e. “donors”) will be provided with a certified tax receipt as is customary with charitable donations.

    LocalView — Submitted by Freight777

    Localview provides a decentralized review app powered by a curation market. The centralized nature of apps and websites like Yelp are sub-optimal, with advertisements competing for space and a focus on quantity of reviews. For dedicated reviewers, there is limited pay off for putting together higher quality reviews, and they are pushed towards other platforms. For those looking to consume reviews, they end up with long lists of low quality reviews or struggle trying to find those community experts. LocalView hopes to provide incentive for quality reviews and better information for casual users as a result.

    Decentraland District — Submitted by Decentraland

    Decentraland is an open source initiative to build a traversable virtual reality world. Within Decentraland, habitants can claim land as their own and build anything they wish upon it, from 3D artwork to fully immersive applications such as a VR poker room, for other inhabitants of the world to discover and enjoy. The Decentraland District will establish a secondary market for land ownership and rentals within the Decentraland virtual world, establishing a focal point for the exchange of parcels and providing a means of price discovery and liquidity for LAND owners.

    Future proposals

    Inspired with your own district idea? We’d love to see it submitted via our district proposal process.

    To incentivize the submission of thoughtful marketplace ideas, the following rewards will be issued:

    • 2500 DNT = Proposal submitted as issue, adheres to District Proposal Standard, and is ethical
    • 50000 DNT = Proposal obtains quorum
    • 500000 DNT = Proposal is launched as a new district on the district0x Network

    Note: Proposal incentive reward amounts are subject to change in the event of abuse of the system

    Learn More

    For more information about the district0x Network:

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