TenX - Dev update — July 21st, 2017

  • We are happy to have launched the special card order/claims landing page earlier this week. We’re heads down working on the product and getting card deliveries out to users. Every single day we are shipping out cards to users globally.

    On the community and support front, we are steadily working through support queries more efficiently with improved processes in place and staffing. This is allowing us to improve workflows in preparing cards for delivery and we are poised to get them out to users more quickly in the coming weeks.

    The community has steadily and organically grown since the token sale when we had around 700 users on Slack. Today we have over 7500 registered users on Slack, of which over 2000 are active weekly (users who have read sent messages) and 760 are active daily. The excitement for the product is palpable and we are with you every step of the way.

    An amazing video by Lawrence from the community Slack community stats, showing our weekly active users Slack community stats showing our daily active users

    This week’s quick update on the product side of things are as follows:

    Web app

    • Steady progress on the web app
    • Creating components for TenX style in React
    • Authentication and card order flow


    • Working on improvements for exchange rate
    • Trading engine
    • Evaluate security vulnerabilities
    • Implement card order waitlist
    • Some work on architecture


    • Continuing UX research and customer journey
    • Defining user experience strategy

    ETH and ERC20 stability integration

    • Work continues on the stabilisation of ETH and ERC20 integration on the TenX Wallet
    • Delivery goal: ETH and ERC20 tokens enabled by default for all TenX users

    If you want to keep up with our latest progress please:

    Hang out with us in our community Slack Follow TenX on Facebook Follow TenX on Twitter Subscribe to the TenX subreddit Subscribe to us on YouTube

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