Qtum Weekly Updates — Week of July 24th

  • Community Updates

    Distributed Trade Hackathon

    Distributed Trade Hackathon Congrats to the winner of the $10,000 Qtum prize at the Distributed Trade Hackathon: D-Rex (Distributed Real-time Energy Exchange). D-Rex creates a marketplace for financiers and providers to issue and purchase electricity futures. By creating a market for microfinancing generation of electricity D-Rex can crowdfund infrastructure to provide electricity for the 1.5 billion people in the world currently without it.

    The prize seems fitting to go to D-Rex since the Hackathon took place at St. Louis’s world-class start-up accelerator venue T-REX. You can check out their project on devpost.

    Thank you to all 15 teams that participated and spent their weekend building on Qtum and other platforms, we hope you had fun.

    Jordan Earls, co-founder of Qtum, speaking at Distributed: Trade

    Distributed Trade Jordan Earls, co-founder and lead developer of the Qtum Project, spoke at the Distributed Trade conference in St. Louis on July 24. Earls was on the panel titled “Investing in Digital Assets: Digital Currency, Token Sales and ICO funding Models.” Jordan was joined by Beth Schulte, Principal of UHY Advisors MO, Josh Rosenblatt, Attorney at Frost Brown Todd, Daria Generalova, Head of PR & Communications at Cyrptonomos, and Jeremy Gardner, Entrepreneur in Residence at Blockchain Capital.

    Bittrex & Binance

    Exchange Support Two more exchanges have listed Qtum. Qtum tokens can now be traded on Bittrex and will be available to trade on Binance on July 27th.

    Tim Draper

    Draper University For those interested in applying to Draper University, an awesome entrepreneurship school in Silicon Valley, Qtum will be giving away 50 Qtum tokens to the first 100 applicants of Draper U for this upcoming semester. We hope you learn a lot while you’re there, just as Patrick and John did! Apply at: rebrand.ly/apply and find out more at http://www.draperuniversity.com/

    Development Updates

    Changes made through this week to the core wallet:

    Bugs fixed: * [EVM/Consensus] Partially fixed a bug where the block gas limit was not completely enforced. A fix for the remaining issue is coming soon

    * [EVM/Consensus] Fixed a bug where multiple gas refunds to the same address and of the same amount could be left out of a block and still be valid, allowing stakers to potentially still gas refunds

    Work completed: * [Build/Documentation] Added instructions for building Qtum on OSX

    * [EVM/Consensus] Changed the EVM blockchain interface so that it behaves the exact same as in Ethereum, making Qtum smart contracts 100% compatible with Ethereum

    * [Consensus] Changed the “VM version” field within transactions to properly use our designed version format, and enforce that the unknown versions are not allowed on the blockchain

    * [P2P] Added several rules for standard transactions, including sane ranges for allowed gas limits, gas price, and VM versions

    * [Consensus] Added a consensus rule that extremely low gas-limit transactions are now allowed on the blockchain. This only affects executions that were not provided enough gas to actually execute anything anyway

    In-progress work and soon to be fixed bugs: * [SSP/Consensus] Final testing and bug fixing in Smart Stake Protocol is nearly complete

    * [DGP/Consensus] Final testing and bug fixing for DGP should be complete next week

    Qtum Roadmap

    Qtum Sparknet Launched

    The Qtum testnet, Sparknet, went live as scheduled on June 28th. If you’re a developer, you can get started creating applications on top of Qtum and prepare to launch them once we release Qtum’s mainnet in September. Sparknet is now available for Windows, MacOS, and Ubuntu.

    To download the necessary software go to https://github.com/qtumproject/qtum/releases/tag/testnet-sparknet - For Qtum Testnet Tokens, visit our faucet: http://qtum.me/ - For the Qtum Blockchain Explorer, visit: https://qtum.info/ We encourage you to ask questions on our forum or slack.

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