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  • The Rouge Project is building a digital marketing coupon ecosystem

    Based on a decentralized application on top of the Ethereum blockchain platform

    Rouge Project vision

    1.The coupon platform

    The Rouge Project aims to implement a global and decentralized coupon platform and ecosystem between three types of actors: brands, the general public and content creators or publishers:

    • Brands, merchants or other entities (in this whitepaper, coupon “Issuers”) want to be able to define and distribute coupons for their existing or potential customers that offer a marketing privilege or voucher (typically x% off on a range of products, 1 product free for every n products bought, gift certificate, etc). 

    • Content creators or publishers (in this whitepaper, coupon “Publishers”) have digital real estates (blogs, online magazine, etc) and audiences to monetize. Advertisements for marketing coupon is an seductive option amongst other as a strategy of monetization. 

    • A large section of the general public (in this whitepaper, coupon “Users”) is very receptive to marketing coupon as an opportunity to discover and test with a discount new products they don’t know, or just buy at a reduced fare ones they are already fan with.

    The Rouge Project will build a coupon platform on top of the Ethereum to leverage its decentralized nature and smart contract paradigm. The project goal is to offer and maintain new kind of marketing coupon services that will be simpler to use, more secure, more flexible and more efficient for all actors of its ecosystem:

    For brands and merchants (coupon “Issuers”), it will be easier and cheaper to create and manage coupons. The platform based on smart contracts will

    also allow them to know valuable demographics information about who is acquiring and using each coupon. The individual tracking and cryptographic nature of each coupon will make their accounting self-evident, make them fraud-resistant (e.g. no double redemption) and will insure that an Issuer only pay a Publisher for the advertisement of a coupon distributed to a real User. 

    • For the general public (coupon “Users”), the platform and its smart contracts will give them strong guarantees on the marketing terms and real value of the coupon (e.g. that’s the end of the random error message, “this coupon is not valid anymore”) and will allow a secondary market where users will be able to transfer or resell coupons they acquired when they do not wish to use them personally. 

    • For content creators and publishers (coupon “Publishers”), thanks to the automatic and decentralized property of the platform, with no middlemen in the equation, they will receive a higher share of revenue stream from coupon ads. Plus the mere nature of this new kind of digital coupons which have a provable intrinsic value (i.e. that could be even resold on a secondary market) might even be a reinforcing factor to boost their own audience.

    2.Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and Cost Per Redemption (CPR)

    On the Rouge platform, the Issuer of a coupon, will only pay when the coupon is “acquired” or “redeemed” by a real and verified User (respectively Cost Per Acquisition - CPA - and Cost Per Redemption - CPR - payout systems). Symmetrically the Publisher will only receive a payout after a coupon has been acquired or redeemed by a real and verified User referred by him. At a low level, a coupon is just a unique key that can only be associated with one User identity at the same time. The associated User identity may change when a coupon is transferred or sold to another User. Digital signatures of all actors in the ecosystem (Issuer, Publisher and the active User) are attached to the key, enforcing its authenticity, making it impossible to repudiated, and insuring its terms to the User and the payout to the legitimate Publisher. A coupon is successively passing through these 3 states:

    • Free: the coupon has been issued but has not been yet acquired by any User; • Acquired: the coupon is associated with a User identity; • Redeemed: after the consumption of the promotion or voucher by the User.

    A coupon can only move from the “Acquired” state to “Redeemed” with the acceptance and proper signature verifications of both the User and the Issuer. The platform prevent early repudiation by the Issuer or double consumption by the User. Moreover, coupon have a period of validity which further restrict the passage from the “Acquired” to “Redeemed” state. In this system, mass coupon fraud is only possible if there is a cheap and easy way to associate fake User identity to a coupon (CPA system) and an automatic way to redeem the coupon (CPR system). We plan to bundle reputation schemes into the platform for all three types of actors to create unprofitable and unscalable conditions to these kind of fraud attacks. The Cost Per Acquisition payout system is particularly a easier target for malevolent Publishers. The platform will limit CPA payout for Publisher without a good reputation. The problem of verifying User identity will be outsourced to third party mechanisms. Either with other blockchain technologies or using social network authentication systems. It should be noted that the Rouge platform could also be used by Issuers when they want to distribute themselves the coupon to their contacts. This case is just a subset of our 3 actors model where an Issuer is also the Publisher of his own coupons (CPA/CPR will be close to zero in this case, except commission fees for the Rouge platform itself). Finally, the platform might offer the possibility of coupon with a mix CPA/CPR payout system.

    3.Rouge coupon example story

    Let’s describe step by step a concrete story to illustrate how the Rouge ecosystem could work (details of this example story might change during the development phase of the project, in particular payout/commision rates).

    • A Publisher, John, is renting space for potential Rouge coupon advertisement on its blog and the characteristics of this real estate is registered on the blockchain with smart contracts.

    • An Issuer, The DoBestClothes eshop, is creating a campaign with a pool of 100 coupons: each coupon allowing 20% discount on all tee shirts on his website from June 2017 to August 2017. Each individual coupon in the pool has a unique key and terms signed by the Issuer, and registered on the blockchain with smart contracts.

    • The eshop (Issuer) is choosing from the platform marketplace a few rules to control where its coupon will be advertised. One of the space automat ically chosen by the bidding system for DoBestClothes’ 

     coupon campaign is John’s blog website.

    • A reader on John’s blog, Marie, sees DoBestClothes’ coupon offer and decide to acquire it. She just needs a few clicks that involve linking the coupon with her identity on Facebook.

    • Marie may choose to redeem the coupon she just acquired on DoBest- Clothes eshop to buy a tee shirt with a 20% discount. The Rouge platform is offering merchants a simple API to check the validity of the coupon and avoid any “double-spending”/double-usage of it.

    • Marie may instead resell this coupon on the Rouge ecosystem second market to another User.

    • The bidding process has assigned a value (paid by the Issuer, DoBest- Clothes) to Marie coupon. 95% of this value is the payout to the Publisher John, 3% is the token network commission and 2% is the commission for the Rouge platform itself.

    • Depending on the model, CPA or CPR, the 95% payout to John is paid when the coupon is acquired by Marie or when the coupon is redeemed on DoBestClothes (by Marie or a second market buyer).

    • Advertisement for coupons displayed on John website that didn’t end up with a User acquisition or redemption (in respectively the CPA or CPR payout system) do not trigger the 95% payout. But the other commission fees might have to be paid (details in the next section).

    • For example, for all DoBestClothes coupons redeemed before its end date of validity (end of August 2017), the token network commission is freed and sent back to the eshop. But for all coupons expired before being redeemed, the token network commision is simply burned. This is a cost mechanism to disincentivize fake or low quality coupon or spam of the platform by malevolent Issuer.

    The Rouge Token (RGE)

    A specific ERC20 compliant token to use the Rouge platform and its services

    The project will create during a crowdsale period a specific ERC20 compliant token - the Rouge Token, or RGE - that will be exchanged between all actors in the ecosystem (Issuers, Publishers and Users) when using the Rouge platform and its services.

    • Coupon Issuers will use RGE to create and run marketing campaign with a complete control of the coupons issued and an atomic tracking of each coupon, from the time of their issuance to their potential final redemption. For the coupons already acquired, they will have access to valuable demographics and statistics on the Users acquired (with the limitation of respecting users privacy needs).

    • Every individual coupon will be issued with a “Reserve” value denominated in RGE and paid by the Issuer. This reserve will correspond to the maximum bid that an Issuer is ready to “pay” for the acquisition of the coupon by a User. 

    • At the time of the acquisition of a User, the surplus of RGE (difference between the bid and the reserve) will be transferred back to the Issuer. Smart contracts will also guarantee that the distribution of payout (CPA and/or CPR) and commissions to the Rouge ecosystem will follow the rules agreed by Issuers and Publishers. 

    • Coupon Publishers will receive the largest slice of the RGE stored in a coupon (the effective bid) every time a coupon get acquired (CPA) or get redeemed (CPR) by a User (TBD, but our preliminary target is 95% of the bid). 

    • A network commission (3% of the bid in our preliminary research) in RGE will be paid back to the Issuer for every coupon redeemed. This commission works as spam and fraud prevention and incentive to higher quality coupon terms. This commission will be burned for each coupon expired and not redeemed, in essence as a dividend to all RGE token owners. 

    • A platform commission (2% of the bid in our preliminary research) in RGE will be paid to the legal structure in charge of maintaining the Rouge ecosystem for each coupon issued. 

    • A secondary market for Rouge coupons will open on the platform to let Users exchange coupons or redeem them for RGE. This secondary market will also function as a way to measure quality of Rouge coupons. Issuers with a favorable quality track record will be offer privileged conditions on the platform.

    The Rouge ecosystem 

    Our aim is to implement an ecosystem that rely as much as possible on the Rouge token, smart contracts and more generally the underlying Ethereum platform which provides a strong decentralized global infrastructure. State channels will be used when necessary to give agility, speed in this ecosystem. Some marketing and high levels services might be kept off chain but will use the blockchain lowlevel services (similarly like website is to the bitcoin blockchain).

    Intuitive interfaces to easily create coupon, track their placement and use will be created. Publishers will also have their own interfaces and API to define spaces for coupon ads, follow the acquisition stream and their revenues. Finally, marketplaces to resell coupons between Users will be enabled through open standard and API. A legal structure (TBD) will be in charge of developing and at a later stage maintaining the coherence of the Rouge platform and ecosystem. It will be in charge of developing the framework of smart-contracts, commissioning audits and third parties intervention in the ecosystem. It will build high level and user friendly services to facilitate the participation in the ecosystem of all actors and promote them. The fee structure of the Rouge ecosystem will allocate to this legal structure a small percentage commission (the target is 2% but the it will be determined at a later stage) of the price paid by each coupon issued. Finally, this legal structure will be in charge of bootstrapping the project and its ecosystem using a strategy describe in the chapter 5: The Rouge Cocktail experiment.

    The Rouge Project Road map

    This is a preliminary roadmap that depends on many unknown factors at this stage.

    Phase I (Q3 2017) 

    The project will complete its team, seek feedback from the Ethereum community, and welcome pre-seed investors. The project will make choices to privilege long term sustainability of the development team and a partner-like relationship with its seed investors. During phase I, crowd sales of special RGX type tokens - representing discount for the Q4 RGE crowd sale will be organized. During this phase, the Rouge Cocktail experiment website (this strategy is explained in the chapter 5) is launched and a some test and demo implementation of the platform tested.

    Phase II (Q4 2017) 

    The goal of this phase is a demonstrate a fully functional - but minimalistic - ecosystem as describe in this white paper in the context of the Rouge Cocktail experiment website (except the secondary market for coupons). The crowd sale period should be achieved at the end of Phase II to be able to use RGE token in phase III.

    Phase III (Q1-Q2 2018)

    This phase will focus on the implementation of a secondary market to exchange
    and redeem Rouge coupons for Users as describe in our vision.
    The project will also start using real RGE tokens.

    Phase IV (Q3-Q4 2018) 

    The last phase will aim to the complete implementation of the Rouge standards, API, tools and user friendly high levels services for all actors.







    White Paper:

  • The Rouge Project Bounty Programs

    Bug report bounty program

    The project will award RGXB tokens as follow depending of the severity of the bug or problem reported :

    Typo/spelling mistake on twitter/the website/bitcointalk: 2 RGXB 

    Accepted improvements/suggestions github/the website: 20 RGXB (we reserve the right to disagree with your improvements/suggestions)

    Bug on the website/github: 100 RGXB (a function/feature is not working as expected) 

    Moderate security bug : 1000 RGXB (the bug could provoke major disruption in the ecosystem or leak non-public information) 

    Severe security bug: 10000 RGBX (the bug could result in financial loss for the project or its users - should be reported privately before a fix is available)

    Twitter bounty program

    You should have at least 90% real followers, with minimum 40 followers, and a minimum of 6 month old twitter account. Please register first here :

    You will be able to check the status of your registration about 24 hours after the submission on our bounty page :

    will be no RGXB distribution without prior acceptation of your twitter
    account. The conditions (follow, retweet, mention) should stay valid
    the end of the bounty campaign (1 week before the RGE crowd sale).

    (12 RGXB per follow + 2 RGXB * followers / 50 per retweet, 3 RGXB *
    followers / 50 per mention). No more than 1 retweet/mention per day.

    The newsletter affiliate program

    You can now register any Ethereum address on our bounty page
    Doing so will generate affiliate links that you can use anywhere (social media, emails, blog posts, etc).

    will receive 10 RGXB tokens for each person who will subscribe our
    Newsletter after following your affiliate link (max 100 persons).

    Translation bounty program

    Languages already taken :

    Mirallas   Turkish                   
    YouShallNotPass   Filipino
    GolumDeMort   Russian
    kamvreto   indonesia                    
    Aerys2   French                  
    Continuous   Portuguese    
    Bartolo   Spanish                
    qq767178175   Chinese       

    translation owner of a language must maintain the target language
    announcement up-to-date with the original until the RGE crowd sale
    start. He must also report to the Rouge Token team or
    the English
    thread questions or problems the local language community won't have
    been able to answer themselves. Translation owner will have access to
    the Rouge Slack Team to coordinate their work with us.

    If, your language is still available, please FIRST register with the following form :

    More to come : signature, ...

    Please keep the discussions about the project itself in the announce thread
    and reserve this thread only for questions and comments on the bounty


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