Adshares (ADST) Blockchain revolution in advertising

  • What is the Adshares Network?

    Adshares Network is a decentralized, peer-to-peer market for programmatic advertising. Adshares gives advertisers and publishers ability to trade directly without the need for centralized ad exchanges.

    What is the ESC?

    Enterprise Service Chain (ESC) is a blockchain that powers the Adshares Network. It is designed for superior performance and focused on micropayments.

    Enterprise Service Chain (ESC) is a block chain based software tool facilitating high volumes of simple transactions. In most cases, these transactions involve sending tokens between accounts, as is done with other crypto currencies. The name is derived from the concept of the Enterprise Service Bus1 in which a crypto currency is used as the protocol of communication.

    For More Details Read White Paper:

    Adshares (ADST) ISO Information:

    The Adshares ICO will be run on the Ethereum platform which uses an innovative formula that grants token buyers unique protection and at the same time aligns the incentives of founders with those of token buyers.
    ICO’s release funds after a defined time and minimum threshold of financing is reached. With our ICO, there is no defined deadline on which tokens are distributed. Instead, the ICO contract issues tokens continuously and keeps all the collected funds inside the contract, slowly releasing them to the ICO creator. Anyone not happy with speed or other aspects of project development can at any time resale their tokens to the contract at a price specified by the formula.
    To encourage early participation, the price of Adshares Tokens will gradually rise with the number of tokens in circulation. Price of token will be linearly proportional to the number of outstanding tokens.

    Note that the actual contract will operate in ETH, so final prices will determined by ETH market price by the time the contract is deployed and will be fixed in ETH terms from then on.
    A similar pricing formula will be used to calculate the price at which the ICO contract will buy back outstanding tokens. Each token will be bought for a price proportional to tokens in circulation and depending on funds remaining inside the contract.
    Adshares ICO will release up to 1% of funds outstanding in contract every week. This is maximum amount that can be released, but we plan to withdraw only minimal funds that are needed for development and keep the rest of the ether in contract to facilitate token buyback.
    After development of Adshares own blockchain, all holders of Adshares Tokens will be entitled to proportionally divide among themselves 50% of coins created in the new blockchain genesis block.

    As we can see in the chart above, market valuation of the project rises exponentially while token prices rise linearly. This means that early buyers of ICO Tokens do not lose when later participants inflate token supply.
    Early buyers acquired 10% of supply for $100k giving a $1M valuation. If later supply expands by 100% their share drops to 5% but token price rises by 100%, effectively giving $4M market valuation. This means their initial share is now worth $200k, so tokens can be sold for 100% profit.

    Adshares Token Sale

    Token distribution will start on ethereum block #3987200 (~July 7, 2017 08:45 UTC). Every buyer will receive ERC-20 compatilble Adshares Token (ADST)

    You cannot participate in ICO if you are a U.S. citizen, resident or entity (a “U.S. Person”) nor are you purchasing Adshares Tokens on behalf of a U.S. Person.

    Crowd sale Page:


    • Initial Coin Offering July 2017

    • Token Trading August 2017 

     Launch token trading on biggest cryptocurrency exchanges

    • ESC Blockchain Q4'2017 

    Bring ESC blockchain to production quality

    • Adshares Adserver Q4'2017 

    Adserver will be full solution dedicated to publishers and advertisers that will allow them to directly trade ads using Adshares Network

    • Web and Mobile Wallet Q1'2018 

    Secure and lightweight wallets to manage account on ESC blockchain

    • Bootstrap ads market H1'2018

    Connect to existing ad markets by creating various gateways that makes external inventory available through Adshares Network.

    • ESC Trading Q1'2018

    Start trading of esc blockchain tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges

    • Adshares Services H1'2018

    Launch on-demand in-network services like content classification or ad quality checking

    • Organic Growth

    Adshares will start to grow organically due to increasing network effects








  • Adshares (ADST) FAQ 

    Who can participate in the ICO?

    You can participate in ICO if you are not a U.S. citizen, resident or
    entity (a “U.S. Person”) nor are you purchasing Adshares Tokens on
    behalf of a U.S. Person.

    Who organizes ICO?

    ICO is operated by Picostocks Incorporated, Trust Company Complex,
    Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands MH96960

    There is no cap?

    There is none, but token price must rise in order to increase supply. If early investor worry about dillution it means that
    he is in profit,. He can exit ico and still make some money.

  • Adshares token (ADST)  is now listed on CoinMarketCap

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