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    Blocklancer is a so called Distributed Autonomous Job Market (DAJ)
    on the Ethereum platform, our vision of a completely self-regulatory
    platform for finding jobs and getting projects done. It will change the
    way freelancing works, both for customers and freelancers, and it will
    lift the reliability of freelancing to new heights.

    Find jobs
    Find jobs easily even without knowledge of what the blockchain is. You can
    search for jobs on our job market platform or build your reputation as a
    freelancer and get contacted directly by customers requesting your
    expertise. Simplicity is a core principle of this platform.

    Get jobs done
    In need of getting a job done? No problem! Simply create a job offer at
    our platform and wait for freelancers to take you up on your offer or
    contact trustworthy freelancers directly. It's as easy as it gets!

    With this project we want to tackle several issues that are currently
    prevalent in the freelancing world, including but not reserved to: fake
    reviews, getting the payment for your work reliably and the
    uncontrollable influence of a central authority figure.

    Guaranteed Payment
    On Blocklancer you only have to pay if you are 100 % satisfied with the
    work or if certain milestones are reached. And in case of a dispute the
    token holders will decide. Never again will you encounter unilateral
    decisions by a biased authority and an unfair money loss.

    Fair and Automated Settling of Disputes
    Never depend on a single authority to settle your disputes again. With our
    token holder tribunal (THT) the decision lies in the hands of thousands
    of token holders, guaranteeing a fair decision.

    Low Fees
    Our fees are only 3 % per job, several times lower than on other
    freelancing websites. Freelancing will finally be a lucrative way of
    earning money - and reliable as well.

    No Censorship
    Because of the blockchain, your job offers can't be deleted under any
    circumstances. Political Correctness and personal feelings play no role
    anymore, because the blockchain is incorruptible.


    The Tokens represent the share you have in our project. The Tokens are
    therefore comparable to shares in a company, where you receive a certain
    percentage of the companies revenue.

    Token holders earn Fees
    100 % of the fees earned from jobs on our platform will be distributed among the token holders.

    Token holders keep the System running
    The token holders will be given a vote in our token holder tribunal, settling disputes between customers and freelancers.

    For more information visit us on blocklancer.net


    I'm happy to announce the start of our bounty campaign and we hope to see many of you participating.
    You can find the rules here bounty rules

    Greetings from Austria

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  • @blocklancer Business Plan

    For everybody interested in investing  into Blocklancer we published our Business Plan online: Business Plan

    Kind regards

    The Blocklancer Team

  • @blocklancer

    We are now listed on Coinspeaker 😊

    Kind regards

  • You can find more information on Bitcointalk

  • We updated our homepage blocklancer.net

    Please visit us 😊

  • Extremely successfull social media campaign! :D

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  • BLOCKLANCER doesn't need any fake followers on twitter! We stand for 100% transparency and honesty. For us the community is the most precious asset! 🌠

  • Current social media statistics:

    Twitter: 2200 followers

    Facebook: >1400 subscribers

    Bounty participants: > 2700

    BLOCKLANCER is growing every day 😊Thanks to every supporter!

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  • Blocklancer integrates 2 billion people from unbanked areas into the job market!

    For finding jobs nobody needs a bank account on Blocklancer! Blocklancer has the ability to bring hope and economic freedom to many places on the world. 



  • We released our solidity contracts on github.

    The contracts in the repository are meant to be a proof-of-concept. It demonstrates the
    feasibility of the whole Blocklancer platform. It already solves many
    issues involved in the freelancing process, including but not limited
    •   refusals of paying the agreed-on amount of money for a project,
    •   unfair decisions
    •   the uncontrollable influence of a central authority figure

    Token Holder Tribunal
    The current implementation of the Token Holder Tribunal already includes
    major improvements compared to the voting system in current tokens (e.g.
    Augur). Another undesirable problem of the democratic implementations
    presented so far is definitely not technical, but social. During the
    voting period, running tallies are public. This leads to undesirable
    consequences such as bandwagoning and groupthink. Thus a successful
    voting system has to hide the outcome of the vote until everyone made
    their vote. In the Blocklancer platform everyone submits his vote sealed
    and has to unseal it after everyone submitted his vote and thus hides
    the result from the crowd. With this implementation, Blocklancer is
    really able to harness the wisdom of the unbiased crowd. In addition,
    Blocklancer doesn’t locks transfers of funds whilst a vote is active as
    other tokens do. Transfers of Tokens are always possible and at the same
    time we are able to tackle double votes.

    Employment Contracts
    All Employment contracts are stored in a contract holder. With this
    implementation we are able to ensure the highest amount of expandability
    by adding the ability to support many different sorts of contracts.
    Another advantage is expandability and modularity by providing the
    option to seamlessly replace contracts of the system.

    Migration to a new Contract
    The Blocklancer contract is designed to be able to migrate to a new
    contract in the case another standard (ERC20) should be established and
    thus makes Blocklancer future proof. With this concept Blocklancer is
    able to change every aspect of the platform at any given time just by
    asking the token holder to approve the change.

    Best regards,
    The Blocklancer Team

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  • Pre-sale in September


  • Pre-Sale on September 7th! +100%

  • 20 days until the pre-sale!

  • Blocklancer released DEMO! 👏👏👏
    https://blocklancer.net/ #Blocklancer

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